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Survival Skil and Tips – How to Get Water, Food and Shelter in the Forest

Survival Skil and Tips  – How to Get Water, Food and Shelter in the Forest

I found one type of plant that can be eaten, it is still in the genus Syzygium the leaf size is smaller than Syzygium aqueum and the flower color is slightly reddish and larger in size than usual if we find plants like this in the forest but there is no fruit at all we can still eat the young leaves we can see, here I did not find young leaves at all because, that young leaves have been eaten by forest animals such as monkeys, squirrels and others This is one type of mushroom, I found it already like this most likely this mushroom has been eaten by forest animals we can see there are bite marks on this mushroom in a state of survival we still have to be careful if we still have water reserves we should avoid dubious food sources such as mushrooms this is Nepenthes ampullaria. usually grows in forests that are still good in survival it functions as a source of drinking water the water can be drunk immediately after being filtered contained in it is rain water, wood chips and leaves, also insects that become nepenthes food there is a unique fruit, apparently still in the genus Garcinia can be seen from the thick leaves like mangosteen leaves and the fruit petals are also like mangosteen let’s pick and see the contents of the fruit this rind is thick like mangosteen rind the ripe fruit is yellowish and the ripe fruit is red there are stages of how to test the plants to be suitable for consumption the first stage is we take the fruit that is ripe we can apply on the skin and wait a moment. if it doesn’t feel anything, we can go to next stage by tasting with the tip of the tongue if we feel normal, we can eat it. but before all that, try to see if there are traces of fruit eaten by animals, and make sure the fruit’s aroma is not strange apparently it tastes exactly like the taste of the mangosteen fruit Another important thing for survival besides water and food is shelter needed to protect the body from extreme weather we can make a shelter by utilizing forest plants or by utilizing terrain in the forest like the one behind me there is a small cave that can be used as a shelter. but we must observe the cave first. we must make sure that the cave is sturdy and not occupied by dangerous animals such as poisonous snakes and poisonous insects if we find animal faeces that are white and black around the cave, it could be that it is poultry droppings or reptiles that inhabit the cave let’s check the condition of the cave behind me now i am in front of the cave from my observations so far in the cave there are animal feces similar to snake feces we can see over there there are white animal feces just like snake feces This cave is very moist over there there is a small cave that looks quite long into the ground if we are not in a state of urgency we should not enter the cave like this because it can disturb the animals that inhabit the cave like this after exploring, I think here is the right place for lunch

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