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Survival Skills: Toronto Pearson International Airport | ILAC Arrival Survival Tips

Survival Skills: Toronto Pearson International Airport | ILAC Arrival Survival Tips

Flying into Toronto for your first time
can be really exciting let’s find out exactly what you will
experience when you arrive at the airport When students arrive at the gate area
they will proceed up to the arrival zone, they’ll follow the signs through
to Arrivals and Baggage, and they’ll complete the immigrations and custom procedures here at Pearson Welcome to Canada
Bienvenue au Canada So when the students come off the
aircraft they’ll come down to our primary inspection hall like everyone
else does, and they will go through the process of lining up if there’s a line
up they may have to wait a little bit and they will see an officer when you
see the officer they will ask you for your passport and your declaration card
and they will ask you questions such as what is the reason for your trip and how
long you’re going to stay in Canada if the officer has any additional questions
about the purpose of your trip they may send it to the immigration area As a student I would say the best tips
to do is to have all your documents prepared if you’re coming to study you
need to have the acceptance letter from the school, proof of your funds, and
definitely have your passport ready when you come into the primary inspection hall And then they’ll proceed through to the baggage hold to collect their luggage and then once through to the luggage
they’ll go on to the final customs step and into the arrival zone for the ILAC Booth We use the ILAC Information Booth on
our busiest weekends through the year but always there will be an ILAC greeter
waiting for you handling an ILAC welcome sign We have free baggage carts, there is free
Wi-Fi there’s an information booth if they have any further questions or of
course they can see us in the Welcome Team as well,
we have ground transportation, bus connections and also the UP Express to Downtown Toronto which is a train service and yes that’s about it,
welcome to Toronto! So remember to bring your passport and student acceptance letter so that your first few steps in Toronto and through this amazing airport
can run as smoothly as possible But! If you are lazy like me you can always get a ride.
Let’s go!

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  1. on march 24,2018 KLM from Amsterdam ,it took 3 1/2 hours to get baggage and go through customs and immigration. One of the worst run airports in the world.Some airports in Africa work far better.

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