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Survival Story Highlights Danger of Toddlers Swallowing Button Batteries

Survival Story Highlights Danger of Toddlers Swallowing Button Batteries

“Two and a half years ago, Emmett was crawling around our home” “and” “discovered a button battery that within
the remote control to” “our TV in our family room,” “and inadvertently swallowed it. We did not know he swallowed it.” “We just started noticing flu-like
symptoms, which we took him to the doctor” “and he was sent home with a flu diagnosis. And his symptoms” “increased and got worse. The day we think he’s swallowed battery was the day we” “celebrate his first birthday.” “So we actually missed most of his birthday party because we are in urgent care.” “The battery had burnt two holes through his esophagus” “into it airway and caused a lot of lung damage.” “He’s been hospitalized 13 months of his
life. We were kinda” “coming to a stopping point after local
home hospital,” “and my husband I and were getting discouraged ’cause we felt like the” “doctors are wonderful there and they
were trying to you” “figure out the next step, but we’re kinda
stuck as far as our resources. And when” “we came here” “it just opened up a new more light that
Emmitt” “will be able, you know, Dr. Wood said the other day, I’m looking at Emmitt” “when he’s a grandpa.” “And that is exactly what I’m hoping, as
a mom, that there are options out there.” “And I think it’s good for” “parents to know that there are places
that are doing research and there’s not” “an end to their care,” “that there is more out there. And we’re
excited for this road” “to travel on.” “I’m Maryland Stoops. I’m a” “nurse practitioner in pediatric surgery
but I’m also a nurse practitioner with” “the Aerodigestive and Esophageal Center.” “I hope that we give hope to people. Are
there times where somebody may come” “and we agree with the other institution?
Absolutely.” “You know, I think we do have a lot of
resources- we have a lot of expertise” “in multiple areas and we have a lot of
experience” “with kind of looking at the patient and
making the best recommendation based on” “that particular patient.” “My husband and I were just really impressed by,” “like Marilyn said, the multi-disciplinary
team. It” “kinda gives me goose bumps, actually, that after they scoped all of the teams came” “in to one room and talked to us, and they were” “communicating back and forth and to us
that was a real comforting feeling as a” “parent that” “when you have a child with multiple
areas of his body” “being affected chronically it was
comforting to know that these doctors” “were” “communicating with each other and they
knew what the other person was doing.” “We almost lost in a couple times and” “Emmitt has the spirit since the beginning that he has a” “fighting attitude. We’re hoping now Emmitt, we can look at a long,” “fulfilled life.”

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  1. He is an absolute doll ! My favorite picture of him is the one with his little black framed glasses on 💕sweet little boy .

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