Survival Tips : Bow Trap and Edible Plant – Mengenal tumbuhan hutan dan jebakan hewan.

Liana plants can be used as a source of water
by cutting 2 parts,
water will drip and drinkable Liana plants are not parasites for other plants,
it only propagates. Liana plays an important role
in the ecosystem Liana fruit and leaf buds become food
for apes and other animals that live in the forest canopy if we cut Liana at the bottom then
all the tops that need years to grow will die. So we must be wise if we are in a survival situation and run out of food in the forest
then palms can be an option
because all types of palm can be eaten cut the tree then peel it to you
find the inside which is white,
this part is what we can eat This type of trap is intended for large animals.
placed in the path normally traveled by animals. the trigger is connected to the rope that was placed
right in front of the arrow. The rope can be positioned transversely
lined up to be touched by the feet of game animals when passing the rope can also be fitted with bait.
when the rope moves the trigger is active
and the arrow will shoot right towards the hunted animal to help the arrow shot more accurately
we must choose wood that is straight, clean the surface
by skinning the wood to minimize friction Also add feather or leaves that are formed and then installed
on the back of the arrow to help the arrow
bolted in a straight position

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