Survival Tips: Tier-3 Kit

I’m Max Joseph. Right now we’re gonna talk about my tier-3 equipment if I’m out in the field. We already discussed tier-1 earlier that
was on my body, tier-2 is in my butt pack or my secondary equipment,
right now for my tier-3, I’m using for example here a Maxpedition Falcon-II
rucksack. Everything that we’re gonna be going over here is the basics. What
you’re gonna have in here is gonna be totally mission dependent and how long
you’ll be out in the field. On the outside of this thing I’ve got my poncho. In
addition to using it in the conventional sense to protect yourself from rain, it can
also be used for shelter construction. It can be used for making a field expedient
litter for casualties evacuation, and it can even be used for water crossings if
you construct a poncho raft with it. So with all the uses of your poncho has, I
strongly recommend you carry one of these even if you’re just going on a
short trip because it may turn into a longer one than you expected. So that’s
my poncho on the outside right there. On my first external pouch, I’ve got my
water purification gear… I’ve got my bug juice, and I’ve got my foot powder. And
I’ve got several pairs of spare socks on the inside of here. In my upper pouch right here will be a secondary pair of binos dummy corded in. Inside my secondary pouch now, I’ve got spare water bottles. I’ve got MREs, they’re broken
down. Inside my main compartment now is how I sustain myself for how I sleep at
night. I’ve got my poncho liner. I discussed the poncho earlier. One of my
best friends told me that the two best things that came out of the Vietnam War
was the P-38 can opener and the poncho liner and he definitely was not wrong. So this
goes with the poncho for your sleeping gear. Also in the main compartment I’ve
got my rain jacket, I’ve got small toiletry items and also I got more
MREs in here. So this is just the basics of what you would want in your
tier-3 equipment for a short term mission. Everything is gonna be mission
based on the duration and the environment you’re working in. Hey, so just
once again covering the concept of these 3 different tiers of
sustainment or survival equipment…in case you have to escape and evade or you get in
trouble when you’re in the water, the first thing to go would be your tier-3
equipment. That would still leave you with your tier-2. If for some reason you had to jettison that, you’ve got your tier-1, which is on your actual body in your
pocket. So thanks for watching this Maxpedition sponsored tier-1, 2 & 3
Survival Tips. Hopefully you learned something. Any further questions you may have, contact or and we will definitely
see you in the field. Yaop!

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