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Survival Training With Celebrities – Silvia Schneider (Episode 2) English Subs

Survival Training With Celebrities – Silvia Schneider (Episode 2) English Subs

So I am somewhere in
the south of Austria. In the middle of nowhere in the forest. And here I am going to meet the youtuber Survival
Lilly. Hello! Hi nice to meet you, Silvia. Glad you are here. I stay with you for one day where you show
me how to survive in the wilderness. And then you leave me alone for one night?! You don’t need to be afraid, nothing can happen. I am not afraid. YOU should be afraid! Our host is already in her element Hey, at least I hit the target. Yes and a night in the forest without a roof
over the head can be quite cold and dangerous. The basic structure is build but I think it
will rain through here right? Yes I would suggest we take an emergency blanket
which saves a lot of time to build the roof. Every survival kit should contain an emergency
blanket. How do you feel underneath there? Alone in the woods. Could I survive a night like this? If you had a fire beside the shelter, then
yes. I eat it now (Dandelion root). And? It is so bitter! Exactly that’s why we have to put it into
water to leech out the bitterness. See, it is pretty easy. I am afraid of her. Great! And again. Okay. Again. Next try. I have ripped a fingernail. I have never been so happy about fire. Lilly we have made fire. You have made fire. Prost. Thank you Lilly. To your stay. Crazy day! And now comes the night. Prost. I leave you alone now. Really? The bug out camp is all yours. Okay. You have fire and nothing can happen. Silvia stays back alone in the forest. It is so creepy here. Silvia quickly collects water and heads back to the
camp. Easier said than done. There is a hole. Oh god it is so scary. Silvia arrived in the camp and now goes to
sleep. The temperature is now zero degrees Celsius. Next morning. In the middle of the night there was some
kind of sound right behind my head. Some sort of animal. I think it was a hare but it was maybe a human
who was walking. I almost died because I was so anxious. But I pulled myself together. This was one of the coolest things that I
have done in my life. It was a great experience for me. And waking up in wild is one of the most beautiful
things on earth. In the beginning I underestimated Silvia. I thought she is a city girl. I was really impressed by her ambitious attitude. For example she didn’t give up when bow drilling until the smoke came. And she did really well when bow and arrow
shooting. She also learned how to split wood. So I am very happy with her performance.

100 thoughts on “Survival Training With Celebrities – Silvia Schneider (Episode 2) English Subs”

  1. BIG NEWS: I have designed my own Survival Knife called “APO-1”. You can get it now at my online store: Thank you so much for your support <3 Lilly

  2. I can't help but love the Austrian language, especially when it comes out of the mouth of a beautiful women….and how lucky am I to get two at once 🙂 Go Lilly !!!

  3. Great to see a video of you sharing your skills, Lilly. I'm not surprised that Silvia did so well. She seems like a very capable person. It's no small thing to spend your first night alone in a wilderness. Nicely done, both of you.

  4. Congrats on your local network exposure. Your dedication is paying off, that which you most deserve. Its been a pleasure allowing us into your world. "Prost"🍺

  5. cool video Lilly thanks but 1 little thing ya know it's got 4 leg's and roll's in the dirt ? Ahh I know Dax is just to pretty can't be upstaging the guest lol !!

  6. I'm not sure where cc is, but I still really enjoyed the video. Sivia is very competent out-doors person, a real trooper and good sport. "Schnell" = hurry, I think.

  7. Good for you Lilly. To think , many of us have been watching your progress and to go back to how you began to now? Kudos.

  8. I love these Lily. There is a special kind of confidence that comes only from the woods, a primitive belief in yourself that you just can't get any other way. Thanks for sharing it with people who (pretty or not) probably need it even more than most. They take a lot more hits to their ego's than the rest of us.

  9. At the 4 minute mark it looks like a hair piece being pulled by something like fish line…. WTF????? ^Smile at the whole surreal feel of it all. Was she alone all night or did the camera man send his wig to freak her out???? Can't wait for part 2!! 🙂

  10. Lilly that was awesome!  I love hearing you speak German.  And you were a natural on TV, just as you are on your own channel.  Silvia was a good sport too.

  11. I have cut LOTS of wood , I use leather gloves almost all the time , a tenderfoot like her … one of you should have known to get her ( you ) some gloves to cut wood with . At least you didn't forget the Beer !! When you split wood , try put your maul/ax on the right shoulder area with right hand near the top , left hand near the bottom , a quick kind of lift with your right hand / then slide down as you ark the ax high & down , end with both hands near the bottom kind of like a golf club hold . That is like a crack the whip motion , the head goes faster as you go , I think you get far more speed/ power = less work & can split much more wood . I also think it is easy to hit your mark that way . Lilly when will we see you in a dress like the Blue one Silvia has on in the photo ?? Love it !! 4 large beers in each hand ……… I'll cut the wood !

  12. dont see any subtitles,but i speak enough german to make out the context…celebrities boost your ratings, but i like your videos either way..

  13. Well Silvia seemed to have a really good attitude after the night she spent in the woods. I'm glad you are getting so much attention in your homeland. Well done Lily all your hard work has made good things happen.

  14. I'm an American, so I've never heard of Silvia. However, it's obvious that she's a pretty big deal in your neck of the woods (ha ha). It's awesome that you are getting big enough to be able to make these kinds of videos! I love seeing people succeed doing their own thing!

  15. from the UK here, you have a group of 4 girl between 6 and 9 who like to watch your videos, they love your dog, the other day I asked what they were doing , playing survival Lilly they said.😀

  16. I found it hard to watch not understanding the language. Thank you for the great work on your video anyway, enjoyed watchin. Jeff

  17. Lilly has really gained in her personality and reputation, to have personalities come to her camp for instruction. Kudos to you Lilly. You have made a real success with this venture.CONGRATULATIONS!.

  18. It is amazing what people with little experience can accomplish when confronted to something or to a challenge. That video is very good.

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