[Survival Wissen] Allzeit Bereit Pack – AZB Pack – Survival Kit

Hello, my name is Michael and today I gonna tell you about the AWR Pack which means ALLWAYS READY PACK also know as Survivalpack or Survivalkit things you should carry, when you are outdoors. I gonna show you my pack today. Let’s take a look… I will show the different components. The pouch is military sureplus. Very robust and with an integrated raincover, fully equipped with a variety of necessary stuff. but also stuff you probably wont need but which is for comfort like Petroleum Jelly cordage is essential my personal spoon cause I am lazy this box, which I will show later and is the main part blue light … 🙂 second box for personal hygiene and also a compass fixed to the pouch and in the back section a whistle, a signal mirror, some plastic bags, and in the front section tinder materials, FireSteel, notepad and a pen and for personal hygiene antiseptic hand sanitizer. This box is the main part of this AWR Pack. The container itself is very usefull and important. I will show the content now. Stainless steel container to put on a fire. to boil water, for cocking or collecting. space blanket, one of the most important items to carry. For shelter in cold or hot conditons collecting Water … whatever you can imagine. Of course a small knife swiss army knife also some small cord 1 mm thin and strong: holds up to 60 kg. with the space blanket ready for an emergency shelter. steel fishing line, some more plastic bags, plaster, cotton ball to ignite a fire, alcohol pads for disinfection and some painkiller plastic bag to collect water, here some more important stuff: the container to collect stuff, small green glow sticks to read a map in the dark some tampons water purification tablets, salt, waterproof matches, around the box are 10 m of thin fishing line, 10 m of thin fishing line, that’s all folks … all together weights 340 g, the box alone is 150 g
but very usefull cause it replaces a cup Finally, This part is essential for survival, this part is pure Luxury But as you can see, some things are packed differently. The firesteel is always used and packed in the front section. Normally the metal box should contain it. The whistle is in the backsection. It grows and evolves whith use and can be customized all the time. and can be customized all the time. These are some suggestions and everyone can build their own kit.
I hope this was useful and entertaining … Greetings!

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