Survivalist Going to Local Food Bank for #VANLIFE Items!

Hey, what’s going on SURVIVAL BROS? Cameron McKirdy here. And I just went to my local Food Bank. Shout out to the Saint Vincent de Paul’s of
Astoria, Oregon. I just got all this grub for free. There’s a couple bottles in there, so I’ll
be getting about 40 cents from those. But um, no I don’t go to the food bank too
much, just when I need to. So I wanted to encourage you guys to not be
scared of going, or feel like you’re going to be judged or something. Just go if you need to go, they have plenty
of stuff, and you usually get in and out pretty quick. So hit up your local food bank, or maybe volunteer
there. It’s all good, but I did get some TP. We’ll go through the items here. So I’ve got some gluten free buns, maple bacon
chips, truffles, gonna scarf on those before the sun gets them. More chips, tons of fruit. Oh my God, what am I going to do with all
this? This is why I need a vangirl guys, I mean
girls. So yeah, hit me up, email me at [email protected]
if you want to apply to be a #vangirl. But back to the snacks. They are all man snacks, and they are all
mine, for now. ha God, what a great day! I’m just here at The Park and about to scarf
on some ancient grain cookies maybe, there’s like caramel almond butter. Uh, yeah it’s cream’n. Apple sauce, and got some coffee pods. I’m down on The Coast taking care of her. That’s pretty much why I haven’t gone Hollywood
on you guys. But we are having a good time, and keeping
fresh, and full. So I got that seaweed on lock. Not many calories there for #survival but
did get some salmon. You know I’m a little bit of a Survivalist,
little bit of a Vandweller, and a little bit of a Prepper. So here’s what I’m hoarding, until I get high
next time. No, I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. So, anyways enjoy yourselves. Thank you so much for watching. Survival Bros, almost hitting 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Unbelievable. Hit the Subscribe, hit the Bell, Like, and
Comment, and share this video with your friends. Pretty epic setup of food, huh? It’s gonna go back in the van, and I’ll talk
to you guys next time. Take care of each other, and yourself. Bye.

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