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now available at! Hey, everybody welcome to another Roblox Adventure today We are going to be sliding down a stream of Lava But we have to make our very own raft and the thing is is it’s actually a little bit harder than you’d think Because so here’s the map this is going to be just the first stage There’s a bunch of stages to this and the first one you think “Oh Dennis you stupid idiots. I hate you unsubscribing Unliking the video” (Unless you never liked it in the first place) “Disliking the video. I hate you so much everything about you”, but what was where was I going with that? Why did I? Yes, Dennis You idiot you could totally just put down one of these here and then just stand on it as true as that is hold on check this out because if I do Sure, you’re probably thinking you see Dennis You just stand on the block and you’ll be fine But as you can see here folks it goes down real well actually I’m still okay Why am I still okay? This doesn’t seem like okay? I don’t know if I’ll oh hold on it. Ah we’re still good No, I lost my legs. We’re still fine though. I think I mean who needs likes anyways right going uses legs I’ll get me stuff up on this there we go ah ah no. No, we’re still. How are we still fine? I am so surprised we lasted this long slow and steady slow and steady guys that always that always wins come on We’re good we’re good we’re good we’re good we’re good Please don’t stop now no no no no okay So as you can see being on one one thing isn’t really awesome all also I got Roblox released like an actual official Roblox fidget spinner, so I got that woo Some game modes that allow Gear Custom gear and stuff that you buy from Roblox yeah a fidget spinner with you all the time why not anyways oh? We also have this pumpkin, and I don’t why is this pumpkin still a thing okay. Let’s go. Let’s go to oh I just okay I respond all the stuff well So let’s make a proper raft and see if we can actually carry it throughout the well actually no because we probably build a raft Every checkpoint, so let’s just focus on Like keeping it simple to start and then and then that way, okay well first off We need a dock so that’s going to be our dock and then that will be what we use to build on to – okay, so if we could just Okay this is not there we go. We want some walls as well In case we flip actually we probably don’t need to worry about that for now Where’s this seat is this a seat right here? Okay? That’s a seat, so we want to copy that and then we can bring that over here So what if hypothetically? We just sat in the middle like this would this be fine. Just because I mean Realistically it is that it is the first stage so they probably want you to start very Simply really like starting off nice and easy, so I think this could be okay, and then since we’re sitting There’s no way of us accidentally just falling off of it So maybe actually the one that we had before would have been fine as long as we just put a seat on it oh
But I don’t know because there are a lot of times where it was stopping from how little it was it was just like hitting the wall and then it didn’t have anything actually carrying it forwards, so that might play in a little bit like it might end up being Yeah, because this seems to be way easier Already oh, there’s the volcano over there. It’s so cool. Okay? Uh Oh Someone else’s thing is in the way no no no destroy destroy. Oh, okay. That’s good was close I’m really glad that you can just destroy other objects There just in case though because if I hit that I probably would have been doomed okay. We’re good now though This is actually working out beautifully. We’re doing great We’re doing fantastic. Oh, no. I just realized my water bottle is in here. I forgot it downstairs I really want to go get it. It’s okay. No, we’ll be fine. We’ll be fine I need to first at least get past this stage here. Oh my goodness. What happened here? What what did what did someone build and why did they do it right here of all places? Like and even destroy it can I at least get okay here? We go. I can I can kind of get past this okay? Checkpoints, please tell me these are working checkpoints. I’m trusting that Okay, another platform here So we go copy and then that’ll be the dock and now here I don’t really know what to expect so I’m going to maybe simply just stick well You know what let’s let’s just be a little bit cautious It will be a little bit more cautious this time and and have a proper Will want a bunch of these, I’m uh I’m going to I’m not going to keep it up there. Don’t worry guys I’m just moving these down like that, and then like oh actually It would probably work if we just went like okay It’s really difficult to get it right in the spot that I want there we go. Oh. Ooh, it’s a cute little box now, okay Copy that move that over Then I believe we’d be facing that way Properly very good now you can demolish this and we have a little bit of a wall now a little bit of Security you know home just in case I anything bad happens and we’ll be alright maybe actually if we flip over will still be totally fine because it seems to Surpass just enough that everything’s Gonna be okay? I don’t know things can like fall off though can things can things get Affected like one piece at a time and then the thing starts falling apart, oh, we’re definitely gonna flip. Oh, we’re still okay, though We’re still good. Oh my goodness. We’re doing great. Okay are we gonna get over this ramp though. Oh Oh, oh, we’re flipped But we’re fine Sir Meows A Lot Sir Meows A Lot’s Head was hitting the lava real deep but we’re still good now okay Go, oh, we made the jump. We made the jump and oh We lost half of our raft, but we’re still good. We’re doing amazing right now Wow, well I don’t even know how I want to do this one differently because my raft was just so good Can we just okay hold on I need it? Oh great okay? So actually though if I? Just drag these Surely, it’ll be really easy – oh No, nevermind. I’m gonna have to just build on top of it then so we’ll do that, and then we go attach attach attach attach That one’s not attached hold on Attach that one and then this one here Perfect, then we can make it to the other side cool, and now is where we actually start building this we can put here and we cannot okay we’ll have to Duh how are we supposed to dock this I don’t understand like the Logic behind it. I guess we’re just okay whoa whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa this is going fast! Okay, that is definitely. No way to do this part, so we just need to find a way to carry our momentum over there but now the puzzle here There’s kind of a trick to this now the trick is that Wait, what is this here because there was those there was the things like stopping the what happens when I? Ball pits yay What is the point in this click for a surprise? Yeah? It’s a ball pit whoo Okay, here we go We’re going to come back to where the rafts are and we’re actually going to make it across this time Because I think I got a little bit of an idea You know I’m thinking since you need to carry your momentum over the thing there We can build a raft here that will be pushed forwards, and then we can destroy some of it So that we go over that part there may sound a little bit all over the place right now, but trust me It’ll be way easier. If we do it that way than other ways okay, so because look so we built it up this way and then The actual raft itself I didn’t need to do that um Should we do this? We’ll move this one and attach it up here if I can seems to be proving itself very difficult Okay, I don’t know how well this is going to work this isn’t really the best like oh here. We go. Oh. Oh, okay? We’re good. So here if I can attach this so I’ll copy and then drag one of those over here Okay, whatever that’s fine. We’ll go boom and then I’m gonna take this This way cool and then like that Copy that now. I know I’m kind of focusing here guys But it’s very important that I do because that’s the way we’re going to we’re going to get it We’re going to get over. I’m already losing an arm Wow, I think we’re pretty much good after this if I can just find some sort of stability at the front there oh nice, okay, so if we destroy this So we’re moving forwards like that. That’s good, and now we do that and then come On so we know we want to destroy. We have to do this very Strategically guys oh boy. I don’t know how well this will work out great now the walls are gone Hypothetically, what if I did this? Great that is exactly what I was scared of okay, so that didn’t work um how do how do Okay, one, so I’m just go quickly die What’s the best way to do this? Uh oh? I know, I’m a I’m a stupid idiot is what I am okay ready check this out Because it’s it’s way less complicated than I was kind of making it out to be so we build this up and then we can go tilt rotate Okay, cool So we have that copy that have that one there then we take this you put it there and then I help up on this and Then I’ll want something that carries my momentum forwards this way But then I want to delete that okay can we do this. I mean we could do that that would work let’s try this That one from that one. Yes Slowly carrying our momentum forwards. Oh, then we can delete it. Oh, oh, we’re going guys were actually doing it Oh my goodness the raft is oh Why so I don’t even know what happened right there? What happened? Why did I why did I die do we go up too high did we hit the wall straight on too much? I don’t know. I carry this this on. Can I keep I can’t bring the whole thing okay. That’s fine oh man, okay Keep that one there man Here we’re going to build it. Yeah, we’re gonna build it there there then actual it’s build no, that’s There it goes once you make it to the end. Oh no It’s not making it to the end at all, okay So we need thicker thicker sides if we can get that Then it’s okay when we’re hitting walls and stuff because it will only get rid of it won’t get rid of like Really important crucial stuff very doable okay cool. Let’s do that. Then let’s focus on that. So we’ll build that up by three Could do four even and then we want the walls to be Built up as well there we go Go three like that Yeah, hold on. we can go That but down and then we can copy it twice. Oh my goodness Why was it tilting like that that was scaring me? This is so? incredibly not User-friendly at all we can do this guy’s. I’m very determined to actually do this I’ll just need to make sure that I can also get the other side as well, okay moving this Here very important that it’s actually positioned properly if I can sit in it, okay good So now oh here. We go. This is good. You can go tilt That’s good. I know I’m focusing a lot right now guys, but if I can get this one Then that’s it like we’re we’re good. We made it. I think we might actually have this guys We might actually be able to do it And I’m going to be very proud I think we got this I think we can actually we genuinely do this we just need to now somehow somehow go forwards we need to carry enough momentum forwards that uh Here you go can I copy this a bunch to make it really heavy That boom oh Okay, we’re good. We’re like a giant duck. That’s what we look like right now We’re still making it forward, so please go go go oh Yes, yes guys. We did it. We did it. We Actually made it we had enough. Wool. Why did I whoa? No with it. What – it was at the end Did we make it to the end did that work did we do it? I can’t tell I’m dead now. Why am I dead? We did do it though guys. We did ok that looks like the end I don’t think you go anywhere else from there Which is great because that means that we did that means we win I think we did I’m going to call that a win. I don’t care I’m locking it in that is a win, and we did it and the super duck the thick duck worked That was the strategy all along a thick duck What ladies and gentlemen on that note? And I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another Roblox Adventure if you enjoyed please remember to leave the video a like maybe even Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already don’t forget to check out the Denis backpack Which is now back up on thank you guys so much for your overwhelming support with that We just have to bring it back We’re getting too many requests not to so do go check that out link in the description below Other than that though guys, I will see you in next one


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    Find the difference in all

  12. If you turn on subtitles during the denis backpack intro part you can see โ€œ(Some Epic Legit Music Plays)โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚

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