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Survive Said The Prophet – T R A N S l a t e d | Official Documentary

Survive Said The Prophet – T R A N S l a t e d | Official Documentary

There are estimate of 7.7 billion people in this world So you can’t expect them all to be the same. this is common knowledge to us all but most people spend their lives not understanding what that truly means In today’s world, the illusions of information can even make people feel like they know enough without stepping out of what is comfortable to them But life is about prespectives and you can’t have perspectives without knowing culture So we started traveling traveling from the start Traveling everywhere that music would brings us We wanted to see hear feel taste and smell the countries that has brought us some of the world greatest music today I sit here with my band still dreaming of traveling across the sea to new places and old, familiar face and all because I know music brings cultures together Even if there were opinions 7.7 billion different opinions in this world Would it be that crazy to see them all sing the same song

100 thoughts on “Survive Said The Prophet – T R A N S l a t e d | Official Documentary”

  1. So glad I got to meet you all and did not expect to appear in the video when I made Yosh laugh whilst chatting after the show XD! Love you guys and can't wait to see y'all on the 10th again 💕

  2. You guys are one of my all time favorite bands, and it’s a great feeling to see that the culture and history of music mean so much to you guys. I love your music, keep up the amazing work!

  3. I love your music so much. The message ypu deliver is so true and I wish that this will actually happen someday… maybe Im already dead when this is happening but I still hope. Thank you for your music and your hard work.Thank you for giving people like me hope. Thank you for making my day better. And thank you for just being who you are… cuz we love you like you are.
    P.S. Have a nice day/evening ^^

  4. ただ単にライブでぶっ壊れられる曲じゃないんね…このビデオを見て、また違った考えでぶっ壊れられそう…

  5. サバプロみたいに、音楽の本質を大切にして、それを良い方向に活かそうと努力するバンドが本当に大好きです。マジでカッコいい…👍

  6. 改めてHONDAに感謝してます。

  7. Wise words at all, because music doesn't know about limits. We are all connected by it. Someday I wanna feel that power on a stage in Argentina!!! We'll be waiting for you all!

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