Survive The Night Alone Tag Game / Jake and Ty

– Hi, guys. Welcome back to Jake and Ty! Today, we’re gonna be
playing, Survive the Night. Tyler’s out there with the
rest of the family, hiding. And when I go out there, if I find them with my flashlight, and I say their name, they’re out and they don’t re-spawn at all. And, if they touch me, any one of them touches me, I lose and they win. Now, we are just waiting
for them to say ready. Let’s see if I can win. Comment down below if think Ty or I are gonna survive the night. Okay, they’re ready. Let’s go. (suspenseful music) That’s creepy. Somebody’s definitely been in here. (suspenseful music) (gasps) I’ll check in just a little bit. (suspenseful music) Wow, this is so creepy. They’re up there. (suspenseful music) But in the mean time. (footsteps) (suspenseful music) Who’s walking? (footsteps) Who’s moving? I’m like, tempted to hide
in the corner and not move. Okay, I know the rest of those are empty. (suspenseful music) My heart’s thumping. (suspenseful music) Somebody’s behind that door! Show yourself. I’m not going up there. I’m, like, cornered. They really want me up there. Somebody’s in that bag. I don’t know, that’s just me. (suspenseful music) Who’s there? (suspenseful music) Audrey! I saw Audrey! I got you, Aud! (Audrey laughs) Audrey, I got you! I took care of Audrey. I have to check every
single place before I go up. Cornered. I’m seriously cornered. (suspenseful music) (music intensifies) Dad!
(Dad yells) I got you before you touched me. – Are you sure? – Yes. – Are you sure? – Yes, I got Dad! (Tyler gasps and laughs) (Tyler screams) Audrey! I got you! (Tyler screams) My heart’s like this. Ah! (Tyler laughs) (Audrey sings) – Get away! – [Audrey] Jacob, come join my friends. – I don’t wanna join you. You’re creepy. Dad, Audrey, get away! I see you. Audrey, just move away and I will go down. Audrey, I know that’s you. – [Audrey] I’m waiting for you. – Go by Dad and stay. I know that one’s locked, I tried. (music intensifies) Tyler! – I got you! – You got my flashlight, not me! – I got you! I touched him! – Not-uh! – I touched him! – You touched my flashlight. – I touched you! – You touched my flashlight. (suspenseful music) (music intensifies) (Jake screams) – I got him! I got him, I got him! The Addams’ Family! – I lost this round. No! – And there was only one person left, and it was me! – It’s my turn. Do you think I can survive the night? I’m afraid that Audrey and
Dad are gonna jump-scare me. – [Mom] So what’s your plan of attack? – I don’t know. There’s no basement. I told them that. And I don’t know. – [Mom] You think you
will survive the night? – No. (Mom laughs) I don’t think so. – [Mom] Do you think you
will sleep good tonight? – No. (Mom laughs) I won’t. – I think they’re ready. (suspenseful music) (Tyler sighs) Someone’s in there. I know someone’s in there. (suspenseful music) Okay, I’m just gonna, is someone in there? (suspenseful music) I here someone over there. Okay. (suspenseful music) Someone’s coming from that way, and that way. (suspenseful music) Jacob? (doorbell rings) (footsteps) No. No. I know Jake’s in that bathroom. I think. (footsteps) Oh no. I’m scared. Jake, Audrey, Audrey,
Jordan, Jordan, Jake! (suspenseful music) I saw Audrey through the mirror. Dad! Is that Dad? (footsteps) – [Mom] Let’s see. I don’t know. – No. I said, Dad. – [Mom] I guess it’s not then. – Dad! It’s you. Audrey! Oh no. Oh no. Hey, Audrey! (intense music) (music intensifies) Jacob! (footsteps) I heard Jacob. – [Mom] I don’t know because
I didn’t see who it was. – Jake, was that you? I got him. – [Mom] Keep going. – I know the clown’s over there. Jake, I got you up there. (Tyler sighs) (intense music) – [Mom] Keep going. – I can’t move because I heard someone coming down the stairs. And the clown’s somewhere here. I’m trapped! – [Mom] Just go. As long as you spot ’em. – Yeah, but I have to say their name. – [Mom] Yeah. – I got Dad, I think. He’s the clown. I hope. Aw, the clown’s Audrey. Clown’s Audrey. Audrey, Jordan, I see your fingers! Dad! I saw Jake, that’s you. Hi Jake, I see you. (screams) I got you when you were right there. – [Jake] You didn’t get me then. The light wasn’t on me. – Oh, Dad, I saw you! – [Jake] Yeah, but did
you get the light on? – [Tyler] Yeah. – I’m always the first person out. – [Tyler] I know Dad’s right there. – [Mom] Go over and see. – [Jake] And how’d you know
I was even behind that? – That’s where I was hiding last? I think I saw something over there. Dad! Oh, it’s Audrey! No! – [Mom] You gotta spot ’em. – [Jake] I’m going to the stairs. (intense music) – [Tyler] The stairway. (door slams) Was that you, Jake? That was you. (door slams) – It’s just me. – Okay, the clown’s on that side. It’s either Audrey or Jordan. (intense music) Stop, Jake. I saw you. (footsteps) Whoever you are, stop that over there. Come on, Jake. – Think I was gonna sneak up on ya? (intense music) (music intensifies) (Dad screams) – Dad, Dad! I called your name so many times. (Dad laughs) When you peeked up and I went, Dad! – [Jake] I was trying to distract him. – So, I got you and you. (creaking noises) Audrey, stop it up there. Nope, I don’t wanna go up. (intense music) Someone’s over there. – [Jake] Yeah, because
you keep hearing me. (intense music) Was that you? (laughs) (intense music) Whoever’s behind that beanbag. Oh, my, no! Oh, come on! Whoever’s in that room, I hear you. (intense music) Oh, come on. You guys escaped? Oh, come on. You guys keep on opening doors. It’s gonna open over there
and I’m gonna be scared. Okay, two people are in there. Some people are, Audrey and Jordan! No! I found the phone that
was making the noise. (creepy laugh) Oh, come on! Jordan! Why are you down there? Audrey? You are in there. I know you are. Come on. No, I’m not gonna go in there, Audrey. – [Mom] Come in. It’s okay. (Tyler screams) (everyone laughs) – Woo! – We did it, we won! We waited so long for you to come out. – I know. We were waiting and so we got bored, so we tried to use scare tactics. But it didn’t work, he
never even came up here! – I know, we were just
circling in these rooms over and over. – Yeah. (both laugh) – I can’t believe I just lost that round. The girls tricked me at the very end. – They got both of us. Jordan got me. And then Jordan and Audrey got you, Ty. If you guys wanna see
more games like this, comment down below. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure that you like,
subscribe, and share, and. – Hit the bell! – We’ll see you next time, bye! – Bye! (intense music)

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