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Surviving in the Siberian Wilderness for 70 Years (Part 2/4)

Surviving in the Siberian Wilderness for 70 Years (Part 2/4)

GLEB: It’s early morning
in Siberia. Super dark, super cold. Agafia, she’s already up. She wakes up near 6:00
AM or something, as she’s told us before. She starts her day with prayers,
Agafia’s energetic. She gardens, fishes, forages,
cuts and stacks firewood all by herself. But it does take a lot to keep
up with her daily chores, so she put Gleb to work. GLEB: It’s literally like
tons of it here. Snow is too heavy for
plastic shovels. It’s pretty hard to
survive alone. But she still don’t want
to come to go to city. Because that’s her life here. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SPEAKING RUSSIAN]

100 thoughts on “Surviving in the Siberian Wilderness for 70 Years (Part 2/4)”

  1. The argument that someone is following orders or doing their duty is no argument in international law it was rejected during the Nuremberg trials of Hitler's henchmen and the SS.
    What people need to do is become more conscious instead of acting like robots without conscience and we would not be in this mess and we would not have the elites and lying politicians deceive us all and lead us like sheep to the slaughter on the brink of world war 3.

  2. Uhm.. Did you know the nuclear bomb or nuclear energy was made with the thought that it could gives ur electricity etc? instead they took that same energy and made a bomb out of it. Niels Bohr, who was one of the inventors of the nuclear bomb, was deeply disappointed in this, and never wished it.. Just to clarify.. Science is not destroying the world.. we, human beings, are the ones destroying it…. with the help of science

  3. you said it yourself though dude :p we are killing the planet.. cars and all that shit could be made to not hurt the envoirment.. i mean henry fords first car was made out of hemp material and powered by hemp oil..
    Again.. WE CHOOSE to use cars that are powered by fossil fuel, WE CHOOSE to use an finite resource.. not science

  4. THIS IS WHAT YOUR SUBSCRIBERS WANT VICE!!! Just look at the viewcount of the other "non-vicey" videos you've uploaded before and after, it's very obvious.

  5. people asked her, she blatantly refused and she would always want to come back, she was brought up there and its the only thing she knows try and imagine that yourself and don't be stupid.

  6. No, its quite true and very accurate no one really could survive this for as long as she or her family has, but they were except for the father and mother, brought up in it, its all they know all they will ever know, she or they couldn't even accept some things the people told them when they met.

  7. What a one sided way to think. Science has brought much good indeed but it isn't always noble. This isn't too hard to deduce and doesn't take a crazy conspiracy theory to arrive to. This doesn't make it inherently evil or anything but that it is not really that hard to understand what she meant by horrible science in contrast to this pure way of living like she has.

  8. I look at this and tell myself , WOW, how gay are we today? This woman been living there for several years, but 1% of us, youtubers, wouldnt survive more than a week.
    God bless this woman. (Y)

  9. Science is a tool, its knowledge and knowledge is power. So science is a tool of power. Power can be use for good or evil of humanit and currently the ones using it, almost always used it for their personal benefits. Yes, science in the right hands can acomplished great things, but in the rong hans it creats destructive things. War machines, Weapons of mass destruction, pollution, media propaganda etc.

  10. I never disrespected her religion In spite of the fact that i hate blind followers of religion(I am an atheist and coincidentally my religion permits atheism).

  11. hey idiot, we, you, the goverenment, the corporations are causing cancer, diseases, and illness. The fucking shit you eat in food today is fucking poison, my parents are from a small town in russia. They rarely ever got sick there or did anyone ever have cancer that is until people went to work at factories, rivers became polluted and nuclear testing. Average lifespan increased because we have not had a world wide war in a while or famine.

  12. Without science hundreds of millions would've died of small pox, polio and many other diseases. Without science there would be no Haber-Bosch process- allowing us to do farming on an industrial scale. Without science there would have been no industrial revolution.

    I can go on……………..Point is without science we would be much worse off.

  13. And ignorant old lady that's not bothering anyone says a couple bad things about science and the military of internet athiest come barging in with a stick up there asses. You guys got to calm the fuck down. Let her think what she wants to think she ain't jamming nothing down your throat.

  14. Bashing an old women who literally grew up outside of civilization seems a little extreme. She doesn't understand science or the world most of live in,shame on the people assuming some sort of atheist self righteous position above her.

  15. Lifespan hasn't increased by more than 2 years max. The thing which skews the graphs and the percentages are the infant mortality rates, that is what has been decreased to basically non existence by science. I agree that the person you're quoting is fucking stupid however.

  16. Yes it has. If you look at any greek or roman philosopher tell me when they died. In some cases they lived till 90 with no issues. If you remove infant mortality rates from graphs then the increase does not go above 2 years. This isn't something debatable. If you lived passed age 8 you would most likely live your whole life without ever getting sick again.If you include all deaths including infants, obviously the death rate will show a high influx because 1/3 children died.

  17. Radiation is good for you? Science sais "no". Causes cancer. What are they telling you? Do RADIATION therapy! Or do chemotherapy which attacks EVERY cell not just cancer cells. Is that sane? Then call me insane. Science could do good if we wouldnt let the crazies run it..

  18. You don't know much about science. The media has not convinced anybody in Canada to "invade and blow up countries" so maybe it's just your people. Medicine has saved countless lives, and for many people, having the side effects that include headaches, is a WONDERFUL trade off for not having epileptic seizures at work. Kids are often on Ritalin, an anti-ADHD pill that can increase concentration while at school (those of which have no side effects) I would go on but I don't have any letters left

  19. And what poisons are you eating in your food? Poisons harms and kills people, food does not. DNA is not "random". Ugh, I want to explain all of this 5th grade science to you, but it is no use because you are obviously not nearly intelligent enough to understand, if you think DNA is "random" Lol. You must be an American. 5 points if I'm right.

  20. ONE MORE POINT Lol, I just thought of this. We have made many mistakes in science, for example, discovering how to make atomic bombs, it is not helpful and just kills lives. HOWEVER, how many lives has intolerance of religion taken? MILLIONS upon MILLIONS. Many more lives than the "poison in our food" as killed. Also, because I do not agree with you, your religion says I should spent all of eternity rotting in hell. Think about that.
    Okay Big Chief, I'm done my rant… for now hehehe πŸ˜‰

  21. What are you talking about? I was explaining science isn't a boogie monster and that the food you eat isn't made out of poison LOOOL. I take it you agree, now.
    On your random blob, yes I am sure the Russian Orthadox Church is filled with lovely people and this woman is admirable as is her family.

  22. you have got to be kidding me. most christians are like ned flanders from the simpsons. their not going to rip you off or throw loud parties. they go out of their way to be polite and so what if they have a hidden agenda to try to convert you. it can be very irritating trying to hold a normal, intelligent conversation with them but at least you can trust them. they would probably do you a favor if you asked them to and they wouldn't charge you for it.

  23. I don't understand why you are using a computer though? and please get off the internet, you said it yourself, it is Satans tool. go be a hermit or something if you're true to your words, YOU HYPORCITE. and heres my gift to you ====> ,,/,, ,,/,,

  24. It would have been really interesting if Vice had taken this woman to the city and pampered her for a couple days. Starting with a manicure, arometherapy facial & hot stone message at a spa along with some wine and strawberries. Then give a head to toe makeover followed by a drive into town for a fine dining experience. Beluga Caviar for appetizers and Sushi entrees washed down with champagne & cocktails. Then! and only then…ask her if she wants to remain in the Siberian outback.

  25. Doubt it. It's the way of life for these people. Did you know, that even now some people just want to escape luxorious city life and go back to the wilderness? Nature's calling.

  26. You mean the science and advance of the western world which has made the life of peoble in Africa, Asia, and America, so much harder, how we, the peoble of the western world, are using them as tools, in order for us to have a better life? The only peoble who have benefitted from these advances, is us, the peoble from western Europe and the peoble native to here. We should be ashamed of ourselves, it's disgusting how we use peoble in order for us to benefit, i know i am.

  27. And yet if we ripped her from the wilderness and stuck her in a city with no other info, and then left her to survive how would she do?

  28. That's pretty much what really happened. She'd been living that way since she was born and couldn't adapt and so went back to the huts in the mountains.

  29. Man, the way you painted that picture made me want to do it right now. But the thing is, materialistic city life is hardly about that. What you mentioned is the most celebrated aspect of city life that most seldom experience. She's connecting with her spiritual self in Siberia in such a way that, I think, most do not truly appreciate. And if it wouldn't ruin this unique, study-worthy lifestyle, I'd still go with your proposed experiment/test of faith.

  30. Taking her to the city, would be a HUGE culture shock..I don't really think it would be too great, there's many factors to consider before you try to wine and dine her to staying into a city..

  31. what i mean is, are we forcing them to work for us? do they get somthing from us for their labor? is their government keeping them from gaining economic power?

  32. Grow up! My great grandfather went all over the world and asked one question most places he went; "was it better before or after the white man came?" An old Inuit woman gave him this answer; "It is better after the white man came, because much fewer children die during the winter now". I asked a Maasai woman the same and she ALSO considered it better, cause she now had been empowered enough to stop her daughters genital mutilation. (circumcision). 100Β΄s of millions of women in Africa agree..

  33. maybe because the white man that come to them aren't comng drom U.S.A or they are a true scientist that come for humanitarian purpose(which is rare)

  34. You seem to have a very romantic view of nature people and other races. Slavery, genocide and all kinds of cruelty all existed in all corners of the world before the white man came there. Native Americans had other natives as slaves, just as slavery in Africa was wide spread LONG before the white man came. Tribal wars existed then, just as now, and so on and so forth. The Chinese behaved appallingly unto their own thousands of years before they even knew of the white mans existence, etc, etc.

  35. Amazing woman and a living proof that human is not the weak fragile dependent creature we are told.
    Concerning the debate about before and after white man. It is all about tameness. Even tamed dog do not enjoy leas. Some of them are even escaping captivity even to trade it for a dangerous life.
    It is all about how tame you are. These people were ready to die to live the way they had decided. Most people in western society never decided anything and just (including me) lick asses to avoid hustle.

  36. China was transformed through manufacturing goods for the West. Million and millions of people in China have been lifted out of extreme poverty and hardship through the opportunity to migrate to cities and work in the industries there. Japan and Taiwan came into the modern age the same way. Through manufacturing goods for more scientifically advanced societies..

  37. You are too ignorant about China. First of all far west illegally occupied by terrorist chinese forces. Societies were more advance and intellectual when those natives had own kingdoms. Now natives being treated like animals or raw material for organ business. Their lands have been stolen. You cannot compare China with Taiwan and Japan. You should live in Tibet and Xin Jiang to see better picture.

  38. Have you even watched the video ? or..can you read the subtitles ? ..her family not only escaped from regime that killed followers of religion, they escaped from materialistic society (and science, soul crushing science), to be closer to nature and god himself…she can spit all over your arometherapy and sushi…for fuck sake, open your eyes…

  39. Yeah, because africans are totally not benifitting from vaccinations, medicine, cleaner technoligy etc. Science is the last thing that is hurting the developed world, human greed is. Science has done more in 100 years than religion in a thousand.

  40. She clearly had the chance in 1978 to disappear into 'civilisation', and did not. Clearly this woman prefers her existence as she is and is comfortable with that. There is something dignified and noble in her and her beliefs and she is incredibly remarkable and strong. Pity you don't see it.

  41. You claim to be ashamed but yet you do nothing about it, give nothing to them, and continue to profit off their suffering.. How very noble of you.

  42. Also, i find it quite disturbing that you are using poor people as tools, i dont. If you are not the one abusing, why should ''we'' be ashamed of ourselves? Be an individual and only take credit for your own actions

  43. The Lady is smiling most of the Time, and we living in the City are most of the time mad, bad humor, stressed, living like robots.

  44. Great woman good heart. God bless you and we love you so much. βœ¨βœ¨β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™πŸ‘πŸΌβ€οΈβœ¨βœ¨
    βœ¨βœ¨πŸ•ŠπŸ’πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’πŸ•Šβœ¨βœ¨ πŸ’πŸ’πŸ™πŸ’πŸ’βœ¨βœ¨β›…οΈπŸ‘πŸΌβ›…οΈπŸ•Šβœ¨βœ¨πŸ’πŸ’πŸ•ŠβœοΈπŸ•ŠπŸ’πŸ’βœ¨βœ¨

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