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Tabsian Builds his First Base and Farm – Minecraft Survival 1.14 – Ep 1

Tabsian Builds his First Base and Farm – Minecraft Survival 1.14 – Ep 1

Tabsian found himself in a strange land, surrounded by trees and animals and he knew right away that something went wrong He still looked the same, just very strangely shaped TABSIAN: OMG LOOK AT MY
FACE! He was near a ravine that had several materials he could use TABSIAN: Tikes. thats deep! He remembered the first rule of survival – build a shelter so he started gathering wood Plan was to prepare himself for the night because he had no idea what could be out there, waiting to yeet him into the ravine He decided to craft a table with which he could create more tools and be more efficient He decided to place it near his spawn, if someone came looking for him, they would likely spawn here too! He built himself a wooden axe and pickaxe and went to gather more He was much faster and certain he could build the shelter
ore dark He needed to get some materials from the ravine, making stone tools would speed him up even more He needed to get some materials from the ravine, making stone tools would speed him up even more He had to be careful not to fall in because gravity doesn’t care He also noticed a block with what seems to be coal which could help him start a fire TABSIAN: This is the worst idea
1 had since going through that
weird portal back home First he collected a bunch of stone and then picked up the coal Lava was also nearby which will surely be useful at some point He created a furnace and a few stone tools, now he could focus on building his shelter
 He started collecting more wood, not just for the shelter, but to get more coal too He started placing blocks around the crafting table and furnace
 Once he finished, he took the charcoal to create torches He placed doors on both sides of the house, for easy access of course He had a problem now, he didn’t have windows and he couldn’t easily look around He had to create either stairs or ladders to access the roof Once the stairs were done, he had a view, blocked by the massive amount of trees He placed torches around the house since the night was approaching He had to make sure he could see far enough into every direction Darkness arrived and with it the creatures Tabsian had to do something since he didn’t still have a bed He created a chest to store his items The best place for it seemed to be under the stairs An attempt to go outside was stopped by a skeleton Unable to explore, he decided to dig down Since the ravine was nearby, he could use this tunnel to access it without danger He just had to make sure to use the right tools for the job The tunnel broke into the ravine quickly, which forced him to be more careful All sorts of things could be creeping around here He created a simple platform that would later be transformed into safe room That way he can use the room as a checkpoint and possibly storage TABSIAN: Im getting sick
and tired of these guys! He went back up to eat and fix up the house Dirty ground isn’t healthy or homey He placed stairs through the tunnel as well to make travel easier TABSIAN: My knees have seen
better days! Still needs a lot of work but it is functional! Instead of adventuring to collect resources, he decided to build the safe room
 He had to cover it from all sides since creatures could jump down from above Same approach as with the house, doors on opposite sides Once it was safe, he dug through the front to collect more stone He wanted to check out the nearby cave but was quickly stopped TABSIAN: You know what, this is
TIME TO DIE SKELETON! Safe from the threat, he quickly collected the nearby coal TABSIAN: What did I do to
deserve this suffering? Seems like skeletons are a never ending threat He went back up and placed more torches around the area TABSIAN: What the hell is that?! Eating an apple restored his desire to survive in this horrid place TABSIAN: I cant even cover
the stupid ravine in peace… TABSIAN: Oh look, a kid zombie!
TIME TO DIE! TABSIAN: EaSY! The next day, Tabsian went exploring to collect food and whatever else got in the way He found some pork first! More exploring made him realize he was in a middle of a jungle TABSIAN: What am I, Tarzan? Sheep brings wool and wool brings beds! TABSIAN: Im sorry sheep!
But my survival is more
important! TABSIAN: *chuckles*
Im going to die here He gave some food to the nearby dog, having a friend would b nice TABSIAN: Did something explode here…? TABSIAN: Chicken!
My second favorite food! He found pumpkins which will be very useful for food! But the darkness was coming and he was far from home TABSIAN: I remember last
Halloween, we painted googly
eyes on all the pumpkins at the
farm, fun times He had to hurry up! TABSIAN: Uh oh, time to run! TABSIAN: The hole!
I came from the other side! TABSIAN: »shocked«
Im safe! Still without a bed, he went to dig more! He quickly came across a new cave and a new resource, but he had to block it first for safety The new resource was iron, which would allow him to make even better tools! He can use the bucket to carry water and create a farm for food! He made another chest to store more resources and prepared for another journey! He needs to create a farm! First he went to collect some wheat from grass, unnecessary since he had the pumpkins TABSIAN: Dont judge me, I love
picking grass, it FEELS GOOD
OKAY Next he turned the pumpkins into pumpkin seeds, because planting entire pumpkins is unreasonable He prepared a block in front of the house where the water will go And went to get some water TABSIAN: Good thing I dont wear
socks! Afterwards he used a hoe to prepare the ground, 4 blocks around the water hole The ground will keep the pumpkin seeds growing as the water will keep it from drying out The farm was out in the open so he needed to fence it off, we don’t want creatures eating our food! So far he has pumpkins and soon wheat! He shouldn’t worry about food anymore but he still needs to find a way to get back home…

100 thoughts on “Tabsian Builds his First Base and Farm – Minecraft Survival 1.14 – Ep 1”

  1. Let me know what should we do next! Want a better base first or diamonds? Maybe hunt for 500 sheep and be a shepherd? Or maybe you want a different type of video, a build challenge! We can do all of it!

  2. Maybe make go into the cave maybe be trapped like caved in like he forgot his shovel and he can't break whatever caved him ni so he will need to find a different way? maybe

  3. such a cleaver idea of starting a Minecraft series, props to you, and a clap for you
    one like = one clap of respect

  4. i want to say this to tabsian

    every threat is from herobrine
    aldo i dont think tabsian knows herobrine

    also how does he know craft recipes

  5. He should face of a creeper and a horde of zombies which one of them drops a map that leads to a treasure!

  6. Search diamond to mine obsidia and go to nether but make iron armor to so you can protec yourself don.t forgot bring the flint and steel with you

  7. Build a roof and then make a underground base just for safety. Then a bed so the night passes fast. Then a bow and some arrows so you can attack monsters and other threats from a safe distance

  8. I think tabsian should get some weapons and tools and build a nether portal to get back to the world of tabs

  9. FUN FACT: in case y'all did not know this series is from the tabs series where tabsian and his friends from tabs created a portal leading to minecraft from tabs central

  10. This is honestly, the most creative thing I've ever seen. Like, I wasn't expecting like a life minecraft STORY just by not even talking! I searched on YouTube "Minecraft survival episode 1" and I couldn't find one that was really interesting but then I found this one, and it's super creative! Please keep doing this 🙂 this is amazing <3 you just got a new subscriber!

  11. Tabsian, I think some of your friends should follow you through, following the disappearance and fear from the endermen.

  12. Tabsian: What did do to deserve this suffering?

    Me: uhhh well…. You built a portal that led powerful monsters into your world

  13. This is the first video i saw made by you and im amazed by the quality. Keep the good work up and yeet the haters out of your path!

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