Praying Mantis Love is Waaay Weirder Than You Think | Deep Look

This episode of Deep Look is brought to you by Curiosity Stream. This mantis is at the top of her game. All summer, she’s been bulking up on grasshoppers and flies. They’re called bordered mantises. Ambush hunters, cloaked by camouflage – some green and some brown. And check out those forelimbs… they’re lined with sharp …

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VENOM EXTRACTION – Centipede Bite Aftermath!

VENOM EXTRACTION – Centipede Bite Aftermath!

– I’m Coyote Peterson. And I’m about to be bitten by the giant desert centipede. (anxious intense music) Here we go. (painful screaming) (panting and sobbing) Just, cut the, cut the cameras, cut the cameras, we gotta get this venom extracted, we gotta get this out of my arm! (yells) (intense drumming music) – I’m …