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TAMING A LVL 116 PTERANODON!! | Unknown YouTuber Plays ARK: Survival Evolved | The Island | Part 3

TAMING A LVL 116 PTERANODON!! | Unknown YouTuber Plays ARK: Survival Evolved | The Island | Part 3

What is up everyone my name is Raymond abd welcome back to
Ark survival evolved so guys in the last episode we made our new base because our
last base was completely wrecked by a sorrow in a raptor and we also changed a
triceratops very very very nice so I have been doing
a few things off screen I have made a few narcotics so that we can make more
tranquilizer arrows and I made some new armor as well this is height nothing too
fancy but it protects me a little bit better than normal cloth or fiber what
is the actually cold action in this game yeah clothes and shit
so I have now these ones and I have learned the basic engrams so that we can
you know carry on a little bit so the most important recipes are the refining
Ford’s Smitty metal pickaxe and the metal hatchet I also made a strike
saddle so that I can harvest some berries and stuff
okay scanning room Ryder I have adjusted Emma so if I go back to – yeah it’s
quite doctor let me go – for again looks okay for now I need to keep remembering
that I use this now so that I just look when you know sunshine on one side so in
this video guys I really want to change a Pteranodon because we want to you know
search for a nice location we are we officially going to build and you know
really going to get our things going so I made a few bolas which will like sort
of find the surrenders on the ground so that I can shoot them with drink glass
arrows and you know then I can just steam them quite easily because if you
don’t do that they just fly away but before I do that lets get rid of you
there we go off the stem all right okay now it’s
gonna move daytime so they not it’s published event dark weight gamma 2 is
the normal value right right or citrate now mean by gamma to rule it’s God was
always the baby anyway so we couldn’t search for trendin I’m not gonna show
where we can find a higher level I want to try and find one of there is a bow
level 80 so we just need to be very lucky I think so I’m gonna go yeah where
do we want to go do we want to go a Lance I have seen a few but I always see
some Raptors around that area as well and I think I can kill a few Raptors on
my own but you know they have that stupid like jump kind of thing now Glen
there’s one over there they have that like that stupid like jump on you and
then you’re just stalking you just have to take the damage which is just really
annoying don’t see anything like ID as you see to wrap the right over there I
think so yeah there are few Rutledge over there
so I don’t really want to Oh what the fuck are you
URI oh oh why you please be a high level and stay on that rock the 6000 thank you
uh what’s nice if I got him on the rock and then it was a nice level than I was
shit at Rutgers following the trend if you just stop there and just land on
the ground again this is not a nice area to tame something I feel that there’s
always like something like randomly going to spawn around the area and kill
stuff see a lot of raptors over there which is just a to see okay you know I
think my stego oh shit I haven’t seen a snake over this the level 16 again yeah
okay we have to I know I kind of know a place where we can find a decent amount
I think that’s like a sort of basic spawn area for them
oh shit out Oh luckily I have like 125 speech wow
you have to make that comment about my poop does be my protector right you
shouldn’t be a problem as long as you stay away from my tribe see hello are
you actually no no I kind of looks went oh no no no what are you doing
Wow why why did I get off that because I rub the tries to grab me and set it kena
that’s kind of annoying I don’t have to harvest him he okay maybe I can get rid
of all the rocks right over there I mean I hate that oh there’s one over
there now let’s let’s just try it over there
I’m with Daddy and I don’t ride over there like all the rocky area and stuff
it always feels like there are a lot of trend on and stuff over there’s well
maybe wrong right let’s jump because I know there are rad here onions in this
water well we are see okay great
did he land he did learn okay let’s let’s see 26 all right we have a green drop over here which uh
but what about you guys what kind of over forty four and four
okay let’s see what kind of useless junk you
can find in here oh oh oh oh actually hey what is this this is hey this is
normal oh I have the chain step okay so a fool will matter or actually I don’t then it changed the blueprint kind of
thing I thought it was a different like oh wait ramshackle yeah this in this
green okay okay I was like for you what that’s a ramshackle so it’s a little bit
better than you know the defaults on now you’re over there okay so I think I can
okay don’t fly away jump okay okay okay here
that’s that’s hope that there’s no rough around here
yeah seed okay that’s wrong I said the one that just blew away I think I have to move to a different
location because these are all like low-level spawns yeah look at that their
life a lot of broad things over there before okay all right
shit I would wake up over there without dying by piranhas and I want to just I
guess I can take the jump right okay I need to eat a little bit early
okay you know shit am i jumped in what let’s just hey but I forget the piranhas
go ah I take it okay right okay so there are we’re at least two turns over here
the lab at least of all okay let’s let’s say it at least level 50 and the ball or
something actually no I kind of want to have like
me what was that what something big I thought I saw it oh
it’s all it’s what are you doing here this is way too small
llama unity 64 + 64 why the only creature I will be
taming properly in this let’s play or maybe just for the lows it’s possible
okay come on come on Bea I love Mahalo Mahalo will be eye level over 900 that’s
not what okay there was another one landing over here wait I think that was
the hey you are I’m confused now I don’t know which one I love – is serious what
the yeah all right that’s got to the other side of this the land and
hopefully we can find at least something team Rory I know there’s one back the
ever and our a bunch of them over here yeah I
knew it was sort of you know a point those guys greedy so you are the one that I think I
already checked out or is the dead one hey what do you have to recheck
sometimes because you know it can be there are a lot of them they they just
have to land it’s a problem and I don’t have a spyglass yet so it’s
really hard to see what kind of levels they are one over there as well
comin up us of course you’re gonna lend them
something where I can get right why shouldn’t you
come on if it’s a 120 it will be surprised but when twenties right now is
probably not gonna you know help me oh but you know it’d be very fun to fight
oh wait no that’s something else what are you guys called again I like
cornice right that was it well how are you Oh Oh 160 you serious
one two and I’m gonna swing this thing again
alright and I think that should reset the timer and that should okay so they
did meet I don’t have anything else on me one of the sixteen is insane all he
said that’s that’s amazing now but now I have to go back to base and give get the
narcotics so that he was stay down because these guys lose consciousness
pretty fast and there are no like no berries around
here so let me go back to base 160 that’s insane
like a lot of what Lola was in our 160 that’s not bad
I don’t know the food failure anymore I thought always it was like 50 but oh
yeah this 50 okay alright well for some reason when I checked it a few minutes
back he just ate when it was like around 13 or something I don’t know r23 oh I
don’t know anyway we’ve got a birdie very nice health is one point you
stamina is poor humming I’m not sure if that’s a lot or not it’s been a while
maleeh is 200 something something weight is weight is 200 deaths that’s terrible
but right so now what we need to do is we need to make it settle but I have to
kill some trikes those all right so we are back into
these so I put my turned on inside so that he is sort of safe because they are
very very vulnerable when they just are out there and I am gone because I have
now to kill some turtles and I have to get the keratin from them so that I can
make the settlement so let’s get rid of those guys first shots are the key there’s so much shut oh shit that
Oviraptor scare me whatever you your lover for perfect low level oh come on
stealing my what about your level twenty going to kill you first
I should aim a little bit better here I’m starving and I need my pill there we
go okay let’s kill the turtle now shall we you know how much errors they need
actually because those jurors are quite tanky to be honest but it’s a little for
so it should not be too much right second bow maybe I should save my trike
I know how much I get from him right now let’s see here eleven fourteen
sixteen nineteen oh there we go there we go oh look at that beautiful that’s a
lot that’s a lot okay let’s say repair or and what did I
need I need fiber I don’t have fiber hey 25500 may be good it should be it very
very easy let’s repair its yeah okay that’s that’s
good to know oh I need to do that food now alright one more turn to go and I
think they are on low level because you know okay there’s another turtle right
over there so hopefully he’s also a boar why there’s so many of those annoying
creatures hey so yeah that’s one but I actually
met a one to kill this one stop trying to steal my shit I love a one really I
still have to like early love this shit which is fine
did you kill Oh goddess those guys are annoying to tame bullshit they didn’t
dossier here alright let’s see here if I just kill a track or something but I
don’t forty no let’s not do that they are way to take you what is your
levels good sir well the five will do I guess early arrows will do right price
I see you do oh no no no no no no that’s right no I
hate them Oh Raptors all right so well welcome to
Ark all right well let’s get out of there because I don’t want to mess I
think yeah yeah I’d read it well let’s get some water
guess the Raptors are dead now yeah okay well shit what kind of lover were you we
were like low level I will be mad because I could have killed you 18 of a to try crazy alright let’s see here
there’s another turtle please be a low level well – alright I can’t shoot in
the water I need a couple for that okay alright
let’s see he can die oh no I can’t shit okay maybe I can punch him or something
oh wait he’s going back nice Oh for fuck’s sake right yeah yeah still
much timber another baby shit there we go okay I’ve not a lot of arrows left
but if I shoot Louisville in the head that should do it right I’m sure it’s level two like low level
on stuff come on that’s arrow no that didn’t do
it but I have a few of these things probably is doing not that much damage
but enough to kill him perfect and there was a lot of work for
just few you you know Carrollton research share okay good so now we have
this I think I can immediately make my sattell actually no I need more fire oh wait I have
nothin no wait the disguise no drop a little bit I don’t know there don’t have
a lot of it oh well yeah they I do have a lot of know days these have chitin but
I think I should those guys fly all the way here we go yeah I’m gonna see yep
what I could have just killed a level-4 trilobite thanks Eric alright so let’s
make the settle because uh I kind of want to fly a little bit I think we got
everything Petey there we go that should do it then
all the other chitin shit I will probably see I can just make an I can
make another one no you’re serious oh wait no I use the keratin and and a
little bit of chitin okay nevermind okay right so now you have already gained two
lovely I think I would go to for at least 500 stamina I might go more I
don’t know but there we go I’m probably too happy for you so let’s put some
stuff in the chest like stone and nuts and shit and that as well very very very
nice I need to put some meat inside they should start cooking in I mean kinda out of food and stuff how
much food do we have for the bear we split up in here light the fire all right it’s done we have one more
over what is still having it oh no silly girls are kind of something
that we don’t have blood off all right let me make myself as light as possible
I guess we can joke but just dump a lot of stuff in our maybe a little bit of
touch because I need to pick by boat sometimes
well I think that’s it all right so now we can look at that beautiful oh
this is so nice all right so this is not gonna be a killer
turn it on yes no I don’t think it will make or I will breathe all right well
that is it’s for dis episode guys finally okay finally we have a flyer we
will discover more of the island in the next video
I think oh we will upgrade this base to liked it you know a little bit of the
metal kind of thing so that we can craft metal items etc etc but a love of 160
well it’s now like 175 but insane high trend on actually I didn’t think we
would find a high level but we did so that’s great yeah I hope you enjoyed
this video and I will see you all in the next one

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