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Tank vs Zombies: Survival Guide

Tank vs Zombies: Survival Guide

18+ RATING Welcome to the backbone
of the British army during the Cold War. This tank, when it was
first introduced into service, was known as the most formidable
main battle tank in the world. Let’s go! The Chieftain tank. It may seem the perfect
instrument against Zombie hordes. But there are a few key rules
you need to follow. The tank is a safe place to be
with the hatches closed. Keep them closed! Rule #1: Do not open the hatches. Whatever happens. It may be a trap. The most important rule – Rule #2. Don’t leave the tank. Never. Zombies are dead,
but they still have good hearing. So, Rule #3: Stay…quiet. On the other hand, you’re in a tank,
so use that to your advantage. Make some noise. Get them to be attracted
to you and therefore become easier targets. The Chieftain has a 120mm rifled gun.
It’s good against armoured vehicles. However, armour piercing can still be
really effective against Zombie hordes. Especially if they’re in single file. Shoot high explosive at groups of zombies. Now go and hone your tank commanding
skills in “World of Tanks”. Just in case.

81 thoughts on “Tank vs Zombies: Survival Guide”

  1. We uploaded the Tanks vs Zombies survival guide on our old channel a few years ago but with the revenants winning the Battle of the Undead event we thought it might a perfect time to have a reminder before the impending zombie apocalypse hits us all. Happy Halloween everyone!

  2. I’m just wondering why zombies are so frail and weak they can hardly walk without melting to the ground… yet apparently they can easily bite and rip off human flesh

  3. The best thing to do

    Get a tank,Get supplies,stay inside, wait for the whole military to come get you. Mission Success

  4. Well well well, as you can see: Stalinium is doing its job! The crew inside might have died but hey, It MAY have bounced that Cheiftain's AP shell at its lower plate as you dont see it go through the other side!

    I'd still run to that T-34-85 just because I can actually fit and drive the thing!

  5. Im just a ASIA player here watching the WOT zombie survival guide for EU while reading the news about the cancelation for the 2019 halloween events in ASIA server…

  6. RULE #5 <<SHOOT AP>>

    Why not HE!?!?(High-Explosive) You might waste it for some Headshot Congas! HE Shells are weak against any tank, BUT SUPER EFFECTIVE against Infantry, especially to bang anything that walks!

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