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Tanks vs Zombies: Survival Guide

Tanks vs Zombies: Survival Guide

18+ RATING Welcome to the backbone
of the British army during the Cold War. This tank, when it was
first introduced into service, was known as the most formidable
main battle tank in the world. Let’s go! The Chieftain tank. It may seem the perfect
instrument against Zombie hordes. But there are a few key rules
you need to follow. The tank is a safe place to be
with the hatches closed. Keep them closed! Rule #1: Do not open the hatches. Whatever happens. It may be a trap. The most important rule – Rule #2. Don’t leave the tank. Never. Zombies are dead,
but they still have good hearing. So, Rule #3: Stay…quiet. On the other hand, you’re in a tank,
so use that to your advantage. Make some noise. Get them to be attracted
to you and therefore become easier targets. The Chieftain has a 120mm rifled gun.
It’s good against armoured vehicles. However, armour piercing can still be
really effective against Zombie hordes. Especially if they’re in single file. Shoot high explosive at groups of zombies. Now go and hone your tank commanding
skills in “World of Tanks”. Just be careful. -What is that?
-Oh, it’s a Leviathan.

100 thoughts on “Tanks vs Zombies: Survival Guide”

  1. Так блэт я не понял, это введение нового танка или нового режима вместе с танком?

  2. Почему в субтитрах нет русского языка? Ох, ладно, хотя бы английский был

  3. Rule 7 shoot apcr
    Rule 8 spend $99 to get gold then turn them into credits and buy more apcr
    Rule 9 don’t waste your time being salty
    Rule 10 bring consumables
    Rule 11 sidecrape
    Rule 12 watch quickybaby or bushka
    Rule 13 destroy an enemy
    Rule 14 get destroyed
    Rule 15 quit the game
    Rule 16 stop reading this comment
    Rule 17 don’t say I didn’t laugh
    Rule 18 get a job

  4. in the end i saw a leviathan i screamed beacuse its from halloween special and i thought it was a edit and it was not a edit

  5. Yeah cool , but I take smaller guns , so I may just use the tank seconds guns , because tank shells we're a little too much . But about TNT shells , seems good to me

  6. Bring out a new Halloween mode for 2019! Were we can also use MG turrets, against Zombie Humans and Zombies Tanks. Like Gears of War Horde, survive as long as possible against the AI Zombies.

  7. Срочно этот танк добавить вWOT:название уже есть – Zombie Panzer)) Или Zombie Tank

  8. Oh Shit! Not the Leviathan! Hah our American M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks will take care of that giant metal monster! FU#K YEAH! WOO HOO! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

  9. Please please please add the chieftain to wot PC she is my baby girl in blitz and I want her in PC please please wargaming please 🙁 I beg you! Please add my beloved chieftain to wot PC 🙁 please ! Rule #7 of zombie survival states we need a chieftain in wot pc.

  10. Wargaming if y'all don't add the chieftain to wot PC and here y'all making videos supposidly related to wot PC and yet there is no chieftain in wot PC that's just freakin hypocritic… Please wargaming there is enough hypocrits in the world , just do us all a ever and add the chieftain please, it's the right thing to do 🙂 clearly it's a good zombie survival tank 🙂 and will be one of the best tier 10s ever!

  11. You know how awesome Walking Dead would have been if they grabbed one of the abandoned tanks in season 1 and used it as a home to survive. All they would be doing is hunting for food, fuel, and water. If the zombies chase you all you have to do is go into reverse and run the zombies down, plus I mean metal armor is pretty hard to chew through. If its a zombie apocalypse survival rule #1 GRAB A TANK.

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