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Taro and frogs, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 48

Taro and frogs, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 48

A beautiful morning Result of a hunting trip last night Frogs Water has risen up quite high A taro itch A wild sweet potato tree This is one type of herbaceous plants which has big tubes and contain a lot of starch Be careful! Because there are many similar plants which can cause itched if you get their sap on your skin Maybe I get some on my hand Good smell Good taste Buttery, soft and melted right in the mouth Maybe I will try planting a lot of taros One piece of frog’s back leg bone It is black It will possibly rain for few days This is an ancient experience based on the nature The soup’s very sweet

64 thoughts on “Taro and frogs, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 48”

  1. อยากเห็นดักสัตว์ป่ากินบ้างกินแต่ปู ปลา ไม่เบื่อบ้างเหรอหรือเขาไม่ให้ล่าดักสัตว์ครับ

  2. Toad and frog taste like Gamey chicken. Those cunjevoi bases taste like…mmm…not much at all really. Good starch though.

  3. All They want is happy love life.. but no relation is perfect after all u should know how to survive alone, like this… thanks for so many things I've learned from u man
    I know how to survive when I'm alone

  4. it's fun to see how similiar the plants from asia are from brazil the plant u took at 5:02 is called here taioba u can eat the roots and the leafs , but there are 2 types one one is venomous , cool to see that keep going u r good work regards

  5. your hunting techniques are so similar to our traditional way of hunting….. Especially when u used that paralysis tree bark…( fish)

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