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Hey guys, welcome to the official Plant Games – We’ve seen lots of claims on Pinterest / the internet that there are certain plant types that can live in absolutely zero light aka your bathroom that has no window – Also, um, science teacher from grade five like this is not what you taught me so I don’t get it – So we are going to take a bunch of plants and challenge them to a plant survivor challenge to see who can survive in zero sunlight and see if it’s possible – We’re gonna put them in our bathroom we’re gonna water them as much as they want to be watered but they’re gonna be in pretty much entire darkness, and this is gonna go on for a month – We’re gonna check in weekly and maybe do daily updates and I bet only some are gonna survive – Who will survive? – [ pu rum pum pum] tribal drums chattering Want to introduce our contestants? – Yes our official induction ceremony into the competition Spider Plant Welcome to Plant Games Fern Welcome to Plant Games Dracena Welcome to the Plant Games Snake Plant Welcome to the Plant Games Fittonia Welcome to the Plant Games Nephytis Butterfly Plant Games Zz, maybe odds be ever in your favor and Pothos Welcome to Plant Games So we have all of our contestants these are all the plants that Pinterest and the plant store claimed are indestructible – They’re going to camp on a secluded island far away from any sunlight and we will check in with them in a little bit – Welcome to the island this will be the campsite and currently the only thing surviving on this island are faux plants and dried plants although, they’re kind of cute but we want to see which live ones live – Contestants, this will be your home for the next 30 days – Will you live?
Will you survive? – Who will find out?
We will, actually [ ♫ ] All right, it’s Day 7, time to go check on the contestants – All right, let’s enter the camp How’s everybody doing? – Cool. Looking lively folks
– We’re doing okay so far we see a little bit of yellowing I don’t know if that was there before It’s the littlest yellow tips here. Do you see that? Fern is stayin’ alive even though it needs this unusual amount of water Snake is looking pretty good, too.
I think they’re doing pretty good Good work team! – Good work team! [ ♫ ] Day 14, we are midway through the competition – Hhmm – Some folks are holding up well, and others are starting to lose it Our nephytis butterfly is losing it’s wings – But this, like, piece is like actually sprouting so everything else seems like fine – I’m so very surprised!
– Me too! – Something seems wrong here all of these guys are going strong, 14 days without proper sunlight – Wow, I’m surprised! I thought we’d have some clear drop-offs in the beginning Players, I’m impressed! [ ♫ ] – Day 21 in the competition, we’re nearing the end and everyone’s surviving really well! – What the…??
– I really don’t know what to say…
– …there’s no… …this is the stupidest game ever! this is not even a game this is just like: let’s watch plants kind of grow and like lose some leaves but still they’re really doing fine! – Should we go check on them anyway? – Yeah… – Yeah *singing*
In the jungle, the mighty jungle – Uhmm…I mean… this one we saw was happening, but look! – I know, he’s like.. ” I’m sick of this island! ” – ” JK look at my suntan! ” – I just don’t understand!
– I’m so confused… – What are we doing right? How are they living off no sunlight?! like there’s literally zero sunlight in here! – I did not see this going this way honestly I probably thought we might have like two still standing like the ZZ and like the Snake or something… – And the only light bulb in here is this one and it is not like a grow light or anything special It’s pretty basic – And it gets turn on like for two seconds out of the day we have lights on in here right now,
– Film lights… but usually it’s just dark in here! – This one, like, I feel like hasn’t changed at all, and it’s really pretty too, right? – yeah – ugh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that… …that this is going so well! – Competition is nearing the end, but we will check in next week – Maybe we’ll only have like two left but it doesn’t look likely [ ♫ ] So… – It’s Day 30, the end of the Palnt Games – It’s been a long month – We’ve come so far It’s time to go to the camp, and check on all the contestants and see who made it through and who survived – Spoiler alert: I think they did a pretty good job
– yeah – So, guys… really proud of you Snake is still going strong, Spider too, loving Fittonia, You’re pretty basic, but you’re cute too This I don’t… I don’t know, it’s ” why I’m here…it’s so ugly, can we not?” Pothos I feel like it’s doing a pretty good job Check it out those leaves coming out coming through ZZ had yellow from the beginning but it hasn’t gotten any worse so I think that’s just how ZZ likes to be and this fern, honestly it’s just like so messy, like look at this I think it’s like kind of taking a turn for the worse Look it, it’s falling everywhere! No, I’m not… I’m not proud of this fern So in summary… I am Like I did not I thinked we might have had like one winner at the end of this, and we have basically – A bunch of winners
– A bunch of winners! – Some sort of losers – But they all stayed on the island some of them, just got like really skinny and homesick while others thrived! – They got a nice suntan, they are living off the coconuts, they’ve built a nice shelter… The 4 plant winners were definitely the Pothos plant, that’s still growing more leaves as we speak – Yeah
– And it’s doing amazingly and the other one was our wild card – The Fittonia! I honestly had never really heard of fittonia before this is one of the ones that the plant store recommended that we pick up I think it’s such a cute plant too, like it’s really cute! So that one I was super happy with, and like will definitely be staying in the washroom The losers… I think would have to be the fern, because you just have to water it way too much it was starting to kind of die even though it received a lot of water and it also like, I feel like it shedded a lot
– It’s messy… – It was like messy look, there was a little bits of fern everywhere, I’m like: fern calm down!
I didn’t love the fern… – And the other one was the nephytis butterfly while it was growing it was also dying at the same rate so it just was like, half alive, half dead It is not cute…
– It was not cute! – We wouldn’t recommend it – But yeah, I was I seriously am so shocked though – If you guys have any insight or thought into why they did so well, let me know below – I mean amazon canopy, that’s like the only thing I know of, in the tropics I don’t know if they’re all tropical plants…
– Oh, amazon canopy! I thought this was a product you bought on Amazon! – Oh, yeah! By the way Becky, I’ve been watering the Amazon canopy.
– “The” amazon canopy, I’m like… – Yeah, like the tree coverage there is no light for those plants down there. So they’re used to humid and no light There’s something else I want to bring up This was in a bathroom that had lots of showers
– Yes – The person who lives here had lots of showers So I feel like if you had a powder room this could go way differently ’cause if those plants loved like the steam that they were getting like every other day then that could be a big difference! – I hope you guys enjoyed playing this little game show with us and our plant children and that you liked learning new stuff and trying new stuff with us let us know if you want to see more these kind of things – And it’s also plant week, if you guys didn’t know, so we did some plant DIYs on Tuesday we did a plant tour in our loft, everything but the bathroom! on Wednesday on our vlog Channel and then today
– Today – So, we love plants!
– All right well, thanks so much for checking out this Thursday’s video guys! – If you liked it, Like it! – And if you loved it, make sure you Sub it! – Goodbye!
– Bye! [ ♫ ]


  1. My question is is did you revive them after? I'd be sad to hear that these beautiful plants just got thrown out.

  2. These are not “zero light” plants they are low light plants meaning they can grow in artificial light, you have to actually leave the lights on in the bathroom or area with little light pretty much continuously and then this will actually work. You should have done more research because you actually could have been successful with these. There are no such thing as a “zero light” plant, all plants need some kind of light to survive.

  3. it's their resting period and they can take an amount of darkness, but this is a small amount of time for them maybe test from 1 month- 2 months

  4. Every house has some sort of light so u will never have these strict conditions so why are u doing this anyways ?!

  5. The plants are still getting light, why didn't you put them in a closet or a cabinet someplace with total darkness, instead of direct light the plants got indirect light
    That's why there still healthy

  6. LMFAO THE THEME OF THIS VIDEO XD! Can I seriously love you girls anymore? Also thank you for making this video lol !

  7. Awesome video, I love these varieties because they all do really well in low light to medium light conditions. 😁 Definitely a great set of varieties to try out in a bathroom vs a succulent or cacti. Lol

  8. so i guess when i have my shutters closed 24/7 and only letting the little gaps pass though light my plants should be ok, right ?

  9. That fern needed WAY more water, lol. I go overboard with watering my plants, so ferns do really well in my home! I spray them as often as I can, thoroughly, about 3 times per week (some even more often than that— the extra finicky ones). I water mine every other day, at the base of the plants 👍 They seem to like that schedule, and they like a bit of light! Some can survive even being 15 feet away from a window with light, and others need to be closer (this all depends on where your window is, too— north, south, east, west)

  10. I work in a plant store and it’s nonsense like this that makes my job harder. 🙄 Except for the snake plant, which is merely taking a longer time to die, all the plants are showing the effects of light starvation. The “successful” Fittonia is already quite etiolated (elongated between the leaves); this is its way of reaching toward light it’s not getting. The pale sickly leaf on the Pothos is also an indication of insufficient light. People see things like this, take plants home, kill them, and then end up saying “oh I just can’t keep plants alive.”

  11. You need to test from 3-6 months most plants can survive 30 days with no light. Your ferns dying from too much watering…

  12. Could you do another video with more plants that are supposedly okay for rooms that don't get light??

  13. Does anyone know if some plants could survive off of artifical light (for example lamp light) ?

  14. I knew the snake plant would make it. Though I figured it would have been the winner. Guess I was wrong about that. The fern also did worse then what I was expecting, though my ferns can shed a lot too. In retrospect, I should have seen the fittonia as one of the winners. It has just been so long since I owned one that I had forgotten its properties. And they are cat safe to boot.

  15. I want to setup my plants in a place without sunlight but what kind of soil do I need to use. Before this I tested my plants in a place with no sunlight, the plants look good but the soil kinda look like it lack of nutrient and there's is algae growing is it because no sunlight?

  16. This is a great video for people that live in basements.. I am one of those people. I never thought I could grow anything because I don't have windows just plain old light bulbs. I bought a fern 2 weeks ago he's doing good so far and I've kept a couple succulents or cacti not sure which they are for over a year now but I might be looking into some of these guys so long as their good with Kitty cats!

  17. This is the BEST! Haha! I am in love with plants but live in a small studio with only one window where plants can get sun. I’m all about the Pothos, aloe and angel plants

  18. I dont understand why not anyone felt bad for the plants why bcz they can speak or move or people think they are not alive i really felt bad for butterfly plant how hi struggles to survive not giving them sunlight means not giving them food and make them starve them to death how good 😡😡

  19. This test dose not count youse both probably spend two and a half hours each doing your makeup every time youse leave the house whilst using your high powered full spectrum led lights.

  20. My red dragon flytrap survived a week in zero light and in a confined space and it is still alive

  21. Loved this experiment video! Did you by any chance tried to experiment with Tradescantia Zebrina plant (aka Wandering Jew)?

  22. 😐 as a plant lover this bothered me a lot. They aren't "no light" plants, they are "low-light tolerant" which means that most of these can survive in low light but most of these prefer bright indirect light.
    They can also survive for a time on artificial light, but after a couple months they'll start to really suffer. Please put these plants in an area with more air & light.
    It also looks like they might be over-watering

  23. Please people, do not put your plants where there is zero sunlight. Even if they can survive for a few months, why keep them unhappy?

  24. can you please redo this challenge in a closet because I'm thinking that the plants that were dying may not respond well to the humidity in the br

  25. Nice to see such young people like you guys interested in plants. That’s pretty unusual. I’ve always liked plants but just recently I decided to fill my place with them and it’s been awesome. They make a home so much more pleasant. But my place doesn’t get a lot of sunlight so I can only have plants like the ones you’re showing in the video. I have most of them and they seem to be doing just fine. 😉

  26. Really interesting. At the end you should have said „Thank you for your childhood.“ 😄 From The Giver.

  27. Mother in laws are usually my go to for indoor plants. They might need some form of light but it can be super minimal. I usually keep them in a jar of water though make sure you didnt get them infected when cuttibg or they will rot.

    Also they tend to grow in numbers if you keep them potted outdoors because I have a bunch growing and I get a few cuttings to bring indoors

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