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Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON

Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON

100 thoughts on “Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON”

  1. The lightweight and inflatable solar charged Solar Air Lantern is an incredible survival tool that’s perfect for survival kits, roadside emergencies, camping, backpacking, power outages and more.
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  2. It always occurs to me when I see those wire saws with those rings attached on each end that attachment to a bow shaped stick would make it some what more useful

  3. I don't know why, but for the past 3 hours, all I've been watching on YouTube are survival kit unboxing

  4. Com in! That was not a normal wire! Even standard cutter couldn't make it with a wire like that.

  5. Yup, looks like a 10 dollar kit, best survivial kit is your brain if you don't know how to use any of it , it would be for nought. Make your own kit..

  6. For 9 bucks this looks good, some of us are on a budget and I can't take my go bag everywhere, but throw this in the glovebox and I know I at least have something. Thanks Wranglerstar

  7. It's always good to take a kit like this to start and replace items one at a time with higher grade quality as you can afford it

  8. The fact that you said metric or standard is really annoying, do all of you Americans believe that you are better than the rest of the world? Most of us use metric and not imperial and besides, the imperial system is basically useless while the metric system can be converted to many different units with ease and are much easier to handle without using a calculator.

  9. The wire cutter is for cutting insulated electric wire. It can also be used to strip the insulation if you're careful

  10. In our country, that's not really cheap at all but it would be the first thing I'll buy if I save enough money.

  11. Surprise, surprise …. stuff works. Takes one thing out at a time. Could have just zipped open the whole thing and put it all the way open. Where's the space blanket?

  12. I made my own lil survival kit bc all the ones I bought didnt have the stuff I rly needed. They didnt have hair ties, they didnt have lint, they didnt have water purification tabs, and they didnt have bandages or nothing like that

  13. The Osis survival kit had the saw, survival card and the same compass without the palstic housing and you didnt give them the same chance you gave this kit. You intentionally broke their stuff. Make you think these guys probably sponsor you in some way and so you give them a better review.

  14. I get all my stuff on Aliexpress. Pretty good deals if you search the site. They list in different categorys somtimes.

  15. metric or standard? HAHAHA that cracks me up. metric is the standard. its nice how Imperial supporters are trying to gaslight everyone like this. (p,s. thanks for killing a mars rover imperial system, you suck and have no useful place in science or in a survival kit)

  16. Not as much stuff as the sardine can kit, but I guess they went for quality over quantity. Also, U could add stuff yourself, U could hide small matches in the whistle, add a polished aluminum mirror, keep a few food tablets in there, the possibilities R endless!

  17. Not sure how I got to this video…. but man oh man, your voice reminds me of Jeff Goldblum, it’s very smooth and calming. I think I can listen to you all day. Subscribed.

  18. Can any one send me the link where I can buy on amazon
    Coz next month in going for trekking

    I'm sorry I'm still learning English my English is bad

  19. im about to go on a camping trip and i need some help. anyone know anything about this Kit ?

  20. Bad review. 8:24 u didn't cut the wire with tge right part of the multifunction tool. You got a little higher. Also you didn't check the word up that you and I didn't know. You could've at least googled it and told us.

  21. The Butterfly wrench is for stuck wingnuts. This is a rebranded fishing kit. I got that exact kit from a large fishing and outdoor sports retailer about 15 years ago. That multitool is designed for fishing purposes. The "wire cutting portion" is actually for pinching lead weights onto your line so they wont slide.

  22. I bet wing nuts could be considered butterfly screws in other countries. So the butterfly wrench is for them. Even though you can tighten them with your fingers.

  23. It's a bottle opener If you call it anything besides that you are a weirdo. And you must not be American lol.

  24. No one says cap lifter lmfao is anyone American in these comments lol, it's a bottle opener. I've never heard someone call it a cap lifter that is so hilarious.

  25. Always makes me giggle when Americans refer to the Imperial system as “Standard”… Yep, it’s standard nowhere else in the world except Myanmar, Liberia and the good ‘ol US of A.

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