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Thanksgiving Survival Guide! | Clutter Video Tip

Thanksgiving Survival Guide! | Clutter Video Tip

Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter
Diet book and on-line program, and today I have for you a Thanksgiving Survival Guide
– a bunch of tips just to make Thanksgiving more successful for everybody who’s involved,
especially you [POP] who probably is the person who is doing all the cooking and the planning. So let’s get right to it. There are some
organizing projects that you can do before Thanksgiving comes that will really help you
on the big day. Organizing your pantry and your refrigerator are important to get ready
for all of that extra food that’s going to be coming in and all the leftovers and
everything. So do that. We’ve got some annotations here on the screen for videos that you can
watch to refer to for more tips on that. Also you want to get your guest arrangements
made. So if you have a guest room or a pullout sofa or whatever it’s going to be, make
those arrangements, especially if you have multiple guests, you might decide who’s
sleeping where, and get that all ready. And we have a video for that too. Also, there may be some emergency quick cleanup
that you need to do with the clutter around your house. And what some people do is stash
things away. Now, sometimes that’s necessary and I really do understand that, so there
is a right and a wrong way to do stashing. And I have a video about that for you too.
So make sure you do that so that you can recover after the holiday and make sure that clutter
is all put away in the right place and nothing gets lost. All right, so let’s talk about the big meal.
The biggest thing is just preparing and thinking through all of the stuff you’re going to
need because the grocery store is going to be closed that day. So you are out of luck
if you forget something. Make sure you have a standard menu and shopping list every year
for Thanksgiving. Most families have the same dishes every year because they’re everybody’s
favorites, so take advantage of that. Keep that information in Evernote or in a Word
document, and that way you’ve got a head start on your shopping list and you won’t
forget things. Also, you want to shop early and not do it
on Wednesday like everybody else is going to do, and even cook early if you can. So,
for example, while you’re just watching TV a week or two before, you can bake the
cornbread that’s going to be for the cornbread stuffing and put that in the freezer. You
can make pie crusts or whatever you need to do ahead of time so that you’re not stuck
doing it all the day before or the day of. Then you want to think about during the meal
itself, all the delegation that really can take place if you plan ahead so that you don’t
have to do it all yourself. Everybody knows, you know, having a dishwasher is helpful and
a dish drier, but there are a lot of little jobs you can delegate if you think about it.
So how about having a little cousin or nephew be the trash monitor, to take the garbage
out when it needs to be. And having somebody be the leftover coordinator, to make sure
everyone’s got their containers and everybody’s got the leftovers they want to take home.
And even having a little kid do a hunter/gatherer kind of job where they go around looking for
plates and forks and cans and glasses that need to be either washed or thrown away. So
get creative about that, so not one or two people are getting stuck with all of the work. And then you want to plan beyond the big feast.
So you’ve got other meals through that whole weekend that you need to plan too. Don’t
forget to write that down in your shopping list stuff. And you also have activities that
need to be planned beyond those football games. So you’ve got maybe a bunch of games, you
could play a game tournament of some sort. You could go sightseeing. You could take walks.
Whatever you want to do. But think through it so everybody’s not sitting around twiddling
their thumbs and looking at you bored. All right, so when you’ve got the family
all together you can be really efficient about a few things. So think about this – if you
have a bunch of holiday decorations in your attic or in your garage and you need help
getting those down and getting them put up, why not enlist the family members to help
you get those taken down and put in place? That would be a lot of extra helping hands,
that would be a really good idea. Also if anyone has passed away unfortunately in this
year and there are some inherited items that need to be decided upon – the best example
would be a giant box of memorabilia or photos – if you’re all together at one place,
get that stuff and sort it out when you’re with each other so you can enjoy the memories
and you can also, you know, make those decisions together and it’s just much easier. And finally, if you have a Christmas drawing
of names that you do or if you haven’t really gotten on the same page about what’s going
to happen for the holiday gifts, you can have that conversation or draw those names while
you’re together. So be smart about that. Now, you’re going to be going into Black
Friday the day after Thanksgiving, so don’t go into that blindly without a plan. Make
sure you’ve got your gift list all written out and you know how much you want to spend
and kind of what you’re looking for before you go out into the wilderness of Black Friday
and get caught with all of the glitter of all of the sales going on. And then think
about even things like shipping deadlines for those gifts and really think through your
holiday gifting as Thanksgiving’s going on so that you go into it the right way and
you really have a great system in place. So we can help you with this in our on-line
program if you need any assistance. We help people seven days a week, all over the world,
at for about the price of a pizza. So come check us out there.
And remember, this holiday is all about gratitude, and that is one of the most important values
to me personally. And that is why I say at the end of every video, may you always be
happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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  1. Thanks for all the tips….loved them all…..just a side note….there is a weird noise with your videos lately. ….just thought u should know just incase u weren't aware of it

    Katie from fla

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