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The 2nd 5 Things New Preppers Should Buy (Items 6-10)

The 2nd 5 Things New Preppers Should Buy (Items 6-10)

everybody I’m JJ Johnson you’re watching reality survival, so right now what I have for you is the Second 5 things that a prepper should consider purchasing you know if you are a new preppers. I did a video last week or a couple weeks ago that talked about the First 5 things you need and this one’s going to talk about second 5. Now as with the last video i just want to give you guys a couple thoughts on this you know i can’t i can’t know what your situation is so you need to adapt this list to fit your situation you know as best as possible if you’re down in Florida that’s going to be totally different than somebody who’s up in Maine you know so I’m just trying to give some generalized suggestions as kind of a guide for things to follow as i go through this series you know probably five or six different videos at the end of that if you have all of these items then you’re probably going to be you know prepared better than ninety percent of people in America. OK i’m not saying that this is exactly the order that everything has to be in and I’m not really talking about small items either i’m not talking about EDC items and stuff like that. I’m really talking about bigger items things to have in your house thinks that you can put in your bug out bag you know stuff like that kind of the kind of the more big-ticket purchases so to speak because it’s really hard it would be very difficult to get down into the very small stuff you know I mean the you know knives and and all that kind of stuff if we know paracord and we you know start talking about just little items then I think this would get kind of a tedious so I’m really trying to point out some of the big stuff so the first thing here is going to be extra gas ok so again not in any particular order but in this series of 51 of the important things to have is going to be 20 to 25 gallons of gas that’s what that’s what I personally keep I keep about 25 gallons of gas on hand and I’ve got actually extra gasoline cans like this one there empty that I could fill up if it looked like there was going to be you know a crunch on gas or something like that now the reason the gas is important is for a couple reasons one if if there is some kind of crisis gasps seems like it usually is the first thing that gets you know ported basically people go and Philippa tanks and all that kind of stuff is we’ve seen this happened historically so having some extra gas on hand is a good thing the second thing is if there’s a regionalized disaster in your area if you’ve got enough gas to fill your tank up so let’s say if you normally keep it above half which is a good recommendation and then you keep another you know tank or so available you will probably be able to pack all your stuff in your car and get outside of that regionalized disaster zone ok that’s the purpose of for the main purpose for why I keep gas here if I can’t go to a gas station because gas lines or something like that I want to be able to fill my tank up and head on out and get as far away as I can you know go to a relative’s house or just get outside the disaster zone you know get a hotel or whatever the case may be now if you’re talking about a nationwide great down situation then obviously that’s going to be a little different situation but you’re still going to be ahead of the ballgame by having at least that much gas let’s take a look at the next level ok so for the second item i’m going to recommend the second time in this group is a tent now the kind of 10 that you get really is going to depend on your situation if you’re a single person and you don’t have a family then you know maybe all you need to get is a really small just one man kind of busy tent something along those lines if you have a spouse and maybe want to go with the two-man tent or something like that this is an old what is our North Face lunar fire kind of a backpacking tent or whatever they make a whole lot lighter and more compact ones than that nowadays the north face rock 22 is a pretty good 10 as well i did a review on that the past or if you are a person with the family then maybe you want to get something that’s just a little bit bigger you know like a you know 45 person dome tent or something along those lines one tip that you can do for you know if you if you’re in a situation where you have to end up bugging out a big tent like this is pretty heavy you can split the items up into the different family members so maybe one person carries the polls one person carries the rainfly another person carries the body of the tent that kind of helps break it up and then you guys can stay in 110 you know when you’re together now that does obviously present a problem if you get split up but you can have some redundancy by having tarps or baby bags or something like that in each bag you know as a last resort so anyway I 10 is the next thing because you know personally I’ve talked about this in past videos I I think being able to create a microclimate is I mean you do that that your first our layer of doing that is with a tent and that helps keep the wind off of you and it allows your body to start heating up the area inside that tent and it’s just a much more effective way in extreme weather conditions to keep your body temperature at 98.6 so anyway that’s just my opinion is a 10 is pretty important and you know in most situations you’re just gonna have to throw this in your car throw it in with your other gear and then drive out of the area and then you know maybe you can find another place to camp international can’t natural forest or something along those lines or state of friends house just you know pop-up tent in the backyard or whatever the case may be so 10 is important item to have its going to look the next one ok so the next item is an emergency radio of some kind or another now this is not particularly the best one this is the one I have on hand right now it’s a neat on and it’s an am/fm and it also has the weather stations on it and then it’s got the generator capability as well as batteries a light siren some different stuff like that these are ok radios are not bad but i prefer and what I what I did have until my until my last move was a shortwave radio that had a MFM shortwave and I think it had some of the recreational ham channels on it as well and i would definitely recommend looking into that kind of a radio and the reason is is that’s going to allow you to collect intelligence on what’s going on in the area or what’s going on outside the area if it’s if it is a a large-scale disaster that’s affecting multiple regions in the area you’re going to be able to receive radio stations from a long ways away because of the different frequency bands that they operate on you can hear stuff from different countries and or from other sides of the United States or whatever the case may be so it gives you the capability to gather some intelligence and kind you know help you increase your situational awareness and know what’s going on around you and that can be very very important so with that let’s go ahead and move on to the next thing and i’ll throw a picture in here of one that i would recommend you get as well ok so for the third item in the list on this series of this section is a good 12 gauge home defense shotgun now this one is a CZ USA 612 home defense that’s the model and you know it’s really pretty similar to the late seventies like a 70 clone if you ask me but really really smooth gun I’ve done a couple reviews on this in the past if you guys want to check those out i’ll try to remember to throw some links in here the description and you know this gun i think i saw the black friday specials they were going for like 2 29 which is ridiculous I mean it’s super cheap but normally you can get them under three hundred dollars but it holds 5+1 you can get a extension for the extension tube for them as well but this is just a great little home defense gun this is also you know a pretty good bug outgun kind of thing if you need to carry with you there are different different kinds of what’s the name for it like a sheath or whatever you can put on the side of your pack that you can put this gun down into you know to carry that kind of thing a 12 gauge is just very versatile you know you can you cannot small game with even hot large room with it you know I’ll 200 yards with a slug this is very effective at taking deer double-ought buck you know in a little closer you can take care with so you know this is a really good option the one downside to a shotgun is that it’s got a lower capacity you know I mean so you may want to have you know some additional shells on the on the stock or on the forend or whatever the case maybe make several different accessories you can do that with if you want anyway great purchase a good idea to have it’s great for home defense it’s no good in multiple situations now the other thing that i would recommend with that is having a variety of ammunition to go with it if you’re going to use it for hunting you definitely want to have some hunting camo you know as far as birdshot goes if you’re looking for pheasant maybe you’re going to use some six shot or you know even fives if you’re going to be going with deer like I said slugs were double-ought buck those are good for self-defense as well and if you’re going to go for waterfowl and maybe you need to get some you know some twos or you know some steel shot or something like that now for home defense what I prefer to use is the Winchester pdx1 and that is kind of a combination of slugs and buckshot and it’s pretty cool little round for home defense and even you know in kind of tactical situation I think it worked well as well so anyway 12 gauge or 20 gauge would either either way but a shotgun for home defense is the next item so let’s take a look at the next one on the list ok so the next on the list is a generator or not my generators pretty good size it’s about the think seven thousand or so wats so i can’t really pull in here for you to see but i’ll try to throw a picture in here something like that one that’s similar if not want to have my garage you could get a big one like that and the idea with a bigger generator is that you would be able to run many of the items in your home and make you more comfortable over a long period for a power outage or something like that but you can also get a smaller one you know there’s some smaller generators on to make some small ones that are they’re very quiet and that produce enough electricity to be able to run a couple of lights and a refrigerator and those are a great option and i’ve i’ve been thinking about getting one of those even though i already have a bigger one the problem with a bigger generator louder generator is that you’re going to be attracting attention but if you live in a neighborhood a couple years ago 8 we had some storms come through omaha and i was able to run three neighbors refrigerators plus my own house and my refrigerators and some lights and stuff in my house off of my life generator so that was really cool and it went a long way towards building goodwill with the neighbors and all that kind of stuff doesn’t other you know if you didn’t get spoiled everything so there’s there’s trade-offs with bigger and you know small generators budget is another consideration as well of course but a generator is a very important to have a drink and it can you know it can help you to be able to stay in your home you know through a wider range of situations where you might not otherwise be able to so that is number four on the list i think that was for Zeb five anyway it’s the next one let’s take a look at the next one lesson ok so the generator was number five this is kind of just a bonus and i’m just going to talk a real quick about to get on back not done couple videos on to get home bag and what I keep in mind so i’m not going to really go over that hear what I’m going to say about to get home bag is it’s not a bad idea to get a backpack or some kind of a you know bigger bag and throw that in your car and just put in some items that will make it easier you know to help you get home now what items you put in that bag is going to depend on how far away you work from your house right so if you only work a couple miles from my house you might not need a whole lot maybe throw in a pair of sneakers and some extra socks and you know a little bit of water and you know a few items like that when being a big deal maybe some self-defense items whatever the case may be but if you live here if you work 30 or 40 miles from where you live and you might want to carry significantly more because it could take you longer to get home now some people say well why do you need a bag get all monsters drive home well in some instances it’s possible that roadways could be blocked if there was a catastrophic grid down situation like a electromagnetic pulse or a solar you know coronal mass ejection or something like that were affected the whole grid and all the vehicles then that can stop you as well now those are very low probability events I don’t think those very likely to happen but certain roads getting blocked off and that kind of stuff can definitely happen i’ve seen in DC we’re a highways have been cut off for a couple of days because of ice storms and stuff like that so it is possible that you know the area your road wherever it is between you work where you work could get shut down and you may have to either look for an alternate route or you might just be stuck in the middle of it may not be able to get their out here i live in cheyenne they routinely closed down highways because of women weather and stuff like that and freeways as well so there are possibilities that exist that could keep you from getting home and having some kind of get home bag in your car could be helpful anyway guys this is just been the second list keep following this series will have additional videos in this kind of go down the line on all the things that you know the big kind of items that new prepper should be looking at now if you’re an established proper stuff like that is probably not you know real helpful to you but there’s a lot of people who are just getting into it who have asked me about this over the years and so I thought I’d try to finally put something together as always guys I definitely appreciate if you click the thumbs up button if you subscribe and don’t forget to share with your friends on facebook twitter and google+ and obviously 6-piece proper prior preparation prevents poor performance stay safe

75 thoughts on “The 2nd 5 Things New Preppers Should Buy (Items 6-10)”

  1. Thanks for saying "Tent." Most of us are Bugging Out to a hotel or to a campground. We aren't building a shelter in the woods. I also have a couple of tubs with camping gear like cook stove, fuel, cooking utensils, sleeping bags, food etc. I realize they don't go in a BOB but they only take a few seconds to load in the trunk.

  2. Gasoline doesn't store as long as it did years ago. Do you use a stabilizer additive in it? If so what brand? How long will it keep then?

  3. Great video JJ ! A good storage solution for gas cans is an old large pick up truck tool box mounted in a framework of PT 4×4's outside away from your house. They are designed to survive outdoors and allow you to lock up your fuel stash. Radio wise I like the Yahoo VX3R. It is a dual band ham radio (VHF/UHF) and broadband receiver (AM BCB – 1000mhz) that you can recharge with USB accessories. I have a video on my channel about the VX3R if interested. If you get a shotgun with replaceable choke tubes the Trulock Boar Blaster choke tube is incredible. The advertising is all 00 / 0000 pellets in a 14" circle at 40 yards. In use and in pattern testing I have found the tube lives up to its advertising even with the cheapest shells.Thank for sharing and Merry Christmas!

  4. Mini-radio ETON FR160 Microlink. Solar cell charging, hand crank, LED flashlight, USB charging to cell phone (you bring specialized USB to cell cable), AM/FM/WX. Ive had 5 of 6 now, others in storage. Many clones now being made of this unit. Small. Used almost daily with hand crank and listen, versus draining car battery in outback. $35.

    CCrane radio internet site has many good emergency radio options.

    Comms – consider getting Walmart/Target FRS or GMRS base camp unit and mobile walkie-talkies. 22 channels with options for encoding tras=nsmissions. GMRS stills needs FCC licensing (life permit, $80), but FRS is free. Short distance radio comm for group.

    Get your Technician amateur (ham) radio license (test $15), and a handheld and you will be set with others for listening, and getting emergency assistance at long distance.

    If you have chain saw gas 40:1 or 50:1 cans. Those tin cans with the new plastic tops, THEY LEAK and you lose entire fuel content. Make sure the cans are TOTALLY METAL TOP. No evaporation and leaking.

    Always fill gas cans to ABSOLUTE FULL, especially the plastic jugs (the worst). Any air pocket creates evaporation, that leaks, creating further and further evaporation and leaking. No air pocket, no evaporation, no leaking.

  5. I have a dome tent but that's because I'm tall and those little 1-2 person tents wont cut it and make your own candles that's another way to control your environment on a smaller scale and I recommend for radios is this I have the analog version and be sure to get  reel attenna so that yo can extend your attenna by 23 feet if need be. another thing new preppers should buy is slingshots not the leather ones modern ones theres a company called Trumark they are made right here in Colorado in boulder to be exact they make there own ammo and you can even buy a heavy pull band the ammo you can buy comes in two sizes 5/16 or 3/8 plus you wont be questioned by anyone if your in a disaster zone or storm knocks out power Trumark does make slingshots with fiberoptic sights.

  6. if you are going to store gas longer than 2-3 weeks,..make sure to add "sta-bil" gasoline stabilizer to it so it doesnt gum up, here,..i left gas in my harley for a month once,..and it just totally gummed up the carb,…causeing it very hard to start, would keep stalling out, and a smoke screen after it finally started…gas gets old after 2 weeks i hear,and even worse as time goes by…thanks J. J.

  7. Good choices, however Ild just use good old 2.75" 12 gauge 00 buckshot or 1 ounce slugs. All my years loving the shotgun I havent ever had a target come back for more.

  8. Generators are a terrible idea as they rely on fuel to give you power. Go with solar or wind instead. They're quiet, they don't smell and they don't wast fuel that would be better spent on your vehicle.

  9. Good stuff.  I pretty much have what you mentioned. And I have a question. On the 12 gauge shotgun and any other weapons you store, how much ammo do you believe would be practical. I have a couple of 45s, with about 3,000 rounds, an AR15 with about 4,500 rounds and a couple of 12 gauge with about 300 rounds. I am thinking of getting some more 12 gauge ammo, probably stock up to about 2,000 rounds. Let me know your thoughts on the amount of ammo.

  10. Thank you for this valuable information. One useful self defense mechanism I have used for over 50 years is Prayer. I know – it doesn't seem that useful. But it emotionally gets me through each day. I was once married for way too long to a violent black belt in karate husband – God saved my life a LOT then.

  11. Generator is a good item to have, however using it can draw attention. Especially if you're the only person in the neighborhood with lights on at night in an SHTF. Just be mindful when using it in a real SHTF situation. Solar is silent, but you can see the panels, but still a better option.

  12. Most generators use gasoline for fuel which is in high demand and hard to find in emergency situations.  Also, gasoline does not store well, even with additives to increase it's shelf life.  My dad burned out his Honda generator during Katrina, so I bought him a new dual fuel generator to replace it.  It runs on both gasoline and PROPANE.  Unlike gasoline,  propane tanks can be stored for a long time without going bad.  He has a 250 gal. propane tank for his house, and he paid for the local gas company to come out and put a compatible connection in.  So he can run his generator off of either his big tank or the small ones he can use for both his generator or his gas grill, and the stored propane tanks are good for many years.

  13. Hope your neighbors went ahead and got their own generators and not planning on depending on you supplying in future🔌

  14. alloy framed 9mm commander, Micro9 Kimber pocket 9mm, .22lr conversion unit for each (sigarms) the sig P938 .22 unit fits the kimber just fine. That's 4, a silencer for the .22 unit for the Micro 9 makes 5. All at risk of being outlawed, all fun, all useful, and all at risk of being outlawed.

  15. Sir I know you have a series of these (very good) videos.
    Hope I am not jumping the gun here… but lumber or like material (sheet tin or thin medal/alumin) to board up or to reinforce windows and doors with the proper screws or nails required.
    Precept the area of mounting to ensure it will hold safely and maybe pre drilled peep holes?

  16. as a gunsmith, I would suggest a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500 just for the fact that parts are easy to get just in case.

  17. A radio and firearm should have been in the first five (instead of backpack and frame).
    I have a generator, but beware! The noise WILL attract the wrong people. Be strong with your weapons and tactics before using a generator in a SHTF scenario. Or you will be ringing the dinner bell.

  18. Must be nice to be able to buy all these guns for "home defence".
    What do you think is the best survival rifle for someone that can't have all the options?
    Cant be a 3 round burst or auto or I'll be looked at like a terrorist and locked up in a rubber room.
    You can't tell a idiot at any gun store in Canada that u want a gun for defence purposes or they give u funny looks and refuse to even help you or sell u a gun.
    An ak 47 I know is the gun i want. Again I'm in Canada. Your crazy if your prepared up here. Just one gun. It's all u can take with you and your bugging out. What do u take?
    Don't need to tell me about the bad ass srs tactical bow. It's already in my bag. 😉

  19. I would suggest a .22lr rifle. Can hunt game up to deer. (and, honestly, deer also… lots of poachers use 22lr ) Most are light, cheaper and can be supressesed. And 1k rounds isn't too heavy to pack. Downside is you need to learn how to shoot. Bullet placement is paramount.

    Like the video JJ. Been to FAFB and know the 3 truths…
    1. Living in the woods can be fun.
    2. Being chased thru the woods isn't that bad.
    3. Getting caught sucks.

  20. Thanks for a great video. I can recomend the DD XL tarp very lightweight and i can also recomend the DD travel hammock/ bivi. I have these two items myself.

  21. What do you consider low probability? EMP from the sun is like 1 in 8 over the next decade. I can't think of another single event with a higher probability than that.

  22. we all hpoe hope to be on ground zero.and are taken out quit..who wants to live in a cripple awfl world awful world filled with suffuring pain ration and shit ..LIVE for NOW and enjoy ..and make peace with North Koren

  23. How much gas do those generators use.. When you run out of gas how will you run your generator.. Maybe you should look into wind and water generators and solar panels..

    Do you have any suggestions for poor folks.?

  24. I so totally hate you right now. My husband and I have been looking at building B.O.B. and just feeling more secure for our home and family and he loves the shotguns and was trying to convince me at the local custom gun store today. . . you are totally helping his case.

  25. Mr. JJ, it's me again. I have gas tsnks, 5 gallons. I don't understand the rules of storing gas. (My husband is legally blind). He said we don't fill it up, correct? We don't have a garage, so we put it in a cooler corner outside (?) At first it swelled and seemed to leak and smell. After a week it's been fine. But, how long will it stay good? My husband thinks 6 month old gas is not good. What is your knowledge on gasoline storage? As you see, I have the responsibility of learning all this and have been learning. Thank you so much. Thank you for your time.

  26. I would put one exception in there. New shooters. If you are not a gun person, starting with the smaller 20 gauge is a smart choice. A lot of us that prep are shooters that are used to recoil, and that can be quite an obstacle for a newbie. Particularly someone of smaller build or a youngster. If you are scared of the recoil, you won't practice, which means you will not be qualified. There are many great, adequate ammo options for the 20 ga. from #4 buckshot, 7/8 oz slugs, to 3" magnum turkey loads. The added bonus being that the ammo and the firearm are both lighter than the 12 gauge. "A .22 in your pocket is better than a .44 in a drawer." – Elmer Keith.

  27. The problems with a generator is fuel. If its a EMP or any catastrophe then you cant get any fuel whether gas or propane. So what good are they ??

  28. i Just ordered Elite First Aid Rapid Response Bag, 80 Piece,HQ ISSUE Multi-Band Dynamo & Solar Powered Radio
    Black,German Military Surplus Gas Mask,Wise Emergency Food Supply Grab & Go Meal Bucket, 84 Servings,Swiss Military Surplus Alpenflage Battle Set other thing im going to get i don't need a phone it would be too dangerous cause the goverment won't care

  29. One thing to add is a good nap of the area. We are all so dependent on GPS which may not work in an emergency. Finding an alternate route could save your life.

  30. Good choices I have said in other posts that on radio since you mentioned intel that you should build your radio shack over time a garage sale CB radio is a good secondary the maybe a scanner with the local cops and fire also a real shortwave radio with a good full spectrum antenna all of these radios should have low profile or camo'd antennas.
    Last some type of two way radio the baofengs are the ones on my list.

  31. The other thing about the 12 gauge, that isn't mentioned very often, is that it can be reloaded without making the weapon inoperable. A huge plus in my opinion!

  32. hi jj this would be my advice for family tent leave it at home and go with one person one tent may sound weird but if you lost a child along the way or get split up you would have your own shealter and would be lighter to carry

  33. Doesn't a twelve gauge shot gun have a big kivk? I am a woman about 5'6" and I have Fibromyalgia and a lot if jerking or straining hurt greatly for days. Is this a good gun for me

  34. scope, trigger job, bipod, night vision, night sights. The non-gun stuff is not at risk of being outlawed, folks. Gun stuff IS. and if people THINK so, prices will go up and availability will go down. So get such stuff while you still can, even if it means you have to sell your "sport only" guns and ammo.

  35. I like that you have actually used your generator. Even better, you helped out others. Great video.

  36. No chance of getting a weapon (gun) in the uk..maybe I will try and source a cross bow lol great info tho, thanks 😀

  37. JJ, I've watched a few of your videos now. My only feedback, and I'd give it to anyone, is this: In my humble opinion, ditch the disclaimers. If anyone is watching anyones videos and thinks "I have to do it this way" they're just not paying attention. 🙂 Everyone has their perspectives and noone has anything to defend or justify. You're doing the work to serve everyone. If they don't like it, I'm okay with it. 🙂 Much love brother. Keep at it. I appreciate you and the work you put in to adding value to people.

  38. Just subscribed and started wading thru all the info in all of your wonderful videos, thank you much for that. The only thing I would advise to new preppers: dont just watch the videos, READ the responses below. There is a whole nother world of info that Mr JJ couldnt possibly include in these great videos, plus, it helps to make his job easier.

  39. I think, strongly believe, that if there is a disaster, you will have zero time, zero reliable info as to what is coming, and zero ability, time, to successfully go get gas, or water, or any supplies. Once the public knows that there is an emergency, disaster, or the grid goes down, In a couple//few hrs you are not going to be able to respond (roads will be choked or stores will be closed and shut down)… room, time for any one to go buy supplies which everyone needs: gas, water, ammo, food, etc. whatever, including wood and construction mat'ls for boarding up windows or covering up something….like tarps, tools, and repair equip. batteries, etc.
    If you don't already have it then you are not going to get it once the disaster or emergency has manifested. That of course is obvious and doesn't really need to be said, or does it?

  40. Have you done a video on having extra car parts, tools and fuel? I carry extra tools, parts, motor oil, filters, break pads/rotors, shocks, belts, water pumps, starters and so on in my vehicle. I have a Volvo 850 it will go forever.

  41. I like your channel I think you do a good job. You think things out carefully. You're a bright young man. Wish you the best of luck Godspeed.

  42. I love your videos and your approach. It is real and sensible. You address issues in a way that people who like me don't know are not offended and can learn. I moved to the rural area years ago because of health, my Oriental medical Dr. recommended it. I am healthier and have learned a lot being out in "nowhere land." But what I have heard is that you should live like there is a SHTF scenario, stocking food and being mindful of your energy and water because it is thrifty and if something does happen then it is not such a shock to one's body and mind because is a real situation it will be harder than imagined. At least, that is what I think.

  43. I cant buy guns legally😥 those Democrats think guns are bad lol but the people who do bad things with guns are bad, not guns themselves dummies

  44. Awesome video. I have a whole-house generator installed. It is a light beacon in the dark when the entire neighborhood is dark but it is defended by my friends; Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Remington, Glock, SIG, Colt, Beretta, Kimber, Mossberg, Winchester, and Springfield!

  45. Water is most important. Make sure you have at least a 55 ga drum of water or 6 months supply 8 cases on hand.

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