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The 5 Basic Survival Skills

The 5 Basic Survival Skills

Skill 1: Positive Mental Attitude 1. Will give you the strength to persevere 2. Set goals for yourself to achieve 3. Focus on improving your immediate situation 4. Never give up! Skill 2: Water 1. Know how to find water 2. Understand how to make it safe to drink: a. Purification to remove pathogens b. Filtration to remove sediment 3. Exploit rainfall 4. Learn how to make a Solar Still Skill 3: Food 1. Ration what food you have 2. Learn what plants and animals are edible 3. Understand how to prepare foraged food a. Cleaning animals/fish b. Harvesting plants and berries 4. Learn where plants/animals thrive and target
them there Skill 4: Shelter 1. Learn to build a shelter from readily available
material 2. Leverage items you have to shape your environment 3. Keep it basic – Insulation from cold and
rain are the goal Skill 5: Fire 1. Understand types of wood a. Tinder b. Kindling c. Fuel Wood 2. Cook on coals, boil water on flame Learn and practice these skills before you
need them. The more you know the better your chances.

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