28 thoughts on “The Allure of Marilyn Monroe’s Breathy Voice – Epic Science #83”

  1. You should have let us hear her voice. Now I'm going to Google it because I'm not old enough to remember it lol…

  2. You dont even hear her voice in this video! WHAT THE HECK! A VIDEO ABOUT HER VOICE WITHOUT ACTUALLY FEATURING HER VOICE?!?!?!?

  3. I read that singing with a breathy voice is bad for the vocal cords. Does that apply to just speaking too?

  4. My voice is very…breathy, but not exactly like Marilyn's. Everyone says I sound like I sing (which, I do). I can't really stop it. And then when around people or an uncomfortable situation I get shy and my voice because even more breathy or whatever. Even more strange, because Im not that socially refined (lol) I take a moment to inhale before speaking to people so I can pronounce my words carefully and sound genuine. I don't stutter but for some reason I get lost in my mind or like a weird fuzzy sensation in my head and I get nervous so I inhale so I can think clearly so I guess that makes my voice sound really thin and airy too. Its actually embarrassing bc everyone mimics me :/

  5. Marilyn Monroe didn't actually have a breathy voice, Marilyn recalled that at junior high school she was class secretary, and would open class meetings by saying, "M-m-mintues of the last m-m-meeting." She had acclecution lessons to make her voice sound breathy, but in some occasions would speak with her real voice, which wasn't as breathy but quite feminine.

  6. I completely disagree. I've seen huge guys with wimpy ass voices and little pricks with voices so deep, you'd think they were a giant.

  7. I am studying Communication Sciences and Disorders at the undergraduate level to then proceed to the graduate level of Speech-Language Pathology. This video was great and made my day! Thanks!

  8. I know a dude who will let a woman ruin his life if she has this sweet innocent breathy little voice. I guess it's a powerful aphrodisiac!

  9. My 7 yr old son heard Marilyn Monroe's voice for the first time yesterday and said, "What's wrong with her voice? Why does she talk like that?" He had never heard anyone speak with that affectation before. My kids thought it was odd. I never realized it was to remedy a stutter. I'm curious to hear what Marilyn Monroe's real voice sounded like.

  10. watch All About Eve. She didn't have that voice back then. She was a faker. In fact, she copied another actress and stole her persona. No. NOT Jean Harlow! Harlow didn't sound like the ho!

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