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The ATTEMPT To Survive In Minecraft 1.14! (Minecraft 1.14 Survival – Episode 1)

The ATTEMPT To Survive In Minecraft 1.14! (Minecraft 1.14 Survival – Episode 1)

So this is something I haven’t done in a while it’s a gaming video I haven’t actually made gaming videos in like Six years on that channel, I used to upload happy wheels videos some minecraft videos. I had this series called survive and stay alive Where I basically just played on peaceful for some reason not sure. All right, so let’s create a new world What should I call it? let’s Try I think that’s appropriate Big brain, but nope big brain. There we go. Alright, let’s load this thing up Let’s see. What kind of world we’re gonna get. It should be great What is this toast between alright look So again on my old channel I had survive and stay alive and I spawned in a forest during the first series and I spawned in a jungle during the second Series guess where I spawned this time spruce jungle, okay That’s good. Let’s let’s just look on the positive side. Let’s let’s destroy nature and look on the positive side See this tree. I’m gonna be a parasite and eat it from the inside. Let’s look on the bright side Punching wood Being a tree with a tree I feel like this is minecraft at its finest that’s a tumor of a tree Let’s see. I want to actually get up in that tree. I want to get up in that tree. Mmm hot Is this a family-friendly channel or? Big brains got to think smart, you know Yeah, I’m digging straight down to I don’t know how long this. Okay good I was about to say if I just suddenly drop I’m gonna be really mad Yes, I broke my legs, it’s not me it’s the mouse I swear Blame it on the map. Oh Don’t blame it on me. I just realized I already had it sticks Blame it on the fact that sticks drop out of trees for some reason I don’t understand that and why I mean it makes It makes sense, but I don’t like it cuz it’s different. I liked minecraft when it was in the Alpha stages when? You know, there was nothing in the game. I liked it better the old way now were chopping with efficiency Oh, I didn’t finish that one Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny We’re chopped That’s my new hit single we’re chopping the wood all day it’s it’s a pop song pretty repetitive Burn you all right. Let’s replant replant reap flap late All right, let’s scope out the area see if we can’t find a good place to actually like build a house build a Place of staying also known as a house. I Can’t see any okay, let’s turn the render distance up a bit and there we go All right, I think we’re seeing with a little bit more accuracy now wow, that’s just a lot of forest what is that That’s a plane. So we’re going to the plains. All right, we’re gonna get to the plains by doing it ninja style Let’s do that. Oh crap. I made a major miscalculation All right Okay, we have some severe issues right out of the gate. I have four hearts I’m starving I’m naked tired and afraid and I have no clue what to do. And now there’s pigs. Hi Pig. What you doing a disrespectful What’s up, now? What’s your name? It’s my meat now, you didn’t need it anyways, okay. So um Freebo hey pumpkins Bigger you’re gonna free and die die die. Just like your brothers. You’re gonna die. Oh, You broke my ax I’m gonna go make another axe That’s what we do here in Minecraft We get revenge on pigs with wooden axes instead of actually doing what you do in Minecraft this is why it’s the attempt to survive because I see another Pig I Think we’re gonna take it out George for sparta It almost evaded me for a second get back here You will not make it. Okay We’re good. I think we needed at least one Pig right to breed. Yeah Alright, let’s actually try and do this The key word is try All right, I’ve got the pumpkin the one lone Pumpkin. I want to pick a flower for myself That’s all I ever find is just forests, you know, just hey you want to play Minecraft? You want to see some cool new biomes? No, here’s a here’s a forest. All right. It’s time for building time It’s time to build. All right, I think this is a pretty good location get rid of these sunflowers Big brains know what to do with sunflowers get rid of them. Where’s the Sun? Ready? Go? Oh Crap. Okay. Well, there’s the Sun Suns going down Suns going down real low real quick. We need a whole Okay Breaking the block, okay Or before the creepies get in here creepies, okay Okay, we are safe ooh day 35 in the hut I’ve had to resort to eating my wooden doors Becoming a real problem I have splinters coming out of my butt again. This is a family-friendly Channel I don’t think we’ll ever know I have no stone. So this is an issue this Vegetation out of here. I don’t want my broccoli Stone-age, I’ve made it to the Stone Age. I feel like a real big brain right now This is really entertaining does half the game right here mine craft All right. So let’s just get a peek outside see if there’s any creepy crawlies What difficulty in my own I’m on normal, I’m gonna switch that to hard. I’m playing Minecraft hard getting to Not getting near him. I need a shield actually. Oh you need iron for a shield Tom. That’s stupid You should make wooden shields iron shield. Stone shields mud shields. Oh, hey the food’s done I can’t run crap. I Fell in a hole. These are not going well this first night This is really the attempt to survive minecraft Like it really is an attempt that’s good to know that you feel really really fast. I Swear, it wasn’t always that fast You wanna come at me, bro? Yeah, but I missed Okay, we’re gonna we’re gonna pull back and reassess my strategy Get rid of the grass. Okay, so If you guys wanted a tutorial by the Minecraft pro on how to actually fight That’s not me to ask you don’t need to ask me All right cleared out some spot äj– for the the fight of a century again Not the best at improv, you know, just hold on. Hold on a second there buddy. Even the zombies getting bored Oh, yeah, see even he’s doing a twirl. He’s like just get on with it I’m getting on with it. I’m murdering you as quick as I can. Look at that. You want a piece of meat? Oh Wow, yeah, awesome. All right, so Currently not much going on out there. We’ll check out the terrain not look at the Enderman. Maybe we should We got skeleton in the skeleton Oh what the hell what zombie Creeper creeper creeper Got a hit straight hit back get back Hit Oh No Creepers are the serious definition of body shame, you know how they were about to blow up They’re like getting bigger, you know, they’re getting fat You piss them off. They get fat. That’s how it works. I Don’t know what that tangent was all about. Okay, so we got some that’s an activity over here I’m gonna not deal with that whatsoever. And I’m gonna hide in my hut Until until day because that’s the safest option most boring option, but the safest option Bombuh, okay We don’t have any wall to make a bed we don’t have any sheep around either to make a bed So we’re kind of in a bit of a pickle here To be honest, not really happy about that Okay, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna fight a skeleton without shield in Minecraft 1.14 Which means I’m gonna die horribly. Ah Dies skeleton. Yep. Oh no. Oh, okay. Well, that actually went a lot better than I thought awesome. Anyways, let’s continue That was actually sort of anticlimactic All right. What is that up? Of course, it was oh it’s death It’s literally death and I think that’s what I saw that’s that’s what got my curiosity was was a floating pillar of Doodoo and Doodoo that’s been sitting around in the backyard for about three years Alright, um that skeleton still lives on go change that Hey, what are you doing in my neighborhood? This is daytime. You don’t deserve to live how trying to strafing it didn’t really work. Oh Oh no. Oh That wasn’t that wasn’t as easy the first time mostly because I was being stupid he’s in so I can get rid of Wow, he’s a frickin speedster cow. Get back here. Yeah, maybe if I eat his meat, I’ll become a speed sir Maybe I’ll become flash. I can run real fast and not get hit by those skeletons. Oh, come on. Come on. Ah I’m just gonna kill them all. I don’t really plan on having my permanent house be here And I’m sure there is plenty more animals spread out around the area. I need food. That’s what it is. I need food All the vegans are like cringing to themselves like Oh, what is he doing is killing all animals It’s like well, I mean, yeah, can I kind of need to survive? it’s the easier thing to get than farming takes up less time and all that in a bag of beans or whatever it is Oh Feels so good to feel so healthy Wow Alright now let’s go find a puppy. Yeah, see there’s more cows up there. It’s fine vegans. You can calm yourself They’re gonna kill one cow 30 more up here. It’s just how it works Mechanism or something Again, not good at improv and see what’s up here. Absolutely. Nothing abuse. Alright, that makes sense. That’s your fault cow They should also add water into the game just because So update on the wolf hunt I have found pigs but no bolts I Found a bush so I’m gonna go grab that Bush Bush Gave me two bushes. That’s cool. I think It’s a sweet berry What kind of what kind of berry is it because these things for you, right? Yeah, okay see, I’m a noob to the new kind of things so I don’t really know like I’m a little bit. I’m a basic existence when it comes to The new Minecraft let’s get some coal. We’ll get some stuff going Will actually survive well, we’ll make an attempt Is that a wolf down there Oh wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf Get back It’s love at first sight. It was the first time. Oh my good. There’s another one Get back here Well, I would hit you if I could because you are you weren’t picky I’m like your brother over here. Hey, you know what? You’re my wolf You’re my only wolf remember ever gonna have because you’re my favorite now Yeah, see I will. Oh, you’re you’re the disgrace, you know, get out of my hole. What are you doing? This is this is the hole from my wolf see hey, um Harald kick it kill him feral. I like that Yeah, I’m gonna call you barreled. Hi feral. My name is jaws Get the frog. What are you doing? No one likes you Whatever your name you don’t have a name look at me when I talk to you Yeah, you two both see how he has a collar and you don’t you’re never gonna be anything. See ya you go away Yeah fair old you’re something cuz you have a caller and a name Come on Farrell, let’s go. Let’s leave this little weirdo behind. I’m sure he’ll follow us And he’s gonna be that weird wolf that just follows us around. Oh, hey, there’s another one What are you looking at? Huh? You want a tussle? You want to fight my dog? Are you another disgrace you don’t even have a name? Yeah, that’s right. You go away. Oh Hey a chicken Yeah, that sounds about right look at all their pumpkins Man, that was a funny joke. I thought that was hilarious But ten at ten what do you think? That’s Okay fair fair old My own dog doesn’t want it to come back here. All right Farrell sit. All right Farrell look Your collar is good and all but I think it’s gonna be better if it’s yellow Just my opinion even though it’s the color of a loser So, it’s just appropriate, come on loser I Should just call him loser. No, I like Farrell. It’s a weird name But it also you know, it’s Gerald fair old Will Ferrell all of the above. It connects. It makes sense. Boom Also get used to me doing that a lot where I just kind of jump around That’s probably why I tie a lot in this game is because I just jump off of everything also tonight Did I say an oopsie word? I think I might have said a newpsie word Oh No, okay Some hidden the shrubbery some sugar Yeah. Yeah, I am Wait, where’s my dog? Did I is he still sitting crap? Did I leave my dog behind? No, I think I left barreled behind Uh-oh, Oh fair old you’re already a pain in my behind This is not a good sign Loser his nicknames gonna be loser Ferrell the loser. I’m hungry barold such a useless thing Where are you? Crap, there is he was a moving though. Ah barold Alright, let’s just limp back to home since I can’t brick and run and if I eat this chicken I might just get poisoned and I don’t think that’s worth it So, how was your guys’s day mine was full of Adopting a puppy which inconvenienced me near to death. Yeah. It’s been a it’s been a good day Yes Farrell to come in Fair old alright, so we’re gonna make a home defense Should we expand the house. There’s not really much of a need to to be honest Just might make it look a little better. All right No, I’m gonna come on actually eat the food. Don’t just poke at it and then spit it out. Yeah disgrace Jeez. All right. Let’s finish the roof off. Shall we? I felt I’m just gonna kind of Do do your thing do your thing? How about you sit right there for a second? Ah Misplace and blocks, this is Sun going down again. Oh crap. Alright. Well, let’s finish this up real quick. So we get some torches I’m gonna build barreled a little doggie house real quick Okay Sure, there you go. You like it buddy It’s pathetic just like you mow my lawn for once Why don’t you mom my lawn? What do I even pay you for? Feral, I almost forgot his name for a second. Uh-huh. You got a name That’s all that matters doesn’t really matter. If I remember it just you have a name. That’s all that’s that’s it Hopefully doesn’t get too close Very fun and the slightest big brain. I got a big room with my luck, there’s gonna be a skeleton that just freakin kamikazes out of nowhere and just shoots me in the face like Well, it hasn’t happened yet, I’m actually really surprised Wow now there’s pretty empty actually oh There’s a creeper over there creepers be creepin my line grows fast Okay, there’s the creeper, all right, hey yeah walk walk into the bush no walk into the oh Crap, I didn’t know they slowed you down. Oh I’ve made I’ve made a lot of major miscalculations come on. Come on Yeah, come at me good Get out of town just get daddy. Oh Very close to becoming obese there my son Oh get away from my ghetto. No fair old I hurt my fair old. Yes fair old be useful. Oh crap. Oh crap Fair old can you attack the creeper? He’s a little bit more of a danger Can you do oh crap fair old barrel, nope – Okay, this is turned into a really bad situation. I That was also staying when they’re not fully berries. I am learning so much today. I Frickin hell, okay. Okay. I Thought he was about to blow up by being stung by those berry bushes. That would have been very barreled get away You’re gonna get blown up like I’m surprised you didn’t get blown up there. There’s the skeleton Alright, let’s just not stop moving. Yes farewell. Please get him Get out of my property. This is my property. What do you do? Yeah, you dummy No, no, dummy, dummy dummy dummy Stay off my property I’d only hit my dog Oh No Barold That was really bad I blew my house up Mmm, no, I lost my dog. Uh Rap that was that was really dumb. Anyways guys So I’m gonna leave this episode off at a pretty climactic point my house kind of got blown up my dog got blown up So I can say things are going pretty well right now Anyway, so until next time I’ve been the jaws 20 and this has been minecraft the attempt to survive Yeah, I think that’s a pretty good title for this series

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  2. If you get a cat theyll scare away creepers. Find a raw fish (salmon) and sneak up slowly then feed it. Itll be your cat

  3. Holy shit; when I saw your channel I didn’t think much of it because you have 12 subs; but I clicked on this video and was blown away at the amazing quality (you could use a better mic tho 🙂 )

  4. Really love the video I have two things you should definitely get a better mic and also try to let the comedy flow some feels a little forced other then that you have amazing potential to be a amazing YouTuber 🙂

  5. I love the song 'blame it on the fact that sticks fall from trees' and 'chopping the wood all day'. Haha! But also, I completely relate to your title. It's kinda perfect.

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