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The Big Five Personality Traits: Lost in the OCEAN!

The Big Five Personality Traits: Lost in the OCEAN!

The theory of the Big Five personality
traits claims that we can describe ourselves with five main characteristics:
open, conscientious, extravert, agreeable, neurotic. Each of us varies in how much
of each trait is shown in our personality. In order to understand what
each trait really means let’s look at these five characters and how they cope
after they rank their boat and are stranded on an island in the middle of
the ocean. Open Odelia is excited and interested in exploring this beautiful
island. The exotic nature inspires her. She has collected stones shells and
blossoms to decorate the entrance of the bamboo hut that she built for everyone.
She feels this is an opportunity to learn so many new things!
Claire is conscientious. She is not excited, she is concerned about the
seriousness of the situation. She is glad she saved the survival kit from their
ship. As usual, she is prepared and starts the crucial tasks right away. She feels
that it is her duty to organize everyone and make sure that they will start
looking for the things they need for survival: freshwater and food. Extravert Emile is thrilled because they
all survived! He feels a strong need to talk and share his happiness. He gathers
everyone to celebrate their survival and to tell them about his plan to explore
the island together! Agreeable Albert is kind by nature and despite being tired
and thirsty, his main concern is Nora. He offers her a drink from his coconut. The
others know that he usually agrees to everything and are not shy to ask for
his help. Nora is neurotic and easily stressed. She has a total breakdown. She
sits down on the beach and cries: how are they ever going to get away from this
island? To her the ocean around them looks endless, nature looks dark and
dangerous. She feels completely lost. After eight weeks two ships appear on
the horizon everyone gets excited, Emil has the idea to make a fire. He calls the
others to help. Claire immediately starts to work,
Albert brings more wood Odelia is holding up her beautifully arranged SOS
sign while Nora screams desperately for help. Little do they know who is sailing
on these ships… The first ship carries a group of psychologists who have been
traveling the oceans since the 1980s. They are investigating the big five
personality traits which is also known as the five-factor or ocean model. The
captain Lewis Goldberg coined the term “big five”. He is thrilled when he sees the
five friends at the beach each one matching exactly one trait: open,
conscientious, extravert, agreeable, neurotic. Though he decides not to stop the
boat, as a scientist he prefers to watch from afar.
On the other ship are five pirates, all possessing the exact opposite traits of
our friends. Let’s see if you can recognize them? Pirate one is emotionally
stable and very relaxed. When she sees the survivors on the beach she says: we
could help them! Pirate two immediately gets angry with her. He is not listening
to anyone and is not willing to change his plans in order to help some
strangers on an island! Pirate three thinks this is a complex situation. He thinks
that all possible outcomes need to be considered. He feels the need to be alone
and think. Pirate four doesn’t care. He’s busy looking for the keys to his
treasure chest which is lost again. The captain is not open to any new
experiences. He ends all discussions when he says our boat won’t stop! What do you
think about the big five? Do you recognize your own personality in some
of the traits? Or do you think this theory is flawed as we cannot describe
an entire personality in five parameters? If you watch this in class and you are
not sure which traits you have, pick a friend and describe each other.
Many of us are bad at describing ourselves, so an outside perspective is
often helpful. If you like this video and the way we
explain the subject subscribe to our channel. We try to explain complex
subjects in simple language and cartoons to support students all around the world
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24 thoughts on “The Big Five Personality Traits: Lost in the OCEAN!”

  1. If you don't like a certain concept please don't do videos on it – In my personal opinion, this is a total misrepresentation of how the Big Five Model and it´s interactions work. It is okay to disagree with a concept but then maybe focus your time and effort in stuff you want to do.

  2. Don't get mad. Don't get even. Do better. Much better. Rise above. Become so engulfed in your own success that you forget it ever happened.

  3. I am really impressed on what way u r telling the information to us.. story mode but u covered all the details abt big 5 personality in detailed manner..Thank u😎😍

  4. High quality video as always Sprouts but I really miss the emphasis that a person is analysed for ALL parameters.

    You don't just have a conscious person, you would have a person who is for example:
    1) slightly lower than average on openness
    2) noticably higher in consciousness
    3) low in agreeableness
    4) slightly higher in neuroticism
    ..all based around a norm

  5. This video completely misses the point of the Big Five Personality Traits. I think condensing these traits down into one singular caricature [for each extreme] is misguided and a poor representation of what the BFPT actually tries to measure. It's more of a spectrum where people can be more or less open, conscientious, extroverted, agreeable, or neurotic. I don't know how you would condense it into a five minute video and a metaphore, but it's definitely not this way.

  6. I didn't enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed others. I didn't know about this system, but the explanation looks a bit messy to me this time. Anyway keep making videos, I really like this channel.

  7. Not sure that it makes sense that someone with a mental illness is demonstrating a personality trait. If you go down this road, then is a psychopath a sixth trait?

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