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The Bird Box Movie (FAN FICTION!) | Fire, Water, Food, Blindfolded

The Bird Box Movie (FAN FICTION!) |  Fire, Water, Food, Blindfolded

This is NOT real, I am acting. The gun is also not loaded and is completely safe, just a prop. The idea is to simulate a scenario where survival was necessary but you couldn’t see. In survival, shelter, water, and food are essential. Putting up newspaper on the windows was very difficult. I really did this authentically to find out how hard it was. I once ate a whole meal blindfolded for charity. I didn’t miss any food, plate was clean when I was done. Other dinners were much messier. All these lighters actually work, I had to make it seem like they didn’t. Drinking salmon water was gross. Eating cold salmon with nothing is also gross. I have a 100% success rate on bow drill fires using my sets. This is cedar bark. Drinking snow is fine – in a pinch. Melting it with fire is ideal though. These are actual raven sounds from this day. Getting disoriented happens quickly with no references. I actually walked in circles filming this and had to try to get lost better for the camera. Walking uphill would help to get me back to the cabin. Walking downhill helps you get to water. This is last resort water, but can be drunk if boiled. The hardest part of the bowdrill was to know when I had an ember and moving it over to the tinder bundle. I am trying to smell to see if it’s on fire. This process is all muscle memory from doing it so many times. I really have no idea if it’s working right now. Always use very slow steady breaths. I am listening for the whoosh sound of it igniting, but I have too little birch bark to make it light well. If you try a blindfold challenge, be safe. Water should be at a rolling boil to be safe.

65 thoughts on “The Bird Box Movie (FAN FICTION!) | Fire, Water, Food, Blindfolded”

  1. Man, I didn't realize things were so bad up there. I was going to try and come visit sometime, but I think I'll hold off.
    Hope things get better 😉😂
    Great video Chris and effort
    Full stop👊

  2. Ehm… what is the point of the newspapers on the vindow? … Ok, it seems it is because you do not want to be able to see outside of the cabin? But I though this was supposed to be blindfolded….

    After watching the whole video, I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve here. I'm sure though, that I would not bother watching the whole video if I was not your commited fan already.
    I do understand the concept of the experiment and find it interesting, but the execution was not up to your standards. The video I saw was not the one I expected from the title. I do not know why YT demonetizes this, but if it is due to the firearm, I have no idea why you are pushing it in. That could have been completely avoided.
    I kind of understad that you have left the cabin for story purpose, but I would have much more appreciated, if you have stayed there and tried to make the fire inside the stove. Gathering snow in near vicinity and then melting it on the stove inside the cabin, blindfolded all the time would have been much more entertaining.

    It seems to me you are trying to produce more content and reach wider audience, now that you are full time youtuber, but you are doing it for the price of quality. That is the feeling I'm getting from your content lately. I do not mind occasional click baity title or thumbnail, but lately it feels almost desperate.
    I have discovered your channel around the time of WLC #2 I think. I really enjoyed WLCs, Puddle Lake and Carribou Provincial Park Expeditions and I regularly go back to them as I find them soothing to watch or just listen to. Loved the savage and primitive cooking series as well, even that LARP stuff and occasional weird. I didn't mind the Cabin build or Pond series, I enjoyed watching them too. And I do understand why you are doing those, we all want to try new things and evolve. The good old time will not come back, but I feel like you are loosing the spirit of those times.

    After writing all this I thought about not posting it here and sending it to you in an email. But then I decided to post it as a comment anyway. After all, I'm from europe and not native english speaker, so I'm a part of an audience you are trying to target by video like this.
    Please forgive the length and a way of writing this, as I struggle with words in order to express how I feel.
    Fullstop, every time so far.

  3. I'll have to admit.. I honestly do not enjoy this video. 1st- Being blind folded with a rifle is very irresponsible. 2nd- These silent "ASMR" video's that you are trying create, are not entertaining. So please considered being yourself. P.s- I have been a long time supporter.. So I hope my opinion matters

  4. I really love your adventures video along with Jeremy…. You guys seem to be nice friends with each other…. I would love to watch you guys again…. Keep going you are near to hit up Million Subscribers…. Lots of good wishes for you guys may Allah bless u with success…

  5. genious idea for new lineup of videos!!!! EXCLUSIVELY on ,,The Wooded Beardsman'' channel!
    blindfold survival challenge!!

  6. Ummmm… why? This doesn’t make sense , first you can’t see, but then cover the windows and take off blindfold to do everything in the cabin, then blindfold yourself whenever you leave the cabin? What is this proving? I’m so confused, I couldn’t even finish the video.

  7. I thought it was the bird box challenge. i never even thought about a accident while out hunting . did it improve your spatial awareness?

  8. I enjoy your content, but this one was very strange?? I guess i just don't get the blindfold off and on. or covering the windows with newspaper? maybe I missed the caption where you explain it. maybe you were trying to simulate it being night and it was only dark outside. Still looking forward to the next video.

  9. To really get into the spirit of the video I watched it while I too was blindfolded. Just kidding! I can see why a lot of people might not like this one, but in reality if a person somehow lost their sight while out in the wild it would be terrifying. I think that trying to replicate that scenario in a controlled environment is a good idea to discover just what options for survival a person would have in such a situation. It is something that should be thought about, because I'm sure it's happened to someone before. …Wait, it's supposed to be art? I guess that explains why I misunderstood what the purpose of this was.

  10. This is sick episode. Unfortunatley I'll leave a comment now and watch it tommorow, I need a warm meal to be in mood to watch it man.

  11. Well it does give one something to ponder…I guess we are to assume however that you were in an already familiar area when going blind and was aware of the or a cabin in the area and a sense of direction as to where and how far and not just out in a primitive area for the first time just walking around hopeing to haphazardy find one…aswell whats the purpose of papering the windows.

  12. I guess first rule would be if your lucky enough to find a cabin your lifes not going to get any better than that, practice 10 steps out 10 steps back…don't loose the cabin once you find one…your cordage is a life line…tie off to the cabin before you go out, but so you have it to follow back, run the end through a belt loop before tieing off just in case you drop the spool.

  13. if i had 1/2 of your skill set and 1/10 your drive i would make every video i could to burn YT to the ground. the fat cat gets rich because the mice are working for free! i call BS!!! love you and yours Chris!!!

  14. Full stop. Absolutely loved this. It gave me as much anxiety as Bird Box did. Keep it up and thank you for sharing.

    Don't listen top the trolls, this was great. Hopefully YouTube re-monetizes this video.

  15. I don't usually comment on videos but I'll tell you the folks watching on the web or YouTube haven't tried even a single second of the scenes that you've produced.

    Keep up the good work and providing the world a different perspective.

  16. Dear Mr Wooden Beardie I think your going through a mid wife crises. U need a change in direction … maybe macrame or that ancient japanese art of folding paper planes . Anyway good luck & I wish u the best .

  17. Keep up the awesome work! Your ASMR videos are turning into some of my favorite content on YouTube. You've definitely rekindled my interest in being outdoors. (Currently sitting in my deer stand)

  18. what would be the point of a gun when you can't see? better be on your hands and knees until you can find a sapling to cut for a cane and then "feel" your way to wherever you think you need to go

  19. what would be the point of a gun when you can't see? better be on your hands and knees until you can find a sapling to cut for a cane and then "feel" your way to wherever you think you need to go

  20. gotta have the cane, man, or you're going to fall and be hurt. All it will take is a small hole in the ground or something to trip over.

  21. Great job on creating a feeling of despair along with small victories along the way to prove that in an emergency you should remain calm and not give up. The muddy water was awesome. This movie short should be entered in a film festival. Full stop.

  22. Man im always impressed by someones ability to light a fire with a bow drill let alone blind folded!! Well done Beardsman 👍

  23. After watching this video have a bet with my dad for a fishing trip…. that I can start a fire using bow drill it will be my first time trying if you can do it blindfolded it can't be that hard right LOL

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