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The Cast of Could You Survive The Movies

The Cast of Could You Survive The Movies

– Mark it. (engine revving) (up-tempo music) (shouting) – Oh! It was so cool. One of the wonderful things
about filmmaking is that
it’s a collaborative process. You need a whole entire team
of people to create it, and
that was what we did, here. A bunch of people came together
from different departments,
different backgrounds, all to focus on one
singular vision, and make
that into something real. And that also included some of
my incredibly talented friends who helped me bring
this project to life. (indistinct chatter) – I’m glad you’re here,
I want to talk to you
about YouTube optimization. I really think that if
you put a bunch of YouTube
creators in a single video, that it’s gonna get this–
– I’m out of here! – I love it. That’s actually…
– That feels like that’s it! – Hey, Casey, listen…
– Here’s the thing that
YouTube doesn’t get. When you’re going after
this new market…
– Okay, alright. – …it’s about
the demographic, you
gotta get the kids! (indistinct chatter) – My name’s Marques, and
I’m getting into character
to play Marques. But like, in a
different world. – Oh. Hey, MKBHD. – Hey. What is up,
Jake? MKBHD, here. – Hey, MKBHD! – Oh. Hey, what is up,
Jake? MKBHD, here. – Yeah, I know you’re here…
I’m on the hood of your car.
– Right. That makes sense. Little do you know,
in every video, I actually
wear these below the camera, you just can’t see. – Why is it always assumed you
weren’t wearing pants, either? – Nah, it’s always combat boots. – Yeah, just combat
boots and a t-shirt. – But just the boots.
– And then you’re set. And action, Marques! – Witness meeeee! – And, I couldn’t make
a video without my muse.
(girl chuckling) The always incredible
Rosanna Pansino.
– Hey, guys. – Who will be
playing a character…
My love interest. – Ooh! Is it a character,
or is it real? Stay tuned! We’re debating, should
we stay or should we go? (humming)
– Alright, here we go. – Excuse me, Jake. I have
to get to hair and makeup,
so, scusi, scusi, scusi. – Good bye.
– Yeah, get out of here,
Jake! Get out of here, Jake! (Jake fake crying) Some people are trying
to get some work done. – When they’re driving
towards you, you’re
gonna see the camera come towards you, like this. And when it comes towards
you, that’s where you’re
just gonna slam on the wheel, and go, “Jake!” – Jake! – We got Ro, we got Marques.
– We got cannibals. (laughing) – We got cannibals,
we got cars. We got a beautiful crew.
What else could you want? – Ladies and gentlemen,
that is a wrap on Marques! (cheering) – Thank you so much, dude.
– For sure! Any time! – It was amazing,
so glad you came out.
– 100% worth it. – Yeah? Happy you came out?
– I’m excited to see
the finished result. – Bye, Jake. Jake is headed
back to base camp. I absolutely love Jake, I’ve
known him for years, and I’m
just so excited for him. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy
this project as much as I did.
You guys are the best. – So, with that said,
I hope that you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoy
this behind the scenes. But in the meantime, please
enjoy… some bloopers. But why are we here, you
and I? Well, good question! We were at…
Blegh, sorry. – …actually. It was back
when I was doing a review of– – No! No! We do not have money
for a flash. (bleep),
wrong camera. Sorry. – Let’s see that light
on Jake, please. – Oh, I see it. – Oh yeah, there
it is. That’s it. Alright, let’s
blow some stuff up. (chuckling)
Sorry… It’s alright. I hate this.
– Makes him feel better. – Everyone else is just
like, “Whatever, the sun!”
And I have a UV umbrella. – Only one person on the set
actually has to deliver lines
with, you know, passion. – Okay, back to the action. Wah! – Jake! (laughing) (Bleep) camera lens.
– I know, I’m sorry.
One more time. – I apologize,
I touched your boob.
– No, it’s fine. – That’s for the
behind the scenes. – If you’ve known me long
enough, it’s just gonna happen.

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  1. Jake "casting" Ro is like Joseph Gordon Levitt "casting" Scarlett Johansson as the love interest in Don Jon…. both guys are the directors too lol the plays!

  2. this series would be amazing. but the host is this guy. talking around most of my friends dont like this guy. pretty sure why this series is not taking off relative the the budget

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