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The History of Talent Trees in WoW – WCmini Facts

The History of Talent Trees in WoW – WCmini Facts

If you started playing after mist of Pandaria You might be more accustomed to the talent rows we have today and not very much the talent trees of old This video will go over the general changes to talent trees as a whole and not really the specifics of the talents themselves The very first talent trees in WoW’s alpha [were] way different than anything We got in-game It was basically this weird Interface window similar to the class trainer table which allowed you to spend talent points to get various different skills and passives that allowed you To hyper specialize your class. You got about 10 talent points a level and each skill cost about 10 talent points to learn So if you wanted to be really good with an axe for example, you could spend talent points into increasing its damage, hit chance, crit and chance to parry with it or Give yourself some extra damage to only beast types, increase your base stats, magical power, resistances to specific types of magic. It was Surprisingly robust although it might have been too hyper focused as it was eventually dropped and replaced with the more traditional Talent tree. We’re all familiar with With Vanilla WoW, we got the 31-point talent trees. We got one new point for each new level starting at level 10 So once you hit level 60 you had 51 talent points to spend. You could spend the talent points however you wanted across the three trees, but Usually the better abilities were buried deep in the tree So you’d be incentivized to spend points and one tree to get all the way down to the last talent although being Vanilla WoW and the worst balance the game has ever been a lot of the Thirty-first talent points were bad or not worth grabbing Feral druids last talent just reduced the mana cost of shape-shifting by About 25 or 30 percent. The survival hunter trees last talent was for lacerate One of the worst talent in the game’s history as it did terrible damage and scaled poorly So in order to fix some of these problems Blizzard decided to do class overhauls halfway through vanilla, starting with hunters because for some reason Blizzard decided it would be a good idea to only focus on one class at a time each patch Not that they couldn’t adjust all specs with each patch they made a very Purposeful decision to only do one at a time and because of this people would go crazy on the forums and say their class needed to be fixed next Which led to the infamous bus shock incident In order to prep for class overhauls Blizzard asked the forum for feedback on certain classes at certain times When it was the shamans turn to have its discussion the community manager in charge of the shamans got sick that week had missed it So they had another CM replace him then when the next patch came out they did shamans and mages at the same time Mages got a whole bunch of good and much needed changes to their class and shamans got one buff and a ton of nerfs So like what happens today, the shaman forums went nuts and blamed the CM for the nerves and pinned it on the week He got sick but he didn’t respond to any of the criticism except for one thread that said he should get hit by a bus and Thus the bus shock incident because shamans use shocks Of course. In the Burning Crusade classes got two new rows of talents for 41-point talent trees Just like in vanilla You got one talent every new level until level 70 the Burning Crusade was the Golden Age of hybrid builds Many classes had really good abilities that combined well with abilities in other talent trees in the earlier tiers like warlocks and their infamous SL SL build Where they went half way down into trees to pick up Soul Link and Siphon Life to be nearly unkillable in PvP while Dishing out a ton of dot damage. Now since this videos of the history of the trees and not the history of hybrids specs Which could be a whole video on its own I’ll leave it up there and move on to wrath talents With Wrath of the Lich King players got two new rows of talents again for a fifty one point talent tree With this huge tree Wrath of the Lich King had the biggest talent tree in the game’s history and with these new bigger trees It was a little harder to hybrid as Blizzard moved potentially really good combo abilities Higher on the list so they couldn’t be combo-ed or just straight-up put exceptions in their abilities like with readiness and bestial wrath readiness was a hunter talent that reset the cooldown of all of your other abilities and Beastial wrath was an insanely good BM hunter cooldown that made you immune to CC for 18 seconds as well So in order to stop hunters from taking both abilities to have nearly 40 seconds of CC immunity. They just added an exclusion of Resets the cooldowns of all of your hunter abilities except bestial wrath and to even further force people to play pure builds They put some of the best abilities that class could get at the 51st spot to use hunters as an example again Survival hunters got explosive shot as the last talent and that one ability Accounted for half of a survival hunter’s raid damage making it Absolutely necessary to take this was also the expansion that introduced dual talent specialization what this meant was you could have two sets of talent saved at a time and then swap between them whenever you wanted at the Cost of a long cast time needing to be out of combat and losing all of your mana But it also swapped over your bars like swapping specs today does This was a much welcomed change to talents packs as now healers and tanks Didn’t have to go back to town to respec if they were needed to DPS and vice versa Hunters had many talent trees for their pets added this expansion which stayed in the game until mists Hunter pets got three different talent trees depending on which kind of pet they were Started earning talent points at level 20 and gained a new one every four levels for a total of 16 points at max level Plus BM hunters final talent gave them about 5 more talent points to spend which was a nice little bonus to pet damage Wrath is also the expansion introduced glyphs to modify your abilities and classes even further Because this was when glyphs could still give DPS upgrades and not just cosmetic changes making Wrath one of the most customizable Expansions for your character based on just the pure amount of it Then in Cataclysm they wanted to fix the mass amount of talents and cut them in half Now you would only get a new talent every two levels and you couldn’t pick talents and other trees until you had spent enough talent In the tree you picked first But in exchange for being forced to a spec you got special abilities right off the bat when you picked a talent tree plus major passive buffs with Cataclysm Blizzard was finally able to kill the hybrid specs Once and for all by not allowing you to progress far enough in another tree to even attempt it People had mixed opinions on these new trees, but since most players just net deck talent tree choices anyway It’s not like having fewer them really made a difference at a max level Plus with a smaller tree the talent points gave better Bonuses with every two levels then the old ones did when the trees were huge and all of the increases were minor But then come Mists of Pandaria and the end of the talent trees as we know it. Mists of Pandaria decided to just Remove talent trees altogether and instead give players a new talent row choice system Where every 15 levels or so you get to pick one of three talents? Each one was supposed to be either a powerful passive or a new ability altogether with some rows sharing themes like one row be nothing but movement abilities and stuff and the talents were shared across all three specs you Just chose us back and then the talents would sometimes have multiple effects to account for different specs also instead of having to go to her trainer to reset your talents you could use an item to change one talent row at a time per charge of said item or go to a trainer to reset all rows at once and warlords of draenor they also added one more row to the talents given classes seven rows of talents and just adding an extra row at Level 100 so he’s still got a new talent every 15 levels Until level 90 when you got your next row in 10 levels at level 100 They also modified glyphs to no longer give major DPS boosts and be almost purely situational improvements, give self heals and change the functionality of abilities, which sometimes Did increase their damage slightly anyway. Then in Legion, they modify talent rows a little further By making them spec specific and doing away with multi spec now all of your specs just had their own bars and talent points Just like swapping talents with the old dual talent specialization in order to change out talents you had to use an item that would allow you to change all of your talents within a One-minute window or go back to a rested area to freely change them Which means you’d no longer had a reason to ever go back to your class trainer Legion also introduced the PvP talents Only available at max level you could unlock talents by grinding out honour and the talents only became active in PvP scenarios This talent tree also worked on the pick one of three abilities principle that the regular talent tree operates on Glyphs that improve or alter your class’s abilities were completely removed in Legion and glyphs are now almost purely cosmetic Now as a little side note with the introduction of demon hunters and them starting off at level 98 They get a new talent every two levels until level 110 being the only class that doesn’t have all of its talents at level 100 and Also being one of the most fun classes to level since you get a new ability every two levels And now on to the newest expansion Battle for Azeroth with BFA Blizzard made absolutely no changes to the talent tree again for the second expansion in a row This is the longest we’ve gone without getting a new row of talents or talent changes with Legion and now BFA but instead they revamped the PvP talent to be an option where you can choose any Combination of three plus a CC break talent for potential of four extra talents if you choose to use war mode But these talents are only active in the open world with war mode on and of course in PvP scenarios so they make no difference in raid or dungeon settings and That’s the history of talent trees for as far as we know it There were also a lot of changes to glyphs but I’m going to cover those in a different video So I only briefly mentioned them in this one. I personally Vastly prefer the talent tree style of old as it made a leveling more fun getting a small little boost of power each level But at max level the talent system we have now is better to work with I hate to admit What do you guys think? Did you like the old talent trees or do you prefer the new talent rows? [Music] Special thanks to: Davy Crock3t, Avarice, Galgrim/Alex, ShinyRattata [Music] Captioned by OldWowShowcase / halfdimeback [Music] alliance is for 12 year olds [Music]

100 thoughts on “The History of Talent Trees in WoW – WCmini Facts”

  1. Being a vanilla+tbc(both back then and currently) only player and therefore not knowing the newer systems on a deeper level, I honestly have a hard time seeing the real difference between the two systems, other than the killing hybrid(rip my SL/SL :’c). Sure, I have a million points that I in theory can spread arond. However… did anyone actually do this? Looking at my and other’s builds, it’s 5/5 this, 5/5 that, 3/3, 1/1 for +95% of points and 2-3 points thrown in to unlock more of the tree and/or at something minor.

  2. Trees are the only way to go. This balancing thing is a cop out. Making it so just about every class can do the same thing destroyed the game, it took away the special feel each class had.

  3. I really like type of videos like this one so
    I would love to see something similar but about classes. Evolution of certain specs or classes like for example how were spriest since beta and how they were like and performed in certain expansions and how they feel and perform today in current BfA or priests in general covering all 3 specs and so on with other classes as well.

  4. Shit, you could do a whole video on healing paladin hybrid specs from 2 wotlk patches, let alone the history of hybrids in general. I healed using endurance and attack power through some of ulduar… I can't remember the specifics, but it was very competitive, especially the protection/holy hybrid.

  5. I first played in Cata, but only started playing for real in Mists, I gotta say though, by the looks of it the old talent system would be much more fun and engaging.

    It makes me think of Borderlands, you ding and get a skill point but even if it goes to something boring like a 2% increase to some small stat it's still exciting and you're visibly working towards something great that you really want, like a new ability or mechanic.

  6. Haven't played seriously since 2008, game seems to complicated these days. War talents? PVP talents? Pet talents? None of that stuff existed back in the day. I spent $60.00 bucks several months ago to upgrade and to give the game a chance again. Played for 15 minutes, realized I was completely lost and had no clue what to do. Haven't played since. The game might as well be called something else, because it's not even the same game anymore. Socializing doesn't exist which was a huge part of the game, and people just do PUG's to do anything. Guilds are useless now days. It might as well be another free to play game where everyone spends real cash to get ahead.

  7. I preferred the customization of early talent trees. But sadly people's need to min-max killed that complexity.

  8. I really liked the Cata system. Honestly, Cata had a lot of good stuff in it. But the problems overpowered the good stuff.

  9. You forgot to mention that artifact had old talent tree system.

    Also in Legion then cut sooo many spells from specs and made them into talents, gj blizzard -_-

  10. I still don't understand why they had to destroy talent trees. Where you could be creative, you could be more unique with your choices and you didn't run around with the same exact talents as anyone else playing the same class and spec.

  11. I've been out of the WoW scene for a long time but I have to say the old trees by far. Must more customizable. I started in Vanilla and was a Frost/Arcane Mage. I added that little bit of Arcane for IAE and ICS during PvP's infancy ^.^

    Plus my damage was alright too considering (especially in MC).

    Also, Diablo 3 used to have the talent tree in its beta but then switched to the rows too 8(

  12. Basically it was like a government slowly stripping its people of freedoms with each regime over time. First we had absolute freedom, with great promises in burning crusade/Wrath. After that, we were forced to play each character a specific way and now there aren't any real changes going on in the talent tree. It kind of ruined the game for me. The old talent tree looked 100% times better just from a pure infographic type of way. The new one is stale and uninspiring. Even if we ran cookie cutter builds anyways, the old talent tree just felt more rewarding. Seeing those boxes working its way down was like seeing a check list. You saw a flow chart of where you wanted to go. Now. Just pick 3. BORING.

  13. They rightfully laughed at my SL/SL lock when I joined pve raids at Karazn on rare moments. But on that pvp arena/battlefield…SL/SL was nooo joke. So much fun to play lol.

  14. Wrath and Catas talent trees were awesome but imo cluttered. When I read up on the new talent trees back in the day my heroic raiding guild was so pumped for them. Almost everything that existed in previous talents, be they passives or abilities were simply given to the player as they levelled up, instead of being given points to spend, with the addition of having to choose between the talents that combo'd easily (eg; Warriors of any spec now had to choose between Shockwave and Bladestorm) and at higher levels, entirely new passives or abilities.

    OG Remorseless Winter , Cascade, Archimondes Vengeance, Invocation, Dream of Cenarius, Unleashed Fury to name a few. Mechanically and visually unique powerful new abilities for everyone was nothing to snub, and with Glyphs moving away from damage boosts to class and spec utility, it was really easy (and fun!) to swap between the rows and glyphs midway through a raid or before the start of a BG, either simply to shake up your rotation or to try tackling a boss with some different offensive + defensive abilities, or even passives.

    The sheer level of convenience that the talent rows gave during patch 5.0.4 and throughout MoP made heroic raiding much more quirky and fun, and considerably less stressful.
    Noone really lost anything, everything that wasn't moved to the rows was simply jammed into your spellbook, and it was up to you to know your own abilities and rotations, because you made them with your particular playstyle in mind.

    Shame class and spec normalization began in WoD, and the pruning truly began. Resources, passives, cooldowns, I mean how many mechanics that rip off Cheat Death are in the game now? Nothings unique anymore, because it's harder and more time consuming for the devs to balance. QQ

  15. The only point of the new tree is for competitive raiding and MM+, they just scraped the leveling and world content from the game

  16. New stuff is very boring. I played many years ago when there was like 1 expansion I think, and the talent trees were awesome. I couldn't wait to level and pick the next thing I was going to spec in. I hadn't played since then until a few days ago, when I decided to try a "starter" account. I thought the specs were because I was in a starter account, then I hit level 15 and got the other part and my heart kind of dropped. Found this video trying to figure out what the heck happened. Thumbs down on the whole thing for me, don't plan on playing further.

  17. The new talent "rows" as they are called, are a good system….it's just that leveling feels a little shit with how far between your "talent choices" are. Which probably has something to do with the extremely bloated level cap than it does with the talent rows themselves.
    That said, as a person who's computer broke during vanilla, and got a tiny bit of play in late BC, finally culminating in an actual max level character in Wrath, I find the talent trees to be rather nostalgic.

  18. i always thought that blizz should've updated the talents in BfA, bump the level 100 row to 105, and add a new one at 120, then it is literally a new talent every 15 levels. and it would've given them more room to play with adding some legion legendaries in as talents.

    but, even if they had done that, i still prolly would've canceled my sub.

  19. The old talent trees were far superior, both from a customization point of view as well as a leveling gratification point of view.

    -Hearing that "DING!" sound and seeing a golden flash of light surround your character felt good because you were rewarded with the ability to further customize your character to your liking, level by level. You felt like you were becoming more powerful because you saw your character's growth each time you gained another level.
    -Major abilities that modified your character's rotation were spaced out typically to the same extent that current talent rows are. Usually you would gain your first major ability talent around level 21, your second at 31, and your third at 41. Assuming you went 31/20, you could reasonably expect to receive 3 major abilities or passive mechanics from your primary spec, and 1-2 from your secondary spec – which is not all that different from the number of choices from talent rows.
    -Not everybody relied on the META builds. Lots of people (even in raiding guilds) tailored their specs to their own personal preferences, and for players who did this, they were granted far more customization options than the current system.

  20. i prefer old talent trees by far. i accept that the skill points changed very little at all, yet getting a level up felt good because you got to spend a point that you've earned.

    but i might be a special case because i also miss the old items with up to 3 colored sockets and all the different enchantments, extra belt sockets etc

  21. As an Alt-aholic, Vanilla, TBC, and WotLK FTW. Leveling in Cataclysm and beyond was terrible.

    I didn't just take the cookie cutter build. I used to level with hybrids, and do all kinds of fun stuff. Even at max level, I usually did a small tweak to my playstyle and talents to differ myself from the cookie cutters.

  22. Mix em both to add in BIGGEST gameplay… 3 talents to swap between all day without needing to buy a dueltalent, and have a talent row slightly big and then leave out around 10-25 talents for sub talents to hybrid your playstyle play situation and knowledge to not BREAK the game but to be better than others. Then remove the internet so that people can start using brains to figure out what's best for themselves and make all people unique and there ya have it… Awesome game.. Things are rewarding when you as a player find the solutions to how you'd win in certain boss fights or PVP battles, whatever, make talents so broad and specific that you pick just this talent for the right situation.. That's my opinion anyways… hire me blizzard..

  23. In 2 expansions:
    So every 50 levels you can pick between getting nothing, or getting a new cosmetic skill. It's easier to balance that way and you get a meaningful choice.
    Blizz knows this game is fuckin' dead. They are just keeping up the facade and squeezing out as much money of it as they still can. That's why it's dumbed down now to kindergarten level, so they don't actually have to spend time on balancing things when your "talents" for example are essentially do the same thing every row just worded differently, so what you have is the illusion of choice, which means they only had to balance it once. No wonder it still works 2 expansions later.
    You can literally pick any of those blindly without reading them and you'd be raid viable. They are only keeping them around because people would revolt, but they don't even really do anything anymore, since you get that one ability worded in your liking anyways.
    They could just give one of them to you every 15 levels automatically and nothing would change.

  24. I could go either way, but I would like them to add in a new row. Hitting 120 should feel more special then it does. I would also like them to add in some more spells/ skills. Currently, not counting DH, you're last new skill is level 80 (you're mastery skill). Maybe not many our maybe start spreading out skills, but something to make leveling feel more important. After 100 it feels kinda meh, including hitting max level. I enjoy hitting max level and it's still kinda special to me, but not like it once did. Other then occasionally changing or removing/ replacing old talents, Blizzard has hardly done much with any class in ages. I feel they've really gotten kinda lazy when it comes to classes.

  25. Old trees all the way, WOTLK was the bomb!! unsubed when Wrath ended, never to return, game turned into a kids game and is way to easy !

  26. The old trees improves the journey but the new rows are much MUCH better for end game as you had basically no choices in talent trees anyways, just copying the build calculated to have the most damage.

  27. One of the many reasons I quit retail WoW 2 years ago was the removal of talent trees, which also took away a large portion of customization. I never warmed to the idea of MoP’’s system of only having 1 of 3 talents to choose from. Sometimes depending on the class, only 1 or 2 of those 3 choices was any good anyway.

    Wrath’s system was almost perfect. Having 3 big talent trees, being able to invest points into any of them and having the option to dual spec was great. I hated that Blizzard just decided they didn’t want talent trees anymore and began to chip away at talents.

    I missed being able to dip into more than one tree, for example from Classic- Wrath I enjoyed both Beast Mastery and Marksmanship as a hunter and would invest into both to get Intimidation, Bestial Wrath, Aimed Shot and Scatter Shot, and even spending a couple points in Survival to get the talent that increases your attack range.

  28. Hybrid warlack was still a thing in beginning of the WotLK. The 0/40/31 or 0/38/33 with Confagrate and Decimation was super effective.

  29. I remember hearing old tales of Unholy DKs being able to tank, or Elemental Shamans being able to off heal.

    Be nice if WoW could return to, and even improve, that level of customisation.

  30. I really miss being able to play as a hybrid in terms of talents. It was so much fun especially as a Druid since Druids are hybrids on their own so being able to customise talents in such a way really complimented the class.

  31. I did like the old way that you had To Buy Your Talent with your classmaster , Go to the priesttrainer in Silvermoon City at the Court of the Sun and for a breif Second you can see the talent she has to sell -the popup window cancels immediatelly . So have quick eyes. Edit : I come to think this might be a slow graphics card issue – if you have the latest fastest -,can it be you will never see this ?

  32. I feel like the old trees had their place, but going from lk to cata blizzard had a choice to make, do we keep going with these ridiculous trees or try something else? they tried something else, a more compact version of the trees. and forcing players to pick a spec meant that it was easier to tell if someone was actually a tank or healer, or just another dps who ques as tank/healer for the que times. I get why they made these changes, I just feel like if they'd have made it 5 or even 10 levels with smaller choices people would be happier. rather than 1 choice every 15 levels.

  33. talent trees are honestly my favorite part of RPGs, once these got replaced with rows the game started dying for me

  34. Ever since Mists, I've proposed a hybrid system of the two. And to this day, I still would prefer it. Basically, take the Cata talent trees, remove the being locked into a tree part, and have the Mist talent rows gained every 15 levels. I think this would be a fun system to play around with.

    It's also interesting the last thing you said: That the trees are more fun during leveling and the rows more useful at endgame.

    This, to me, reflects the big philosophical change the game has made on the whole. The focus of WoW was originally on having this world in which you played and experienced the game. The WORLD…of WarCraft. But over time, the focus shifted into it being more of a glorified game lobby with the focus being almost exclusively on end-game content, to the point that leveling was merely a chore to get through, not an experience to have.

    Your simple statement is an eloquent reflection of this fact. It is also why the game has declined in players and popularity, most likely. They seem to be trying to address this, both with the War Mode and with WoW Classic, showing that they at least understand there is a problem and kind of are in the ballpark of what it is, but…

    This is probably why games like Pantheon have the interest that they do, because players are seeking that philosophy again (granted, part is players seeking new and unspoiled worlds – new frontiers and new horizons – but the governing philosophy of the world creators/publishers is highly important.)

  35. Oh, one quick note on hybrid specs and Wrath supposedly trying to kill them. One WORD, actually: Frostfire.

    Frostfire Bolt was SPECIFICALLY introduced as a high level Mage spell to make a Frost/Fire hybrid tree viable, as it gained bonus damage and tack-on effects from both the Frostbolt and Fireball talent points (e.g. a talent that added +1% to Fireball damage ALSO added +1% to Frostfire Bolt damage, a talent that added a 20% slow to Frostbolt ALSO added a 20% slow to Frostfire Bolt, etc), and many of the 21 point (or was it 31 point? Whatever the deepest you could get in a second tree was…) talents were quite useful for the other specs and allowed customization options, for example, my Healadin took points in the other two specs to get maxed Blessings from them (Kings, Might) and, I think, Auras, so that I could maximize my buffing potential as a Pally healer in 5 or 10 mans where there might not be another Paladin (notwisthstanding FOTM Ret specs.)

    So there were at least a few instances there of Bliz explicitly endorsing hybrid specs, and Frostfire Bolt was the biggest example of this (not to mention the complete idiocy of turning this complex, high level spell [in lore] into the basic, protoyoung Mageling entry level spell in Warlords… <_<)

  36. I always disliked the argument of "most builds were just found online" its like, yeah most magic decks are net decks, better remove deck building.

  37. Holy Nova as a 31-point talent…
    Want to know why there aren't more Priests? Because they all ran away screaming from their old talent tree, and never looked back.

  38. The fact that the old talent trees allowed more variation between players and invoked strategy to optimize your class makes them better imo. For example AoE prot Paladins vs single target. Both had their advantages in raid situations and with a single target prot spec with some points spent in your ret tree you could make a fairly competent pvp "tank" provided you also geared properly something I can't see doing today.

  39. Great stuff! I missed playing through a fair bit of that from Cata until Legion so it was nice to see the history in one video.

  40. When the Cata talent reduction happened I said next we would have one button speccing, and that is what it is. Most of what you got form the trees is given to you automatically with only a couple import things in the "rows". You can play the game without choosing any talents and most people wouldn't notice.

  41. I loooooooooooooooooooove talent treees every level felt sooooooooo gooooooooood because i got a cool talent i could choose my choices mathered cry i want to drink after every mob and have my big big huge super big talent trees so i can be creative and outplay you that way cry

    (and i want to get forced into grouping into being social by all my talents being shit without help from some person playing in my area aka jucy to group up hehe)

  42. The Old Talent Tree system was the best (Vanilla & TBC)!
    One of the main reasons I have quit WoW back then was the end of the good old Talent Tree system after WotLK.
    I'm looking forward to play WoW Classic, and have fun with all the different Talent Tree builds!
    I will play on RP-PvE server because on RP servers people are more tolerant about your choices and BiS equipment and META Talent builds are not enforced, so everyone can play as you like!

  43. I miss the old tree from vanilla and burning crusade for my warlock because I hade my class relaying on all three trees and combo off each other in stead of 1 or 2. That's what I miss

  44. I loved the hybrid builds, some were awesome some were pure fun, it was really something interesting to play with.

  45. The biggest mistake was that there were no talent rows for levels 100 and 120. Also we got spoiled with the Artifact weapons, the new Azerite systems seems like a first draft, while Artifact was the finished product.

  46. Well like you said: The old trees are very fun for leveling but to be honest… they werent very impactful most of the times. Of course its nice to spend 5 points somewhere in the tree, but mostly you got like "Ability X costs 5 Mana less and does 2,5 more points of damage" where the current system is just way more impactly and the options are way more interesting.

  47. Imagine if they kept the trees, improved them. Made a better Glyph system. And then also added the 3x choice trees that came later. All the customization.
    What was the reason they didn't? "Too hard for new players, too congested."
    Well, why not just add a simple choice of pre-configured settings for people who don't like playing around with talent customization?
    New player but want to play a Frost Mage? Just press the Auto button and get all the standard stuff.

  48. WOTLK and BC had the best Talent trees.
    Because players discorvered unique combinations that acted as a sort-of 4th spec.

    SLSL Warlock, Protheal Paly, Restokin, MageRogue (SpellpowerPoisonRogue), Elementalist Mage, FuryProt, Elementasto (Elemental Resto). This is what made the ARENA scene feel alife.

    Ironically in an effort to remove cookiecutter builds, they removed the out-of-the-ordinary build that made you feel like a CLASS, not a SPEC.

    A Druid shapeshifting around and healing while dealing damage is how I imagine a druid to be!
    A Warlock with a Demon he commands well and throwing out diseases is how I imagine a warlock.
    A Mage that used the power of the arcane to fireball you into oblivion gave amazing class-feel.
    A Paladin that stood at the front, while healing his ally is how I imagine Paladins to be. Even back in WC3 this was the case.
    A Rogue that through preperation and cunning developed potent poisons to compensate for his weak and hidden weapons is more rogue like than a thousand swashbucklers.
    A Disciplin priest using the powers of both holy and dark to heal and fight. That is a Disciplin priest.

    Now? What is the difference between a Firemage and a Destrolock? Moonkins feel like another Magespec. Holy Paladins? Don't even get me started.
    I went for my old Main. The Main I had with classic. My Warlock.
    The one that got his mount at 60 and finally beat that quest, only to see the amazing animation for the summoning circle. The one that in BC sucked like nooone else going Fire-Destro with frozen shaddowweave gear. That went into PVP and beat the shit out of most people with my brother. The one that in WotlK tanked XT for the final percentages in Demonform, because out maintank died. T

    In BFA: I went oldschool. Destruction. Stood besides a firemage and … realised that I was just another caster. I wasn't a warlock. I was "RangeDPS".

    The Depth is gone. And gone is what made him special.

  49. I prefer the old one, giving minor player power, it would have been fun to have 1 new ability per expansion or alters a CD, but being able to say "this is good for me and the spec I want to play" etc is just better

  50. Vanilla wow was not the worst balance the game has ever had, you are an idiot if you thing the current wow train wreck is more balanced. Your stupid ass opinion is dismissed.

  51. So I quit durning Cata and about half way through MOP my broth sent me a scroll of resurrection.. I logged in took one look at the new talent system and logged out lmao

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