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The Hive – Survival Games

The Hive – Survival Games

Yellow like the sun, I’m Sun Fenix and today I’m going to be playing on The Hive I’m already logged into umm Survival Games so… mainly Survival Games is ummm killing people – which doesn’t sound very nice. But.. it’s basically like the movie, you go in, ahhh you either race for the centre and grab stuff or you run away and grab stuff throughout the ahh, map and once there’s 2 or 3 people left and the time is up you all get spawned into the centre again and then you you fight to the death cause imagine if there was 3 of you and then you just you know couldn’t find each other because the
maps so big so, we’re in ummm so if I try and move I just go back as you can see I can jump and turn the light on and off like these people are and what we do is race into the centre to grab anything in those chests phew doing some stretches phew phew [ding] oh jeez run run you only have time to really look in one chest before you run some people just stay in mid and risk killing themselves it’s like.. seriously right… phewww let’s run off this way don’t think anyone else will be running off this way Arrrgghh I’m blocked off oh, no I’m not sorry sometimes things can deceive you especially in Minecraft chests they’re just empty chests umm, let’s see, let’s see ahh, no I don’t want to go into that want to go into here right K oh, no no no OK pool… I do not like water although I am in survival what’s down here that’s the same place what about upstairs ummm nope ah, nope nope nope let’s see OOO here’s one T.N.T right got some good stuff least I’m able to
defend myself there’s one c’mon arrghh can’t open crates with a weapon oww jeez I’m gonna say that was someone yes and there was nothing good in that crate anyway RUN I know – I’m such a coward ha ha ahh nothing good nothing good, just food I know, it’s like I’ve got T.N.T. I could just go up there place it… run away but no, I’m such a coward cos I’m afraid
they could kill me c’mon guys, would you run away in a situation like that? OK I don’t really like to organise my things especially when it’s just like, hurry hurry hurry you can be killed… oh jeez someone’s been here cos that one was empty [cluck] this place has been completely raided I have to go in the water [splash] Ey ey ey something down there golden helmet nothing in there I’ve already got a golden helmet more for whoever might kill me I said MIGHT OK let’s get back to sh… oh jeez!! team.. team? team OH JEEZ explosive!!!! [death noise] ahhhh… I died ahhh [huff] I’m not that good in combat Sun Fenix signing out

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