100 thoughts on “The Hot Zone: Official Trailer | National Geographic”

  1. I don't remember this happening in 1989…I'm watching it now….but I had no idea this was supposed to be based on true events…so I guess it has a happy ending…

  2. If Nat Geo wanna make a TV show about ebola, the show would be a lot better if the story is about the discovery of the origin of Ebola syndrome instead.

  3. The worst thing about becoming a member of the CDC or epidemiology is when you have a hole on your suit when entering or experimenting a biological hazard that could kill the entire human race.

  4. wait a minute is this movie related to the book because if it is I have to watch it because the book is amazing. I highly recommend the book if you haven't read it.

  5. When AMERICA doesn't give refugees health care and there kids were all at risk American people are in the hospital there hiding others blood test Can you say Heath care Facts not fiction

  6. I won't lie. The thought of a world ending event, especially a disease, is my biggest fear. There's nowhere to go and nothing can stop it

  7. I can't wait to see this. I read the book TWICE it was so good and so terrifying….who knows what our gov't keeps from us. Also VACCINATE YOUR KIDS AND TRUST SCIENCE DAMMIT!!!!! (yes, I know, no vaccine for this type of Ebola, so don't even)

  8. That will be the first place enemy would attack…They are all here over 1000, Congolese here without QUARANTINE IN USA FROM SAN Antonio TO Portland's m

  9. Who else has been waiting almost their whole lives for this? The Hot Zone was right up there with Jurassic Park when I was a kid…


  11. They treat the disease as if it were variola major throughout the series, Ebola isn’t airborne and isn’t as contagious as other diseases. Only way to truly become infected is if the bodily fluids enter a healthy human body, Ebola Zaire is easy to survive as long as you have plenty of fluids and blood throughout the time length of being sick.

  12. This is almost look same like the last ship tv series in amazon prime.. only thing which is missing is the ship & the sea…

  13. I have a thought that every life form on this planet has a weakness where that week spot is there is also maybe cure but at a price to pay for it probably, But to quote Star Trek the needs of the many out way the needs of the few!!!!!

  14. Yeah right. The Ebola virus was meant to wipe out hundreds of millions of people. Funny how these viruses are always found in third world countries. Propaganda and fear mongering. Must be sponsored by Big Pharma. Run run run for your vaccines guys or you might be next. Sheeple.

  15. I read some comments on some review website and some of them state that it's unnecessary dramatization. It's scary how common people in this series are unprepared for an outbreak, so it's good they filmed this, we'd all be a bit more prepared now, after watching this. It can happen tomorrow, something even worse.

  16. Get ready people they are projecting themselves what they have install for all of us……. Dumbing us down for what they have install for all of us….. so here we go hey…….

  17. Okay cool concept aside this is filmed at my university in Canada and I just cannot suspend my disbelief that this is happening at a lab in the states.

  18. I watched this serie and have to say: amazing! I love it, and was a little terrified about how was going to end since it is based in real facts, truly good.

  19. Interested? Read Richard Preston’s Crisis In The Red Zone, his new 2019 book about Ebola. Reads like a thriller, a real page turner and what they say is true; truth ís scarier than fiction.

  20. if anyone is scared, don’t worry! ebola reston and ebola zaire are different :^D ebola reston is what the primates had in the lab, and it can spread through respiratory droplets, but it’s infection is asymptomatic in humans, on the other hand, ebola zaire is the actual deadly one, but it can’t spread through respiratory droplets, so there’s less infectivity. i’m sure this series is good though, because we know this now, but they didn’t know it back then. (sorry if any of this isn’t 100% accurate, i just heard about it in a podcast i like, “this podcast will kill you!” :^D)

  21. Starring the Nobody Award winning weirdo Nick Searcy. He won the Nobody Award for being the biggest nobody in Hollywood. A total loser.

  22. Inaccurate. Ebola has a cure so only the first 1000 people who probably don’t know it’s ebola will die. But usually when the news hits everybody who has flu symptoms will go to the doctor. It is curable in the early symptoms.

  23. I just noticed one mistake of the show. 1:26 – 1:27 you can see a modern ram truck's tailgate parked next to a house far from view

  24. i do not what do you think about the first episode but for me will be the best film i ever watcched! Nice job to all and National Geographic!

  25. the color looks amazing in the trailer, unfortunately it was slightly changed for the streaming release and now it looks more yellow, desaturated and faded (if seen in a properly calibrated screen).

  26. 0:58 is what sent a Jolt of shock and fear into my soul, dealing with one of the worlds deadliest diseases and seeing that, thats an Oh F$#@ Moment.

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