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The hut for the harsh winter, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 80

The hut for the harsh winter, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 80

Climate change causes many unusual phenomena Therefore it will get cold at any time This place is so flat that we can build a small house Making the most of the things from the old shelter is an optimal choice The house’s frame is entirely made of bamboo The roof is thatched by palm leaves The surroundings are made from soil We need to weave a lot of bamboos in order that the soil can stick better The soil is treated the same way as making a pottery kiln Kitchen To reduce coldness, the bed is close to the ground and next to the fireplace The door is also made from bamboo which is split into strips and wove together This soil house need about 1 week to be completed It’s warm and pleasant inside

54 thoughts on “The hut for the harsh winter, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 80”

  1. не плохое видео но есть существеные недостатки в строительстве 1 это труба печи ана слишком низкая и дым идёт в строение есть такая вещь как угарный газ он образуица при горении дров итог вы можете не проснуцо утром проблема вторая это зимленой пол зимой босиком по нему будит не комфортно ходить ну и проблема третия сама печь ана зделана по типу камина у таких пичей нету тяги это значит что и зале некуда падать так как нету зольника тяга воздуха идёт с низу верх эта значет что сам золник выполняет роль подувала для горения дров

  2. nampak seperti hidup dan kehidupan nyata utk dilakukan seterusnya di hutan dengan memaksimalkan kondisi apa adanya yg serba alami, fresh dan sehat.

  3. With your survival skills, you wouldn't need to go to the supermarket anymore dude 😂 i enjoyed your contents btw..keep doing what you love doing..

  4. I'd be curious about a status after it's weathered a few rains. My guess is the mud will dissolve in the rain. The kiln that was mentioned gets baked at a high temperature, not just drying in the air like this. I think it needs to be 'cob', a mixture of mud, grass and some binder such as clay or manure. Just mud alone is subject to cracking as it dries, and this will make it further vulnerable to rain. The wide roof eaves will help shelter it, but a blowing rain will do it in.

  5. На берег Байкала на полгода его … думаю там бы он не пропал – канал реально нравится!

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