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The Integrated Graphics Survival Guide (with a Guest from 32Megabytes)

The Integrated Graphics Survival Guide  (with a Guest from 32Megabytes)

While usually dismissed by many pc gamers,
integrated graphics are some of the most common in the world by sheer force of availability… every computer has one So maybe you are like many on this channel
and you game on whatever you have or your GPU went up in flames and you are gaming on
integrated until you find a substitute… in any case welcome to “The Integrated Graphics
Survivor Guide” where we will share some ways you can increase performance overall
on your integrated GPU. Gaming with integrated graphics can be a stuttery
choppy mess, but with the correct adjustments applied you might be able to get a somewhat
decent experience And that extra voice you listen to is Hayden,
the creator of this wonderful guide on Running Single Player Valve games on any computer
that I found while browsing reddit and that I highly recommend you watch. And after hearing that he was working on this
idea I just had to help him out in some way. Alex will be covering how to better optimize
Intel HD graphics and I will be helping those with AMD APU’s. So without further ado let’s start with the
IntelHD GPUS. While intelHD gpus were designed for more
of a general purpose rather than gaming there a couple of things you can do to squeeze every
drop of performance out of it. First: Something that most people do not know. Many laptops using integrated graphics ship
with vendor specific drivers that are very conservative on their power usage as a way
for manufacturers to extend the battery life of their products at the cost of performance. If you try to update your intel drivers using
the official Intel tool and you get a message that looks like this, or this, then congratulations…
you have a crappy driver. One way to solve this is to look up the details
of your CPU model and search for the details of the GPU include for it, like in my case
where this carries and 3rd generation intelhd 4000 and search for the official intel drivers
on the intel download website in the description. If you download the drivers as a zip you can
install them pretty easily by going into your device manager, looking for your intel GPU
under display adapters, right click and select update driver software, then Browse my computer
for driver software, then let me pick from a list of devices drivers on my computer,
then have disk and then browsing to the folder where you extracted the intel driver, looking
for a folder inside called graphics and clicking on the .inf file. That was not as simple as I expected. Be sure to check back the instructions to
be sure you did not miss anything and reboot your computer once it is installed. Be aware however that this will very likely
reduce the battery life of your laptop. Now that you have the official drivers you
can get access to this lovely control panel, if you did not have it before, from where
you can go to 3D settings and change the settings to Performance rather than quality or you
can manually set each element to off or its lowest. Also go to the power panel and make sure it
is going for maximum performance at the cost of a lower battery life. And to make sure these small changes were
going to have an effect in performance, I ran some quick benchmarks. Let’s see the results. But that is not all. Some viewers have constantly recommended I
try PHDGD, unofficial drivers created with the explicit purpose of getting the best gaming
performance out of intelHD gpus. To install it you need to download their “PHDGD
NOW” software (linked in the description) that allows you to select your intel HD gpu
from a list and download the correct modified drivers, be sure to download the 32 bit version
for 32 bit windows and the 64 bit version for 64 bit windows. You will download an .exe that will extract
as a folder with setup.exe inside that you can use to install this driver… unless you
get this error. To fix it we need to disable some security
features: And that means that I need you to pay attention
carefully and understand what you are doing. Open a command prompt as admin and write “bcdedit
-set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS” and press enter and then “bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING
ON”. All right, reboot your computer and then you
should be able to run the install without problems. You may get a message trying to make sure
that you know that you are installing a modified driver but after you accept it should all
be ok. Reboot after installing the driver and re-enable
the security checks. Do not ignore this step people. Unless you really know what you are doing
it is a really bad idea to leave these settings disabled. Open a command prompt as admin and write “bcdedit
-set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS” and press enter and then “bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING
OFF”. Reboot and done. You have a modded driver. While the result vary from game to game in
some cases they might surprise you. All right. So that is for intelhd. Now, for AMD. With all the people talking about intel HD
graphics it’s easy to forget that there are millions of people with AMD integrated
graphics as well. Since AMD Integrated graphics aren’t as
common as their intel HD counterparts there is very little information available on how
to squeeze more performance out of them, SO that’s what i’m here to fix. Some of the changes we’ll be making will
be done through the Radeon control panel. To access the Radeon control panel right click
your desktop and click AMD Radeon Settings. This will bring you to a very simplified interface
that gives you practically no settings or information, here you can disable GPU scaling
for a very tiny amount of performance increase. To get to the actually useful part of the
control panel click additional settings. This very dated section of the control panel
gives you a ton of options. The first thing you can do is make sure you
have your graphics card set to maximum performance. You can do this by going down to powerplay
and selecting maximum performance when plugged in. This will essentially make your graphics card
work the hardest it can while your computer is plugged in. Now you can- wait… where are the settings? They were here a while ago?. Why did amd- Oh well okay. So apparently AMD moved all of the graphics
settings for integrated cards over to another program named raptr. Oh wait, you probably do not even have Raptr
installed. As Alex mentioned earlier most computer manufacturers
give you a very limited version of your drivers to save on battery all you need to do is to
make sure you go online and reinstall your drivers and Raptr should install with your
drivers- To improve performance and manage graphics
settings go to the library section. There you can change all the graphics settings
for your games with a simple slider. This really helped my performance in all my
games. One thing I found that’s not AMD specific
that helped out a lot with my low end computer was disabling almost all of the fancy graphical
effects that windows always has running in the background. To do this press windows key and r then type
sysdm.cpl then go to Advanced and click performance options. Then click adjust for best performance. This alleviates a surprising amount of strain
on low end computers and gave me an extra few frames per second in most games. So how did this ultimately benefit performance? Quite significantly, as evident by the benchmarks. As you can see a few tweaks really help the
experience. I just really wish that there was more that
could have been done. Because all I essentially did was lower a
game’s settings with a slider and take the graphics card off power saver mode. There is one more thing you can do that definitively
increases performance that I didn’t cover, mostly because it didn’t work. AMD overdrive is a very easy solution if
you want to overclock your CPU or graphics card. The problem is it doesn’t work on most laptops, but if you are comfortable with overclocking I definitively recommend it because from what
I have been hearing it does a good job. That is all for this short video. Hopefully you can some use out of these tweaks
to get the best out of your current computer. All games were benchmarked using their lowest
presets but if you are interested in getting even more performance… why not check some
of my videos on forcing these games to their lowest? If you want to see more coverage of low end
gaming I recommend you check out my videos. On my channel I do videos about pc gaming,
game reviews, performance tweaking and more all focused around low end gaming. An example of PC building would be my $70
gaming pc video and an example of performance tweaking would be to how to run any valve
game video. So make sure to check out my channel and a
big thanks to alex for having me on his channel.

100 thoughts on “The Integrated Graphics Survival Guide (with a Guest from 32Megabytes)”

  1. bruh phdgd installed a ton of viruses on my computer
    OK I'm not sure if it was intentional but that phdgd driver link is probably outdated bc it downloaded multiple viruses on my computer (the most annoying one being something called idle buddy), it literally put my computer on fricking overdrive mining bitcoins for a hacker on my computer, if malwarebytes didn't exist my computer would be fried rn so um ya
    don't use that link unless I was just dumb and did somethingwrong

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  7. If you can't enable TESTSIGNING (Test Mode), you need to disable Secure Boot first from your PC BIOS, then you can enable Test Mode.

  8. I have a core 2 duo 2.8 ghz with 1gb amd radeon hd 7000 and 1 tb hard drive runs all games also 4 gb ram

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    Those with Vega have high chance to play Skyrim and Fallout although it may need tweaking.

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  20. reduction in battery life you say?
    im the kind of person who solves battery life issues by physically modifying the battery itself
    runtime numbers

    this laptop has gained even more cells since those pictures was taken (now 300wh up from 212wh)

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  28. you missed the MAIN thing you should ALWAYS do from ANY windows, intel IG laptop that you plan on doing any form of gaming on..

    Integrated graphics use your regular system ram as the "gpu"ram.. it allocates a portion of it to be used specifically and solely for the graphics.. You cant really play a game when your IG has 256mb of vram..

    The most important thing you do when gaming on a laptop is increase the amount of ram allocated as your vram. Some games wont even run if youre below minimum system requirements. aka, your "gpu" ram isnt at the needed 1gb, 2gb, etc.. But if you dedicate those 2gb towards system ram then now you can not only play games that wouldnt run before due to not meeting minimum system requirements, You will also be able to play games on more than just "lowest" graphics settings. The higher you set your graphics settings to, themore vram you need. So the more vram you set your IG to, the higher youll be able to set the details and shadow details and water details and reflections, etc.. Now youre still gonna run into a problem potentially if you now have the ram to support higher details but not the gpu load overhead to both run your game play and also render these scenes with the way higher details.. so you have to find a happy medium..

    but without leaving a mile long comment here about the subject, just trust me. Raise your deicated vram from system ram from the stock 128mb or 256mb or whatever you may have. This has ALWAYS helped me in gaming on laptops.

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