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The Isle – 5 Anfänger-Tipps (german/deutsch)

The Isle – 5 Anfänger-Tipps (german/deutsch)

Let’s start at the very front: In the server search. Here it can happen, that you do not always find the server you are looking for …. and eventually not anymore. The problem and the solution has been known since 2018. Paco wrote in the official Discord that you should reduce the ping to 1000 and yes, it also helped me and a few people I know. So I’ll show you how it works. If you have “Steam” open, you have to top left on that Steam menu. Then there under Settings. Here under “In the game”. There you can see your maximum ping under “Server Browser”. Then you turn it on 1000 and you’re done. Let’s take a look at the different game modes. In “Progression” the different species cost Points. This one wins over time by surviving. For example, do you want you need a spino 480 points and must have previously played the sudo. This mode is rather extinct, hardly any server offers it. In “Sandbox”, however, the choice is limitless. every species in every imaginable size. At the Rex, for example, there is the Hatchling, Juvie, Sub and Full Adult. This mode is often used for deathmatch servers. He is great for testing and practicing. “Survival” is the most popular game mode. Here you start as Juvie or Hatchling. You have to fight through, survive and grow. “The Isle” already had many maps. At the moment, for example, there is the “Thenyaw Map”, which is relatively small, but for that densely overgrown and therefore very Juvie friendly. There is even a volcano. By the U-shape of the mountain ranges and the coast in the east one keeps the orientation during the day pretty well. Although the hotspots vary from server to server, I would like to present the most popular ones: Such as the Great Lake. The trips. The Canyon. The old party pool. Or the Swamp. The current V3 map is huge compared to the “Thenyaw map”. There are many open spaces here, Human buildings, gorges and beaches. The hotspots often include the Twin Lakes. The nearby Pride Rock. The Gulf-Pond or Marsh-Lake. The center lake. The port. And the three mountain lakes: Hidden, Little Duo and Murky or Crater. Well, the Survival map selection is not huge, but I’m a big fan of the V3 map. Otherwise you can only wait, because the new project “Hope” seems to have a lot of potential. But of course that is all still future music. You just have to be patient. Well, the “DV test level” I would not necessarily call a map now. But yes …. It is there. If you have decided in Survival mode for his species, you come first in the skin editor on the Juvie model Here you can create a skin … grown and realize that you look absolutely ugly as an adult! Well, the copy looked pretty juvie already questionable, but if you want to be sure that you can be seen as an adult, one should first test his colors on the adult model. For this you go in the server list at the bottom of “Host”. Select a map. Since I can only recommend “Thenyaw”, because at the test level, the lighting conditions completely different. Under “Game Mode” we choose “Sandbox”. And confirm. Here you can now choose your desired species. The important thing is that you take the adult model. Here on the Adult model can now be tested primarily around. I would always write down the colors and take on the next Juvie model. Speaking of calls. In “The Isle” it is incredibly important and helpful to know and distinguish the calls. They do not just say what kind of species it is, but also what they want from you. Here are a few examples: The range of the one-call is the largest. It means something like, “I am here”: Very characteristic is also the Dilo One Call. Or the animation of the Juvie Carnos. Then there is the Friendly-Tow-Call. And I just can not leave it, but this Juvie Carno Two-Call is just a burp. Super heartbreaking is also this Juvie-Sucho Two-Call. And you can hardly believe it, but this two-call will: Sounds nice. I also like Allo Two-Call. The Angry-Three-Call has a particularly cool animation at the Utah. And I do not know that ……. No, that’s just not possible. The Pachy also has the three-call particularly well on it. And to give the Rex a chance with its new calls: The four-call means something like “help”. Super regrettable is the sub-Giga Four-Call. But nothing beats this Galli-Juvie Four-Call. The animation of Dryo is not bad either. And the good old allo call. You know that: The Juvie-Carno reminds me …. Oh, let’s leave that.
Last but not least there is the F-Call. this also sounds when writing in chat. and it’s really not that you should underestimate him. Sure, he has a lower range than the other calls, but we have tested it once and the range is already enormous. At least in Utah. This is different for each species, but You should always watch how much you write and weigh whether it is necessary at all. From 25 you could not hear the F-Call, but the one-call could still hear. And little fun fact, this one: It’s not Dino, it’s just a a toak that wants to fuck you.

26 thoughts on “The Isle – 5 Anfänger-Tipps (german/deutsch)”

  1. Hier ist mein kleines 1000-Abo-Special :>
    Endstanden aus Abonnentenwünschen und vielen Fragen. Es handelt sich um ein zweiteiliges Special. Während hier allgemeine Anfänger-Tipps behandelt werden, wird es im bald erscheinenden zweiten Teil um Survival-Tipps gehen. Außerdem wird es am kommenden Mittwoch ein extra langes Gameplay-Video geben, da das Special heute sehr kurz ausgefallen ist 😛

    Und nochmal Danke(!) an alle Abonnentinnen und Abonnenten, ich hoffe dieses Format gefällt Euch und sorry an alle fortgeschritteneren The Isle Spieler unter den Abonnenten, dieses Video dürfte für Euch wenig Mehrwert haben D:
    Aber in diesen 8 Minuten steckt eine Menge Arbeit, über Verbesserungstipps würde ich mich auch sehr freuen 😀

  2. Echt extrem hilfreiches Video!
    So ein Video hab ich am Anfang gesucht. Nie gefunden leider… :(. Aber naja hab mir iwie anders geholfen….
    Wie gesagt sehr gutes Video! 👍👍

  3. Großartig! Das war das beste Tutorial-Video das ich je gesehen habe!
    Die Tipps waren Super!
    Die Stimme war schön gelassen und verständlich!
    Das Vorzeigen bei dem Ping-Tipp war auch der Knaller mit dem Zoom und schön ruhig. Da sollten sich andere mal ein Beispiel nehmen!
    Die Map Szenen die Du mit der Spectator-Cam vorgezeigt hast hast du auch so super gemacht! Super Kamera-Führung. Genauso genauso wie das Einblenden der Map mit den Pfeilen für die Spots!
    Und alles dann zusammengepackt im Grandiosen Seiza-Charme! Top!

  4. Total cool erklärt und auch noch sachen heraus gefunden die ich noch nicht wusste. Also wenn der Utah F call schon so weit geht will ich garnicht wissen wie weit der von einem Giga geht

  5. 1 Tipp wie mann am besten aufwächst….als juvie in einen Busch dann raus Essen Trinken und wieder in ein Busch rein …dann Busch raus Essen Trinken Busch rein ..3 Stunden später endlich Adult..Busch raus Rex kommt ..tot…wieder von Anfang!

  6. Omg Seiza wie cool endlich mal eine Art totorial für Anfänger sowas brauchen einfach alle weil es echt kompliziert ist sich alles alleine heraus zu finden und vorallem dauert es alles sooooo lange und ich würde mich auch freuen wenn du mal top 5 fighting tipps machen würdest 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😔👍😔😔😔😃😃😃

  7. good video, i didnt understand too much whta you say, but i understand the general ideas, this video is important for new players that dont know how to play the isle

  8. Gutes Video^^ Spiele the isle zwar schon eine halbe Ewigkeit, allerdings haben mir ein paar Dinge echt weiter geholfen. Könntest du vielleicht mal ein Video machen, wo du die admincommands erklärst? Wäre klasse. ^^

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