The Isle – 5 Survival-Tipps (german/deutsch)

Especially as a Juvie, the fight for survival can be quite a challenge. A good map knowledge is quite handy to avoid the hotspots. But even without this knowledge you can take advantage of the direct environment. In open spaces you are much more visible, like on a presentation plate… … while you have a pretty good cover in forests. That does not mean that you should become a Bush camper … … but especially on the V3 map you should appreachiate any cover. By the way, by good cover I do not mean these ferns or bushes here … … we experimented a bit and the results are really scary … … because depending on how people have their graphics set, you stand there on an open space. Here are our results: Now we know: Fir-trees are great! Big or small. By the way, bush-fir-trees are even better. They are just THE SHIT on the island! I mean these are firs with additional bushes as cover! And as if that weren´t nice enough, there are also double-bush-firs. And I could not believe my eyes, but on the V3 map there was a … … triple-Busch-fir!!!
I mean, wtf … that’s like Christmas and Easter together. But watch out, the best firs will not help if … … stinky ribs lie next to it. And if you want to go completely safe and not end up like … … him. Then you can customize your skin to match the environment. That works best with the Dilo, he has a pretty good camo-palette. Here’s a little riddle: Do you find the three Camo-Dilos within 10 seconds? And I already had the most incredible experiences with the camo skin: Helloooo …. Oh I see ……. I see him. No they are coming. He ran past me? He ran past me! Here comes the second one. Oh no, he lies down next to … Oh my god, he’s lying down here, he’s looking at me. The other one kept running. Okay, now you’ll get beat up… Next to you?
Yes! I do not see it. Between us. That’s a whale Carno, who ran past me. Oh no, is he sniffing?? He’s sniffing!! OK. So let’s agree: If you want to use all the survival benefits … … you role without ferns, bushes and eye catching skins. Instead, you stick to the fir trees and create a camo skin. You can´t really go wrong with this. AI (artificial intelligence) has become an integral part of the game. Especially for Juvies they are a convenient food source. You´ll notice AI through their calls. Like this taco here with these calls: These little tadpole-like AI’s are the slowest … … and give relatively little food. In addition, the body and ribs disintegrate within seconds. To have a few comparisons, I’ve tested around a lil: If you kill a taco and start eating right away … … you gain 16% food as a full adult Dilo. A full adult Allo gains 13%. And a full adult Giga gains 6%. The Oro, recognizable by these calls… …gives a full adult Dilo 24% food. A full adult Allo gains 20%. And a full adult Giga gains 11%. The Ava can be recognized by these calls: It is actually the best thing that can happen to a hungry Dino. Not only does it give the most food of all the AI… … it disintegrates pretty slowly, that means the body andribs will lie there for several minutes. It gives a full adult Dilo 58% food. A full adult Allo gains 27%. And a full adult Giga gains 12%. And then of course there are these nice fellows here: It gives by far the smallest amount of food. A full adult Dilo gains 6% food. A full adult Allo gains 3%. And a full adult Giga gains 1%. But that’s not the worst … … those lil things will starts to hunt tacos and oros nearby. So he also steals the better AI that gives more food. Oh! The Oro is spawned! No! Now I can just get one bite out of the Oro, you stupid Velo! What … what was that?! But Velos don´t settle for that, no, they also hunt… … Juvies … … Hatchlings … … and Dryos. And yes, even velos can have their nice moments: He always runs up to my feet so I can not hit him. I have a pet, how cool! He is always following me. But how does the spawning of AI work in The Isle? What the Ava spawned right in front of him … It is actually quite simple … … because imagine yourself having an AI orbital around you. In this orbital the AI spawns ​​randomly around you. Are you moving, the chance is naturally higher, that the AI ​​spawns behind you and you may not even hear or perceive it … … that’s why, as a juvenile, sometimes it’s not so stupid to stay stationary and let the AI ​​spawn around you. The whole thing of course has a downside to it: It could attract other players. AI is the perfect indicator to find other Carnivores. There are 3 factors that could increase your chance of spawning AI: Every Carni has his own AI orbital. Are you close to other Carnis, such as a big Utah pack … … these AI orbitals overlap and increase the AI spawn chance in the area. This factor also creates the increased AI spawn when nesting. It is not the nest itself, but rather the increased number of players in the same area. Because even Carni hatchlings already have their own AI orbitals. The second factor is your hunger. Hungry Carnis have an increased AI spawn chance, the exact percentage-number where this starts remains unknown. The third factor is the number of players on your server. Let’s assume that on a server at most 100 AIs can be active at the same time. If you are on an empty server, this will not be a problem because you do not have to share your AI-spawns with other people on. the map. It will always spawn enough AI. If you are on a full server with about 100-200 players online, the AI-spawn will be distributed to all Carni players online. The chance of AI ​​spawning therefore is much lower for each individual Player. The Sniff feature is a real asset to hunting. Even if you lose sight of the prey, you can still track it based on its tracks. And if you look closely, you can even distiguish different species by looking at their form. Because there are actually a few differences. For example, to the left we see the Utah footprint. Thanks to the two toes always pretty easy to interpret. All other Carnivore have the footprint in the middle, only in different sizes. That means: The Allo, Carno, Cerato, Dilo, Giga, Rex and Sucho. This can also be quite easily confused with the para footprint on the far right. The Para additionally has these small footprints. These are the front legs, which it only uses when walking. The leftmost footprint belongs to a Galli, Dryo, or Pachy. Right next to it we see a Maias footprint … … and with the Diablo and Trike only the “forefoot prints” differ. And of course the size of the prints. Every footprint can be tracked for a full 4 minutes. Then it disappears. In addition, the positions of the footprints are different for each player. For example, if you see a footprint right in front of your nose, it does not mean that others see it in the same place. I have a footprint right here. Do you see that? No. It is not in sync. That explains why while searching for tracks everyone will find something different. To track tracks efficiently, you should know that each sniff lasts for 30 seconds. If you are two, you can alternate every 30 seconds. The larger the pack, the easier it is to track the prints, because each player sees slightly different footprint locations and you can take turns with sniffing. So what determines the number of tracks you leave behind? This is especially important to know if you are the prey. Here are the comparisons: The Giga makes 9-11 footprints per minute while trotting. The average was 10. In Crouch, the whole thing was almost painfully random, because it actually went from 0-7. The average was 4 footprints per minute. So 60% fewer footprints than while trotting. While sprinting it was 43-52 footprints, the average at 49 footprints per minute. This means 79.6% (39%) more footprints than while trotting. In Crouch you leave the least amount of footprints per minute, but the distance you cover is of course barely comparable to trotting or sprinting. Even with the Giga, who has a pretty fast crouch. That’s why I tried the whole thing again this time also concidering the covered distance. This time with the Dilo. In “The Isle” there are no defined units of measurement (at least none of which I know), but let’s just say this track is one kilometer long. And on this one kilometer distance the Dilo left 8-21 footprints while trotting, the average was 16. So 16 footprints per kilometer. And now it gets interesting, because in Crouch he made 20-28 footprints, the average being 23. That is 30.4% more footprints than while trotting over this disctance. In the sprint, the whole thing looked similar to the Giga, since Dilo made 58-80 footprints. The average was 68 footprints per kilometer and that´s 76.5% more than while trotting. So crouching is in my opinion hardly a way to prevent tracks. But if the enemy is already quite close, it can reduce the sounds of your footsteps. If the opponents have already seen you, I would always recommend sprinting away. I mean, you´ll leave a lot of footprints in that time but they see you anyways, so: Sprint away until you’re out of sight … … then start trotting and walking curves … … and hope that random luck is with you. Yes, you leave about 80% fewer footprints than while sprinting, but you should never feel completely save, because the position of the footprints is always quite variable. It is incredibly important to know how fast you and your opponents are. Being able to assess and compare the whole thing, can decide about life and death. Catbug summarized the whole thing pretty well. So here are the different trotting speeds compared to eachother. The Carno does not have an ambush, but is the fastest when it comes to sprinting. For the newcomers: The “Ambush” is a speed boost that appears when you crouch for long enough. It can be recognized by the arrows at the bottom of the stamina icon. This speed boost does not last forever, at some point it will end. By the way, before eating and drinking, it makes sense to wait for the ambush, because that way you are always ready to run. And usually you lose your speed boost when you stop… But there is a little trick: If you stand still and still hold the Shift key, you can continue to ambush even after stopping. Here’s Catbug’s comparison of the Ambush distances: The swimming speed can also be increased with the momentum you get when ambushing into water. By the way, you should not underestimate the Rex, he is a real speedboat. And you should also remember: There are a couple of dinosaurs that can not stop immediately. Here’s a comparison: In the last yellow box, I stop pressing the W key. The Allo slows down after passing two more boxes. For comparison: The Cerato stops immediately. From this annoying momentum other species remained unscathed. For example the Carno: The Giga: And the Rex also has a little momentum: The good old alt-turn. Not every server has it, but it’s a mechanic that goes with the game, so you should know and be able to use it. You can only use it while standing. If you keep pressing the Alt-key and press “A, W, S” or “D”, you can turn on the spot. This also works in crouch and is pretty handy compared to the normal turn radius. Well, as Utah it may not be that important, but as an apex you should be able to use alt-turn. As an alternative, there is the walk, it often has a narrower turnradius than the normal trot. This is activated by pressing “Z” by default. But here again a nice summary of Catbug: You can see that the Allo is a true fidget-spinner. And what else can I recommend to you? Look for a professional and quiet pack: P

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