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The Isle | Surprise from the darkness!!! | #157 [Early Access]

The Isle | Surprise from the darkness!!! | #157 [Early Access]

Nadie me ve aqui!>:O DouDou quiere cazar este Ava, pero tengo un mal presentimiento sobre eso :’D Rayos no! T_T Pobre DouDou :O Dinofeak tiene problemas con un Giga. Rapido! Quiero crecer ya! Largo de aqui! o,o Un Dilo me ataco y olvide filmarlo :’D El Dilo escapo pero definitivamente sigue cerca de mi, en alguna parte. Parece que se fue, eso espero. O no. Los Dilos son tan sigilosos durante la noche. Sorpresa desde las sombras!!! Estoy hambrienta hambre… hambre… hambre… hambre… Me asustaste! 🙁 Quien se murio aqui? Ignorame, me iré en un momento Me persiguen Uno menos! Aun no se dan por vencido… Vinieron a rescatarme :’) “Estoy haciendo otra cosa en otra pantalla” Tu… escurridizo! awwww, son tan gentiles

26 thoughts on “The Isle | Surprise from the darkness!!! | #157 [Early Access]”

  1. You should play era of terror on roblox its a realistic dinosaur game u might think roblox Is a dumb blocky game but its its unlike any roblox game u seen

  2. Superbe vidéos Archshiranui ^^ pourrais tu faire une vidéos sur le Carnotaurus ? Français (french)
    Great video ! Can you make a video about carnotaurus please. Thank Archshiranui.

  3. Omg, I haven't watched you since the early days of The Isle! You probably won't remember me because I changed my name quite a few times.

  4. The Isle….The game is amazing.Best graphic ive seen in a dino game(not that i play any other xD) but still..its just.idk.This is my fav game since the beggining

  5. Hey Hey, I was the dilo you killed at 9:16
    It's very interesting to see it from your perspective (here's my perspective: ) I did not have my ambush ready … RIP and GG 🙂

  6. I found some glitch in cereal soup : go to same animal, stand in him / her in same pose, tgen click e and click follow 😂 you will fly on so many sides 😂 its funny you will spin like fidget spinner 👌

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