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The Journey Begins | Charlie and Donny | Episode 1

The Journey Begins | Charlie and Donny | Episode 1

This is a story unlike any other About two special friends who set out to travel the world Their travels would take them to the scorching desert a tropical island The Wild West and the highest of mountains But then suddenly they vanished Rumor has it that they became separated after a horrific accident What fate had befallen our brave friends? This is a story that has yet to be unraveled before your very eyes Charlie is that you? The hidden treasures of the secret Mayan caves Interesting this could make this crazy trip worthwhile after all What do you say Donny, want to get a rich? Donny? DONNY?! DONNY?! Grab my hand! I got you No! We need to go back! Hello? Charlie? Charlie! Come back Charlie! It’s me Charlie Donny? Is that really you? You left me, all this time, you left me for dead But Charlie we only crashed an hour ago That’s ridiculous. I’ve been surviving here for months. I even had to eat her own pilot Donny I ate him! Just one hour ago a medium-sized plane crashed right here in the jungle of Mexico I don’t want to talk about it, Donny We should find a way to get out of here We could ask the reporters to… Nope, never trust the media, Donny Just follow me Donny and we’ll be fine. I’m a master at survival

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