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The Kingdom of Survival – The Trailer

The Kingdom of Survival – The Trailer

don’t believe in you’ll preach don’t do what I’m told definitely live out here in the cold don’t want to congregation don’t wanna be in no folk I don’t wanna go right your freedom is always always in danger when you get elected to office you have power and power needs you tell people what to do nobody sees that capitalism is an extractive winepress it presses money out of people money is an intriguing concept by the way as historian we can always tell the heart of a society by looking at its largest monuments in New York of course they were the World Trade Center the World Trade Towers a frankly Cathedral to wealth and no capitalist system has ever survived it would self-destruct in five minutes ISM has always been the fall of authority of injustice think about this moment when media is in such crisis in this country when newspapers are closing left and right where public radio is in crisis where we’re publishing is in crisis bookstores are disappearing I am surprised that civilization has lasted as long as it has the world is dotted with former civilizations and that collapsed we have to go within man that’s all there is to it we have to go within and we have to create something that brings joy to your soul like and the more that you don’t do it and you play in this giant system the more you’re not going to survive man it’s it’s gonna eat you up I’m gonna lead back and a pin ain’t perfect you tell by my song brothers forgive me you you

22 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Survival – The Trailer”

  1. I would like to know more about this movie. The trailer is intriguing. The guy with the bushy red beard, straw hat and the one singing…he's enlightened!

  2. @eupeterson No, Stop asking and start finding out for yourself. People thinking for themselves is what is needed to save society.

  3. @themanatee000 Look, people love to give you an answer. In the end you have to figure out what answer is right to you.

    Listen to what people say but don't just buy their answers.

  4. Sure would be nice if you'd give the world some idea when this will be released. No info here, none on your website. Or maybe you're hiding info about the film's release?

  5. we certainly don't intend to keep any information from our audience – especially not the release date.

    the film is done and festival submissions are circulating.

    we are planning a simultaneous release consisting of theatrical dirstibution, television, dvd and hd download.

    the launch will happen on the day of the world premiere – that date depends on festival acceptance.

    however, we're all convinced that we are talking weeks rather than months.

    more information will follow promptly.

  6. I was really hoping that this film had been released and that I could see it somewhere. From the most recent comment, I see that the release date is dependent on film festivals. I wish the producers all the best in getting this film in front of viewers and hope to see the entire film soon! This looks like it will be a hit!

  7. The film's world premiere will take place at the MONTREAL WORLD FILM FESTIVAL on August 26th. The U.S. Tour will begin on September 6th. The U.K. premiere will be held at RAINDANCE 2011, a Euro Tour will take place in the month of October and the DVD/DOWNLOAD sale will begin in November.

  8. Outlaw historian? Yeah.. that describes Prof. Mirabello. I had the honour of being one of ihs students and as a while, this documentary looks very intriguing!

  9. @SLOWBOATFILMS777 can you please tell me who is singing the song in the background??

    'your right kind of livin ain't right for me in this burned out society'

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