hello I mean she sitting up in the front
of the class using a – hey guys today we’re gonna be playing SC um scum people
call this the most realistic simulator game Bao see it’s taking years to come
out apparently and today we’re gonna test it but probably just fuck around
let’s be honest my good name been holy shit man hey give them a basic score
never friend let’s create a character I’m pretty sure that this game is like
your prisoner on some island do some TV show we have to kill people I don’t know
okay well judge me hey first things first I’m the realest
this game is pretty dinner when you see that is mad mad play can I even swim am
I going wrong it’s guys slow fuck I let me go the
water roller top right or this is defense in it
this is a noodle oh you see that stampin remember don’t
ever mess with me again don’t ever ever mess to me again
boom prick so they’re zombies apparently guys by the way I’m playing this game
with my new PC and if you want to see that PC go watch my unboxing video links
in the description we found a built hello I okay so this is my inventory I
don’t know how open this over the top – have a aim oh it’s just right click it’s
just right click open games the computer for them oh cool oh
yeah that’s one of the things I was hired by this game – in here working so
it’s gonna realistic to be in them yeah boom
wait so how do I make a stone knife two stones will craft a shine hang oh shit I
don’t care we’re nearly there with nearly that we making our we’re making
our movements missed it climb it playing faster is
that Mick Oh your mud we can open doors with our minds that’s just amazing
you’re my man the bullet kind of went through that’s
kind of man I’m not gonna lie I was tightly man that’s a great game I’m
guessing there’s max like in the middle of nowhere you mad okay I’m gonna talk
big see right there I hate running in game time to like I’m literally
wasting my time like my time value okay I’ve given what their names up on for
the max I’m gonna call the people zombies okay what’s this fucking hat I’m
putting on the oh we can go up on why would you go up you have the power
Edison I have to fucking wait to go up these letters steal away thing is
ticking noise buff least you’re gonna put them up a bit
well same lobby so I did all of this to look at some fries I know attendees
there we go Wow my my BPM is mahajan I hate my calorie intake you know what
when people said this was realistic I’ll give him I’ll give him a bit of
props so I’m not and similarly I’m one of the focuses oh I am starving
fuck if you know what it’s nothing that’s too long to go to the big stage
we’re gonna go to this little house there Matt’s not been wearing for 25
years now there’s a zombie over there we need food okay food is number one
part Oh to release Amelia to the hurt we’re all of our knife boom see this
thing on the other side you wanna fight but anyway all we can eat this eat at
least when I might be hungry see that makes sense we found food in
the fridge you know what – you guys want to go fight some people take bullets
first of ye I’m dropping the guy we were might open
him up for food that’s a bit mister well I can’t even
oh that’s parkour is a movie play this game I’m not playing where you play
today if you want to see more a player drop a like on the video I’m back look
to amplitude new computer new lifestyle right if you haven’t dropped a like in
this video right you went dinner with us there’s nothing
left run Brad this car bear how important it has a metal scrap hands on
a four I think find me the walking dead oh wait oh my god that’s gonna be honest
I was kind of sick boo you know what gives it that that’s fun I’ll see what
was that last a good GG if you fall I wasn’t gonna do that then relax I mean
if you’re trying to get away force on a magic windows become that will be fine
wait I don’t even if you can get caused by I’m pretty sure you can’t why the
hell does that sound like that Mystery Machine from that old black ops yeah
that definitely sounds like it there for many hundred percent so apparently in
this game for foul you run slower over the PACU and a jump about like this
you’re far and again with this law they’re trying to be realistic if you do
want to follow me the links and down below and drop a comment on this video
because if you look at any of my other videos I will respond to comment if it’s
worth responding to like I can’t just be like oh how do I install this game a lot
respond to them because I’m not some tutorial Chuck down mad is that
Newcastle oh okay anyway I look sick I don’t find a gun in here that’s just our
your mud this is me yeah I see a fucking here in the comments but boom I swear
this game was done is run around and just started to show we’re not a chance
do I steal from wonder how is there whisk in the trash do I steal from the
charge yeah I do stop stealing is this boring you’re
pouring on the top made some flippin strong booster hi ho this looks awesome
bad game more on top are with no flippin good vomit his knees knees are wobbly
can we brought graves that is the real question
I don’t think it matters chasing you jump in you do some no ways you get out
it’s a game shit he’s what we imagined we’ve seen two
people when I miss home time I do like popcorn games makes it way more fun I
don’t know why I just this why the hell all the house is decorated the same
content area I’ve been running fucking yes don’t give
a pistols only with us do it from your perspectives
I cannot reply gonna visit just for that I’m gonna be completely honest ok game
fucking sick more zombies or more everyone needs to be added and wait I
don’t even know how long I’ve been came this format I have been running and
walking around so long I guess it is realistic in that way in that sense come
on I’ve already found a couple weapons kill me this game fun more weapons haven’t seen one car yet so I’m guessing
there’s no cars but if there is a car in the fucking world but I didn’t do I lose
weight if I run I died from I die from punching a fucking sign let’s see where
we spawn Oh in the middle of fucking nowhere what a surprise the building
over there but they want me to move over there I’m good I’m good thank you for
watching don’t forget to Like and subscribe add me up for my socials down
in description below if you want to watch the video me unboxing the PC of
our panel right now the links would be in the script
that Thank You fortune by

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