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The Oblivion Asylum – Super deadly zombie survival game!

The Oblivion Asylum  – Super deadly zombie survival game!

hey everybody and welcome to another indie horror game this one is the Oblivion asylum what a great name that’s yeah sweet new therapy equals zombie no is that like death therapy anyway yeah it’s a zombie game from what I understand zombie survival which is right up my alley I love zombie survival games so I’m excited to check this one out this one looks like it’s going to be pretty good and pretty creepy so let’s give it a shot a new game let’s go with oh we got some reading okay you are an IT specialist working in psychiatric hospital in the suburbs of Chicago one day the mouse broke down in your computer you went to the technical storage after entering the storage someone hit your head with a hard tool you have lost consciousness you woke up two days later there is a night outside the window and in the hallway of the hospital is terribly quiet you decide to leave the storage and check what happened okay so you’re inside the storage somebody not keep out that’s not cool but now the hospital psychiatric hospital is quiet and that doesn’t make sense because you would think the hospital would be possibly bustling so continue let’s see oh here we go okay I am injured already probably from the head injury okay so we have some stuff here we have an inventory inventory is empty okay we can hit n to look at our missions that’s pretty cool yeah I like the HUD I like the little red around the screen showing that we’re injured that’s cool oh here we go document you can hide behind zombie field of view okay okay so they have a 70 degree field of view it looks like oh and hit him in the head is a hundred damage okay awesome so there’s actually body damage limb damage and head damage that’s awesome alrighty how do you escape okay so let’s see what else is there anything we can grab kind of hoping for like a pry bar or maybe a mouse cord that I can wrap around their neck or something doesn’t look like there’s much of anything oh that’s cool all right I like that it’s a quick open so you like you know not messing around new mission okay let’s see what the mission is take a look around the area okay area all right escape oh you’ve got a dead doctor okay here was some more paperwork july 20th 2016 the taste of coffee in the morning every day bitter in this godforsaken place in a moment miss windy will arrive to go with me for for around i’m scared today we began to carry out this new experimental therapy old therapy didn’t work at all our patients suffered for nothing but what we had to do no other meds worked the new experimental therapy is their last hope but i’m scared no matter what i keep recalling my father’s words don’t go to psychiatry and you’re and you’ve got weak nerves you’re going to go crazy faster than your patients okay so his dad told him you’re gonna go nuts if you try and get into psychology it’s like a little scalpers scalpel or something Oh bandages definitely need Oh okay so the bandages are like a health pack awesome it’s gonna say we need we need bandages okay so we’re already doing good here okay yeah that’s locked what do we got here anything oh okay there’s a gun nice one the market on the map for me all right so I am over here oh okay the X is where I am alright so it looks like we need to take it right down here but there’s no Hall going over there oh this must be the upstairs I’m guessing so we need to find maybe a stair or go through room five maybe we can go through room five and get into this other hallway and room for has the gun all right let’s give that a try whoa oh I was not expecting that that is cool oh look at that that’s wild oh yeah all right that’s that’s pretty wild so it’s kind of supernatural or is this just me being like this is my fear coming out that’s cool though that’s a cool effect I really like that oh there’s a dude I can’t I can’t move I can’t move hey dude whoa okay he’s he’s not happy with me he’s a he’s a pissed off dude I see oh he opened the door I think we are dead all right that was that was good that was good he was like ah ah ah he was like not having it he did not want any part of me being in there so do I need to get yes all right now wow that was great I appreciate oh oh that doctor did not fare too well that’s cool I do like that there’s you know the bodies they made them look really you know like like they should look you know what I mean like they got tipped over Gurney’s they got you know kinds of stuff going on here so I like the environment okay so he is just hanging out there can i okay he definitely find a way to defeat I couldn’t see that time maybe if that stayed on the screen a little bit longer but I can press M or shut the door just in case okay find a way to defeat the zombies will ya all that one’s an obvious one I would say find a way to like sneak past is there crouching I don’t see a crouched pause menu options okay yeah that’s alright know if those are controls let me guess he’s just gonna he’s just gonna there’s no jumping either oh yeah and so the minute he gets seen they just take you I really need to find I really need to find that gun but I think I’ve got to get past him to get to the gun that’s the tricky business of it alright let’s grab the bandages take a look around to ground I did like that like raining blood effect though that was pretty cool you use anything no I guess this room didn’t oh there’s a note here okay what do we got oh wow a lot of reading here well I’ll tell you what we’ll come back to that because if I don’t get past this this one zombie he’s a buffer zombie – it looks like he works out a lot okay what is that oh I can’t get it okay that’s alright fair enough search in here just wanna see if there’s any kind of anything that I can use that’s good a hand and an arm reaching out of the toilet like it you suck dude he was right there I mean it’s not even really there’s no point in running or anything because you just he he just comes right behind you the whole time if he sees you you’re done which is kind of too bad I mean if I had a gun I would understand but before you get the gun it’s kind of hard to be like you know it’s not as bad as getting one hit but I don’t know how good is hearing is it said he had vision seventy 70 degree vision or whatever see if we can get him here oh come on really all right whatever dude I’m out of here oh okay I really want to get to the gun cuz I bet this game would be a lot of fun if I could defend myself I’d rather have it like it a baseball bat or something that’d be actually more fun then again I think but we’ll see we’ll see when we get the gun how how sweet it is I mean there’s no crouching so I don’t think I can sleep so I think it’s really just a matter of him not seeing me but I don’t know if the door when I open the door if it was like creaks loud and he heard it or something but look he’s kind of like sauntering kind of slide and slide in his way coffee cup I’ll see the dining room again I you know I would get more into the story if I could make it more than ten kitchens of course it’s locked oh it’s coffee cup okay it was a zombie over here I know so I got to be kind of careful of that there are there he is he’s gonna walk back this way probably shut the door I mean I can’t like look out the window to see if he’s gonna walk oh I can see between them all right so if I see him go past we know we’re good to go there you go what dude really I like they broke down the door that’s cool all right can I just bugger off I mean he’s gonna just follow me anyway a bit yeah I do like they break the door down that’s cool but they’re a little they’re a little too aggressive which sounds funny to say about zombies but honestly like I understand I woke up and I don’t have a way to defend myself but you know I mean there’s got to be something that I can do you know as a player to defend myself against the super buffer zombies I mean that guys in green maybe its proximity maybe I’m too close to him maybe I’m just too close maybe I’m just too close to him I mean I oh I like the blood puddling effect that is cool yeah this game’s got a lot of cool effects to it I appreciate all the love that’s it’s awesome for a zombie game and I am having a good time actually the environments nice you know I like I like the GUI bloodiness I like that they break down the doors to come after you that is cool that is like a real a real a plus in my book because they are buff I mean they are muscular zombies they they could definitely trash the place oh come on dude it’s just odd yeah he’s I mean but there’s nothing I can do I have a weapons look at their abs all right yeah I don’t know I I mean this game could be so much fun I played another zombie game recently and it was it was so well-balanced and you know you I mean you started off with three guns and you had you know as plenty of ammo and you could say well that’s you know come on that’s a little bit too much but no honestly it’s it was fun though you don’t I mean and that’s kind of like you know the realism of well you wake up and you don’t have anything and you got to go find stuff yeah I’m cool with that but at the same time like if I just had like a pipe or a baseball bat or a chair leg you know it would be so much fun to just like be able to smack these guys or you know I mean I understand the whole mechanical like sneaking around but at the same time like yeah you know if I swing this door open and he’s right there I’m done which yeah I mean I guess if zombies are really you know coming at you they’re gonna do that but as far as gameplay yeah see and there we go he’s gonna bust down the door I get a kick out of the door busting bang but you know and then I can’t really get away from him you know fine key to use elevator oh oh oh okay so they do lose aggro eventually if you keep far enough away all right that’s cool then that’s cool I take back everything I said oh here’s a cop there’s got to be a gun here somewhere right shut the door so no one can see me yeah there we go this game just got so much better all right what do we got set mo anything all right let’s see okay so one drawer is locked Ignis all right all right we got here pick up bullet path oh yeah definitely bullets yeah yeah that’s locked what else we got yeah this this is cool I like being able to search through stuff you know ooh bandages nice hundred health rolling now okay so that’s cool that’s very cool that looks messed up and broken all right so the I don’t think there’s any iron sights yeah I’m I’m into this now this is this is good I didn’t know I didn’t realize you could use their aggro because they kept like following me into into places and breaking the doors down and stuff but the fact that you can lose their aggro by sprinting away you know I get that that’s cool I liked with his body parts everywhere that’s nice oh I suck [Music] you will die I hope not access card okay security room okay I’m a hundred out of 100 so I’m gonna leave those there I don’t actually can you can you store these I’m kind of scared to pick them up if I pick up damage yeah oh it won’t let you pick him up okay all right that makes sense I didn’t know if you could put them in your inventory or something let’s see the oak mental hospital in Chicago an 18 year old patient psychiatric treated since 2015 with active psychosis found the patient likes dogs everybody likes dogs their presence promoted his well-being stray dogs started to gather around the facility increased amount of them were gathering under the patient’s window in the room the law enforcement couldn’t overcome the dog problem so the patient got locked in the isolation ward the patient stopped taking his medication and administrating it in the liquid form didn’t bring any results the experimental treatment was started after two months of experimental treatment the patient stopped mentioning dogs after another week the patient died in the mortuary signs of life were noticed same as those patient 3058 had well that’s too bad the the serum they gave him or whatever made him not like dogs anymore anyway let’s see what else we can find we gotta find a key for the elevator instead I think security okay so there’s the elevator is a security Wharf on the gun maybe I got a key card for something see anything in this room oh man oh the gun wasn’t loaded all right very good very good very good you know I kind of like the fact that you start off injured yeah that’s kind of interesting this part here I don’t really know I mean it’s like you can kind of sneak behind him but a lot of times he hears you I think before you get too close which is fine I mean obviously if you get real real close to a zombie they’re gonna eat your face I like that they trash the place I like that they like you know bash down doors and stuff stupid I do wish that you could I do wish that you could see oh wow half health that you could see through the windows that would be kind of cool if you could kind of see the zombies walk by just you know just because you open a door and you don’t know if they’re going to be there but or or if they had shoes maybe you could hear about let’s see if I can get and this time maybe I’ll load the gun uh oh yeah I was on the chair and then the bullets were like in here yes siree all right there we go buddy now you got the gun loaded so what was the room I said I got a security card there’s a lot of backstory which is cool I like story oh wow I just emptied my gun into him and he didn’t even care all right well you know that’s that’s something all right I think that’s gonna be it for this one guys yeah I was it was good bloody fun you know the zombies were a little bit obnoxious I don’t know I just if the combat was a little bit more impactful you know if the gun maybe did a little bit more damage or or you know if you’d like I say you could have a table leg or a baseball bat or something I think it might feel better going up against the zombies even like a knife or something to stab him in the head or what have you you know I I do like the stealth part of it but at the same time you know it’s it’s hard because you can’t really see through the doors through the windows you can’t hear them they don’t make any like growling noises or anything so you don’t really know their proximity to you how close they are to the door when you swing it open but other than that it was it was fun and I think I think you know it’s a good time I’ll probably you know play it more off off camera and see you know how how good it goes but anyway if you like the video give a thumbs up if you know of any games that you want me to give a try you know let me know down in the comments and yeah if you want to support the developer go show them some love link will be down in the description thanks and I will see you guys next time

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