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The one with the most votes get to date [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.11.19]

The one with the most votes get to date [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.11.19]

It’s time to check how many heart badges you got. You’re all curious, aren’t you? (Curious) If there’s anyone who got zero votes here… Stop it! Someone must’ve gotten two or more then. We’ve never had everyone get one vote evenly. Really? It was either 2 votes for two people… We’ll now announce the most-voted male and female. I’ll announce the most-voted male participant first. The most-voted male participant is? I think Jungmo is going to win. I don’t want to admit this, but I think it’ll be Heechul. (Who is the most-voted male participant?) It’s Heechul. (Heechul is the most voted male participant) You knew it already. (Congratulations) Did I get three votes? (Let me get 3 votes) (Heechul got 2) (Jueun is smiling for some reason) I’m straightforward. (Jueun voted for Heechul) (And Heechul’s other voter was…) (Seonmi) (Heechul 2, Ddotty 0, Jungmo 1, Taehun 1) Who’s the most voted female participant? The most popular lady. (Who is the most-voted female participant?) The most-voted female participant… Is Smiley Seo Hyebin. (Who voted for Hyebin?) (Who was it?) (Hyebin received 2 badges) (Hyebin 2, Munseon 1, Jueun 1, Seonmi 0) (Looking around) (That blonde hair looks familiar) (Heechul was the first to vote for Hyebin) (Jungmo also voted for her) The top male and female participants get an opportunity to go on a date. Heechul, get up and ask someone out. Who could’ve voted for me? Will he be able to find who voted for him? (Nervous) (Gulping in nervousness) (Who is Heechul asking out first?) Me? (He’s asking Munseon out) Thank you. (I wish that was me) (Hesitating) I’m sorry, but… Times like this will leave a bad impression of you. Is that right? (The second lady Heechul is asking out…) Alright. (Is Hyebin) (The two who actually voted for Heechul) (What kind of a joke is this?) I was hoping that he’d ask me out, but he didn’t. (Their feelings weren’t reciprocated) Hyebin. Did you get three badges? – I got 2. / – 2? – What do I do? / – What do you do? Just hand a badge over. (With a fluttering heart…) (Hyebin is heading toward the male participants) (Will she…) (Ask me out?) (This is so exciting to watch) Jungmo! (Jungmo is the first to receive a badge) (He’s so happy, he doesn’t know what to do) Lucky you. Who’s the other lucky guy? (Who will she hand the other badge to?) (I hope it’s me) (Please, just ask me out) I said you were too much. (She chose Heechul) They exchanged their badges. (The two guys were chosen by Hyebin) (Heart fluttering) (Heechul finally feels relieved after receiving her heart) (How will their date go?)

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