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The People are The Walking Dead: The Ultimate Zombie Survival Guide

The People are The Walking Dead: The Ultimate Zombie Survival Guide

Hello interwebs! Welcome to That Sci-Fi Show where we believe
in ignoring the fiction in science fiction to change your perspective and make you think. In today’s show, we’re exploring five basic
truths from The Walking Dead. Right after the bump. SO! You want to survive thezombie apocalypse! Well, lucky you, becuase I have 5 basic truths
you’ll need to accept to survive the zombie apocalypse and we’re going to talk about them
right now. AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is the story
of a particular group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Developed by Frank Darabont, based on the
comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Andrew Lincoln plays the show’s lead character,
sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes. It presents ethical conundrums and creates
the basis for many philosophical debates. There are priorities in the apocalyptic world,
food, water, shelter, medicine and safety, these are constant goals. There’s always a sense of impending doom on
the show. At any moment there could be screaming, terror,
and the squishing and splashing of killing zombies, which in “The Walking Dead” world
are called Walkers (or geeks, or biters… floaters, dead ones, lame brains, lurkers…
basically anything but Zombie). Blood, guts, dangling entrails and missing
limbs are as common for the living as they are for the dead. In fact, the line between the two becomes
more and more blurred as the show continues. The Walkers on the series represent the outcome
of a pandmic that reanimates the dead and then sweeps across the world killing the bulk
of the population. The idea is that survival is both a conscious
and unconscious imperative; it’s survival of the fittest taken to it’s extreme. There are elements of utilitarianism in the
series (a concept we’ve discussed before). The needs of the many outweigh the needs of
the few comes into play. In other words the greatest good for the majority
is the best course of action. In the case of “The Walking Dead,” that
majority is the group, not necessarily the rest of the world. The psychological aspect of “Us versus Them”
is apparent in how the living disassociate themselves from the dead and from other groups
of people. Anarchy is starting to form because all of
the old rules are now gone. People keep trying to adapt and trying to
survive. That survival comes with a price; the need
for survival becomes a validation for “doing whatever is necessary.” Anyone who watches “The Walking Dead”
or is planning to must come to accept a few important truths. Number One: There is NO Safe Place There is absolutely no safe place. It does not matter where you are, be it fortified
in a town, a high rise building or a prison; it is still not safe. It will never be safe. It does not matter how high the walls are,
how secure the fences are or how many weapons you have – it is still not safe. It’s not just because of the Walkers, but
because of other people. If you think you are safe, ten seconds later
you are being eaten (and not always by the dead). Or worse, you get bit, get sick and have to
lie there while your friends and family draw straws to decide who will stab you in the
head after you die. Number Two: No One Knows if The Dead are Really
Dead Biologically, there is an ongoing debate as
to whether Walkers are alive or dead; and either way, are they still human? But when one turns into a Walker, there essence,
their personality, memories and any complexityo f thinking are gone. Their humanity is gone; this is evident because
Walkers will eat any living that catches its attention, as long as they are kicking and
screaming, including their own children, their moms and dads and the poodle down the block
because they no longer recognize them as anything other than food. This was made clear in series when the well-Walker
showed no interest in the canned ham they lowered down; Lori, points out that the Walkers
“There’s a reason the dead didn’t come back and start raiding our pantries.” You may know for a fact that the zombies are
dead, just don’t expect everyone to agree with you. However, if you find yourself sleeping near
a barn of walkers or dating a man who keeps his zombie daughter in his closet, just keep
in mind that…. Number Three: It Doesn’t Matter if They are
Alive or Dead If someone is groaning and grunting, smells
like road kill, has parts falling off and approaches you, grasping and snapping, wanting
to bite you, does it matter if they are alive or dead? They want to eat you. It does not matter and that is the logic used
on “The Walking Dead,” it is about survival; get them before they can get you. Glenn tells Maggie, “I don’t care if they’re
sick people or dead people, they’re dangerous”. In other words, whether they are dead or sick
they still need a good old fashion shovel to the head. There are those, like Hershel, who refuse
to see them as anything but sick people; people who could be cured. But that is hard to validate because the bodies
of the Walkers are literially rotting; some do not even have organs anymore. Even if they could be restored to the person
they were before they would not be able to function or survive, a realization Hershel
came to when Shane put serval rounds into one of his “sick people” and it just kept
coming. This is why most people conclude that they
are already dead so it is okay to kill them again. So, a little bit alive or mostly dead they
need to be completely dead because they are dangerous. They are not human beings anymore. So just keep in mind, people who treat walkers
like people won’t get to be people much longer. Number Two: Disturbed/Dangerous People are
a Much Bigger Problem In an end-of-world scenario people change
and possibly become different people from who they were before. This can lead people to do what, before the
apocalypse, would have been considered less human or inhumane; in some cases this can
manifest as psychopathic or psychotic behaviors. First, there was Shane. He plotted and attempted to kill Rick mostly
because, “…it ain’t like it was before”. Then there’s the Governor, who watched Walker
heads in fish tanks for entertainment; they’re like a serial killer’s trophies. The people of Terminus were developing a new
post-apocalyptic subculture; one that eats people, which is an ultimate taboo. Eating people is inhuman. What defined human before, no longer applies
in The Walking Dead world. People are not who they used to be and that
may make them disturbed and dangerous. Number One: The People are The Walking Dead The last thing you need to know before you
set off on the post-apocolyptic zombie rampage of your dreams is that there are no happy
endings. The Walking Dead came about when writer Robert
Kirkman wondered what would happen after the happy ending in a zombie movie. What would it be like to continue to live
in that world. The reality is that when one looks at the
story before them there is very little difference between the survivors and the Walkers. That line keeps getting thinner based on what
the survivors have been willing to do. Right and wrong has been eschewed, ethics
and morality remains in question. The Walkers wander aimlessly until they find
food, without real purpose or goal. The survivors are no different. They are forced to keep moving for the same
purpose. The Walkers will eat anything, hence the people
eating; but, again, the survivors have to eat what they find, as well. Rick’s group “chowed-down” on a Doberman
Pincher and a German Sheppard. The people of Terminus, again, were hunting,
capturing, slaughtering and eating people for food. They took a hauntingly bureaucratic approach
to canabilsim. Walkers are base creatures, animalistic. Clawing and biting; people would not behave
that way, right?. Well that is hard to believe after watching
Rick rip the throat out an attacker with his teeth or when Enid was hungrily tearing into
and stuffing her face with the most unlucky little tortoise in all of Georgia. People would never just kill other people
for the sake of making a point, right? That would be inhumane. But that is hard to believe when Neegan carries
around a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that he uses to smash people’s heads to
a pulp as part of saying, “Hello.” Seriously, they do that to one person everytime
they meet a new group. In the end, being alive, being human and what
constitutes a life worth living is constantly changing. The Walkers may or may not be biologically
alive, but they try to eat people so killing them is okay. The one thing that separates the two, survivors
and Walkers, philosophically is the desire to survive. Walkers do not have inner consciousness and
no concept of self preservation; they will walk off cliffs or into a fire. Those people who have lost that drive will
likely get eaten; that is just how it goes. In this case, being human is, in fact, a state
of mind, any state of mind, which automatically separates them from the Walkers. That is probably the greatest struggle in
“The Walking Dead,” trying to maintain that sense of humanity and not becoming like
the Walkers; the need to make a life worth living and worth fighting for. That is how they can stay human. If not there is nothing else to be done but
keep running and try not to get eaten; unlike Walkers that is not enough for us. Thank you for watching! My name is Jay and this has been that Sci-Fi
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