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The Sad life of a gifted street boy in Kenya – Boniface Ragalo | Tuko TV

The Sad life of a gifted street boy in Kenya  – Boniface Ragalo | Tuko TV

I want my dreams and reality to be in line with each other it’s fun when you begin engaging in drugs It’s like a Pandora’s box, becomes difficult to close it once it’s open. It’s better you don’t open it at all yes, it has really destroyed me It’s a nice feeling at first but when it begins hitting back It’s easy to control it those first days but it finally takes over, turns out to be something else you find yourself using all types of drugs some people inject themselves but once you get addicted you become like a slave to the drug and it completely takes over your life They look at me and just wonder why I have messed myself so much and it annoys them but there’s no going back once the damage is done. With somethings one needs to open up It’s not like Kisumu or Kericho towns I have not bothered so much in finding a permanent residence I told a friend of which I need to restructure before I buy seats and settle I find comfort in it especially when I am stressed It gives me a lot of hope I see a good future in it Sometimes I still find myself purchasing drugs and I also help people someone told me I asked why? He told me I will sink so much into drugs with the money then die, eventually get buried and that would be the end of me I have done Business Management I was in Kisumu Boys High School KSh 200 a day means you are working from 6 am- 6 pm It was tricky for me because I was also like an errand boy there Yes sometimes you can get bored in life you are tired of it you cannot buy a new dress unless you are tired of the one you have You cannot buy a new TV unless you no longer like the one you have or it’s old or even a phone I want my dreams and reality to be in line with each other everyone has a choice everyone has their own life and everyone is living according to how they chose to so when I mess up I carry my own burden so if you chose to be careless then that’s up to you choices have serious consequences how will you even concentrate in class who will employ you? who will even want to associate with you someone will even avoid you thinking that you want to steal from them

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  1. "I messed up so bad. All I want in life is a second chance," says Boniface Ragalo, the young gifted man who lives in the streets of Nairobi.
    You can contact Boni on +254100331187

  2. I know this guy will get help tukianzia na mimi hapa. But please Tuko , check on him after 3 months na utuletee yeye hapa hapa ndo tuone progress. His bright future is undeniable

  3. The mind and soul is willing but the body is weak😪the first step to recovery is admitting that indeed you have a problem..let's get together and get this young, intelligent man into rehab. I love his creativity in music

  4. This is the same situation with my son trying to come out of drugs he has realised the disadvantage of using it hii unga ni mbaya sana

  5. He's well conversant with English and life. Definately if he gets a 2nd Chance,He will live to his dreams

  6. Would want to meet him he's interesting and fun to be around with he has some vybez i like…. The fact that he's not blaming anyone for anything tells alot about him. 👌😊

  7. Am a good prayer warrior .
    I do trust in God and love Him so much.
    As a believer we pass through temptations, so one day a dated a man like this guy,exactly like him,even he was drug addict, so he told me he has changed his life, so I decided to be with him and help him since he pretended to be knowing God, so I kept praying but the Holy Spirit opened the guy and he did bad thing, I just forgive him and I left him.But at least God used me as an example to that guy .And if his clever enough he would seek God with all his strength

  8. Please be careful bro… My brother abused substances for a long time and now he is butting stage 4 throat cancer…. Its heart breaking….

  9. it pains when you see a family going through this pain,i wish him all the best,you will make it one day at a time🙏

  10. Wooow 😥😥😥😥😥😥🤔🤔🤔😗😗😘😘😍😍I think I loved him plz help myself

  11. I Salute you Bro..coming out of your shell and trying to get a brand new Chapter, hope n Life..
    Nothing should stop you from actualizing your dreams and your passion is unstoppable..we all mess up sometimes .n when you believe in yourself you can come out of that closet and find your space again….trust God…respect

  12. Listening to this young man talk, my goodness!! We need someone to just do something, raw talent about to explode!, he will go places,

  13. This Guy is smart in mind i like his English,im praying and hoping ,he will be helped to get the rehab,and utilise his talent,May God bless him

  14. The first thing that this man needs is Jesus. Otherwise, akipata pesa without the real change, he will drug hard and might die. He needs to be taught how to overcome through the word of God. Also, parents, pray for your children. Always.

  15. Khaligraph Jones ….help a brother here …..I see hope in this dude almighty God restore a son of Africa iyo English isiende hivyo …..May God hear your cry you need a second chance

  16. Problem with most addicts, me included, is minimizing their problems. I am not a smoker, Mimi Sijidungi blah blah blah…

  17. As in much as this guy has lost Track in life, we must admit he,s very intelligent and willing to change n open a new chapter in his life. He surely deserves a secònd chance as we all do, Tuko shukran sana for high lighting his sad story…blessings.

  18. God is a God of second chance,all this young man needs Ni atoke kwa drugs and all shall be well,Aki he is talented and he can shine akipata mentors,I'm watching this today and tomorrow I will watch him singing bless you and bless all kenyans Kuna talanta mingi Sana😍😍

  19. He almost sound like JZ when he sings. Addiction is a real beast. Poor guy. I feel sorry for him. Its not over until its over. Hang in there.

  20. Hey guyz,if there is a way i can get in touch with this genius? please link me up..wanna help in mentorship and full album recording..somebody pliz help me get in touch with him

  21. Jesus,this guy is so intelligent,more intelligent than most so called celebrities in my shithole country called Nigeria. Brother brass up,take a stand,you will win,make up your mind,that addiction will be a thing of the past,in Jesus name.

  22. Life is full of lessons, let's learn from people's mistakes and not go the same way. Hope everything works out well for him again

  23. Is God gave us a second chance to repent and on top of it Sacrificed His only loved son, Who are we to judge the drug addicts?? They only need our prayers and courage.
    It is well my bro, take one step at a time and May God help you and guide you. Its is well

  24. You are coming out of the mess bro and your gonna be of great help to many soon
    You are Smart and Handsome and an overcomer!

  25. This guy is very alert, he can do it.
    But when it come to being bored in life, I've came to the understanding that no1 is ever satisfied. Its like we live for that pleasure to have or find somthing new. Once I understood that I began to accept what I have, continue to be good in heart. And let God take control. Today is the day that God had made an we shall rejoice an be glad in it.
    Let us not walk in the lust of the flesh, but walk in the spirit, endure to the end. God has a better place.
    It main seem hard living in a world that is corrupt but trust God he can never give u something u cannot bare. The strength is right there in front of you, just grab it!. Don't let your minds be so fragile, rebuke, COMMAND the devil an he shall depart!.

  26. This man will be blessed beyond measures, God is watching over him,lazima amalize purpose yake hii dunia 💯

  27. Hugggggssss please try and give up the drugs…Praise God for your life…use your gift and change your life…yes bad things don't last forever. ..Amen …word brother

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