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Just spoke to the USC football team, and I said something in there
that really caught my attention. I said something.. I’m sure
you’ll edit it and make it fly, because that’s how
you do it D-Rock. For 80 or 90% of you,
this is going to be the best. This is gonna be as good as it gets. This is the prime.
This is the best. And this rant is about timing. You need to be aware of when
you have your big opportunities. You need to squeeze so fucking hard when you’ve got that moment. You have to understand that
shit will always change. If it’s terrible right now,
it’s going to get better. If it is phenomenal right now,
it is going to get worse. That is just the way it’s always been. I’m not smart.
It’s just fucking history. So please, if you take anything
out of this mini little rant for DRock, it’s about timing. Recognize your moments and strike. That has absolutely been the
foundation of my success, whether it was selling my baseball
cards when I just felt it, whether it was the internet itself.
Whether it was other things like starting Vaynermedia when I
had all these other opportunities, but I wanted to triple down to my
strengths during this Golden era. Sometimes they’re fun, sometimes they’re taking
a step back “in theory”. But it’s all about knowing
when to go all-in and the one thing we get is regret when
we didn’t squeeze our best opportunity. So when you’re a football player at USC, that is a big-time fucking opportunity because most of you don’t
go to the league and most of you aren’t successful
in the league, and this is your apex. Whether you’re a manager in a store right now, whether you’re a great student in high school, whether you’re awfully pretty right now, but you know you’re not
going to be as pretty one day. I’m being serious now. I know this is silly shit. But when you have your best situation, when you have the fucking leverage,
you need to fucking strike. When you don’t, you don’t pout: You
put in the work to rebuild your next leverage. I had YouTube. I had Twitter. When they weren’t as big anymore,
I didn’t cry that Instagram or Snapchat came. I put in the work to build myself back
up and matter in that ecosystem, and now that I got
the Instagram moment again, I’m fucking pounding. I’m pounding harder than I did
the last time because I learned because when pattern recognition
from experience, you get better. If this can inspire you… If your shit’s good right now,
quadruple down. If it’s not, stay quiet
and build and look for that moment when you
know it’s good. Pound! Because squeezing, when you have
the opportunity, is the key.


  1. Gary Vee speaking the real hard truth. Future Entrepreneurs need to realize we're living in the digital age, meaning running an business that revolves around the internet and social media is the best way to become successful. LEVERAGE that. We got to SQUEEZE that opportunity and PERSEVERE through the hardships to become the person we need to be.

    Thumbs Up to share this to others!

  2. I started following the New York Jets on Facebook because of Gary, even though I don't understand football haha

  3. If there was a problem with my Veteran community when it comes to entrepreneurship is not executing their ideas. I've heard countless times, "I'm waiting for something to happen for me to start". I encourage my Vets out there to EXECUTE now! Doesn't mean you have to go all in right away but you can start now and when you see that moment be ready to double or triple down!

  4. So true! I really belive in this and in documenting my journey! Please go watch my first vlog and hold me accountable. Ps. no bullshit, pure shaky samsung content!

  5. Straight to the point, really enjoy all of your videos Garry. You motivated me to pursue what I love and not to give up. I started making my own music. Would really appreciate if you could listen to it and give your feedback:

  6. Awesome advice. Exactly what I needed right now. Thanks a million for your hustle and dedication GaryVee. It's inspiring

  7. Very true. We sit on so many things, enjoying the good feeling of stuff coming our way, not realizing that the window is closing and won't be open forever.

  8. You're a big inspiration to me, Gary. I keep making videos because I love to and I'm hoping to have a successful career from it

  9. Damn. How many of you have just realized you've got leverage in something that you've been putting off? Hit me so hard, I had to write it down.

  10. These shorter duration offerings are the best, like no bullshit here it is… take it or leave it, truth is truth

  11. I regret not pushing my music harder when a YT influencer group unexpectedly shared one of my songs earlier this year! I pouted real hard when I realised my mistake in waiting too long, but now I'm encouraging myself to upload more on soundcloud, get into beatmaking as well as singing & building up my YouTube presence again. Solid video & advice Gary 💕

  12. "Strike when the iron is hot!" , and when it's not going your way, prepare and go for the opportune moment…my key takeaway from your video, Gary!

  13. hold up i gotta learn. gary, what do you mean by quadruple down when shit's going good? to my understanding, i gotta seize the high points while i have the position

  14. Timing is Everything! I'm going through a time where stuff is horrible! But I'm actively observant, remaining self aware, and grinding till the next wave hits! #1VisionBusinessGroup

  15. Damn! There really is no GaryVee video that makes want to work like my life depended on it..oh life does depend on it..thanks big bro!

  16. #askgaryvee This is Lionz_fang aka fang gang.. what would you suggest we do… where are fitness clothing brand and we're trying to take your advice of adding value before asking for somebody to make a purchase but locally we already have a bunch of orders in the back end and people are asking for pricing and telling us that they will share as much things it in their social media as possible… do we hold off trying to price our clothing or do we go for the jugular? thank you… we love you… Instagram:@Lionz_fang

  17. Thanks Gary. I was on Wine Library back in the day and rediscovered you. This is easily one of the most inspirational things I've learned. I'm on that rebuild and getting ready to pounce. Hopefully rebrand with Certified Cicerone results soon and we go hard.
    Look forward to more wine content from you.

  18. Pounding the carp out of it right now in business! Your right… Every time I held back when I knew the moment was right, I had regrets. I worry the shit out of my wife who has to keep things in balance while I go charging ahead.

  19. I couldn't have watched this at a better time. I've been re listening to your interview from Success mag on the "You Economy" and the advice you gave on being self aware to know that being a #2 or a #3 is still a win. it's made me focus on what I have NOW and the opportunities that are right in front of me. – THANKS!

  20. Thanks Gary!
    I'm currently a high school student running an online shop and when I moved to my own site didn't put the energy into marketing when there were promoters and interest, now going hard at marketing and promotions!

  21. There's no better time than the present. Those who ask GET. (Even if you get a NO), at least you asked, you tried, you went for it. "NO" only makes you stronger. This video says it all. Squeeze, ASK, GET IT, try something new- don't be afraid. So what if you get laughed at, if your friends think your nuts or if you get a NO. If you didn't even TRY…didn't go after it….then you failed ONLY yourself.

  22. I feel like people wait until the timing is perfect but that will never come. Don't wait for 'the right time' put your head down and grind for 5, 6, 7 years. Just DO DO DO

  23. Right now I'm on the hang on position with a 7 month old baby… fucking hard sometime, but hey you know what, babies are the best example of never giving up…. they fall and keep trying and never give up even if the continue to fall…. and after days or months the can then walk!!!

  24. As I was reading Millionaire Air Success Habits a thought popped up in my head
    What am I going to do when things don’t go my way? I need to a find meaningful reason to keep pushing forward when situations become incompetent

  25. Focusing on the action— this is how winners are able to show up when things aren’t going their way. Love this, Gary. Thanks!

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