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The Story of The Hunter Order Hall Campaign [Lore]

The Story of The Hunter Order Hall Campaign [Lore]

Hello everyone! We only have 2 more order hall to go, only
took about 6 months, and the story of the hunter order hall campaign takes us back to
the time where Dalaran was teleported to the broken isles to take the battle to the legion. Snowfeather swoops down with a message for
us, a request from Emmarel Shadewarden to meet het at Hunter’s Reach. “Ah, Snowfeather delivered my message. Good! We have need of you.” Pleasantries will have to wait as Emmarel
immediately sends us on our way to pick up an artifact of legend to wield in the war
against the Legion. Upon completing our mission, we return to
her and she tells us that she has observed our skills for some time and that their order
has been on the lookout for hunters who could lead the Unseen Path into a new era. No one is more qualified for that role then
we are so she tells us the tale of the Unseen Path. “Please walk with me hunter.” “The Unseen Path was founded after the War
of the Ancients to safeguard the people of Azeroth. From these Broken Isles, we watched for the
Legion’s return.” ‘As we arrived here to build the Trueshot
Lodge, the eagle spirit, Ohn’ahra, appeared and gave her blessing. From that day forth, we called this mountain
Talon Peak.” “Over the centuries, most of my fellow watchers
have been lost. The few of us remaining sought out heroes
worthy to heed the call when the Unseen Path was needed once again.” Vereesa: “The Silver Covenant stands with
you!” Halduron Brightwing: “The Farstriders vow
to fight at your side!” “The Unseen Path is reborn!” Assembled before us are many of our world’s
greatest archers, rangers, beast masters and trappers, ready to fight the Legion as one. It is time to take our first step in becoming
a true leader of hunters by swearing our oaths of service before the statue of Ohn’ahra. “We are the watchers in the wild. We are the eagle on the wind. We walk the lonely road… For ours is the Unseen Path.” “Up in the sky! Behold Ohn’ahra! The spirit of the eagle has returned!” Vereesa: “It’s so… beautiful!” So the Unseen Path is an organization costisting
of archers, rangers, beast masters, hunters and trappers that for millenia, considering
the war of the ancients was over 10.000 years ago, they’ve kept the world safe while being
unseen. Emmarel for example served the order’s founder,
Namuria Gladesong, acting as her eyes and ears when she was needed elsewhere and has
stood with Talanas Windrunner, first ranger general of silvermoon, during an amani troll
incursion. When the elves who founded the Unseen Path
left Mount Hyjal to return to the Broken isles, the Highmountan tauren recognized the nobility
of their cause and offered them friendship. It was the descendants of Huln Highmountain,
the one with the hammar of Khaz’garoth that banished deathwing, who led the Unseen path
to this peak. Ohn’ahra is a wildgod once saved from an
attack by a chieftain of the Highmountain tribe who wielded a spear. In thanks she blessed this spear which later
would be known as the Eagle spear or talonclaw and when the night elves of the unseen path
were lead up the slopes of a nearby mountain by the Highmountain tauren, Talonclaw began
to glow. They realized that the mountain was blessed
by Ohn’ahra and so it was renamed to Talon Peak in honor of the Eagle Spirit with the
unseen Path building trueshot lodge upon its slopes. Here we see a lot of different hunters and
trackers gathered, specificly the elves are represented with the night elf sentinels,
the blood elf farstriders, the high elf rangers of the silver covenant and the dark rangers
of the forsaken. There are more races here of course, like
Slrglrglr stabby Glrslrlr a murlic being trained by a tol’vir, but it would take too much
time to cover each and everyone of them. One that I do like to point out is Tyrathan
Khort a character designed specificly for the novel Shadows of the Horde. He became very close with Vol’jin in that
story, even showed up during his funeral and when we talk to him, he tells us that the
legends of the Unseen Path were what pushed him into becoming a hunter. When he heard the order had been restored,
he had to see it with his own eyes. We ask him if something is troubling him and
he lets us know that he’s thinking of lost friends, Vol’jin, and a promise he needs
to keep… They swore to each other that if one of them
was killed, the other would avenge them. The Legion took Vol’jin away so let’s
see if we can help him with that promise. We speak with Tactician Tinderfell to pick
our first point of assault, gather some experience and allies, kick some demon booty until we’re
summoned back to the Lodge. As leader of the order, other hunters will
look to us for guidance and many will be willing to pledge themselves to the cause, doing whatever
is necessary in the name of the Unseen Path. Our first 2 champions are Emmarel Shadewarden
and Loren Stormhoof, our Skyhorn Emissary whose ancestors welcome Namuria and her hunters
to their land and together they helped build the lodge we stand in today. “As with those that came before me, I pledge
my service to you and the Unseen Path.” “I pledge my loyalty to you, and to the
Unseen Path, for all my days.” With our champions recruited, we send them
out to save Lenara who was on her way to Trueshot Lodge when she was attacked. She allows us to recruit squads of archers
who can accompany our champions on their mission, the next one pointing them towards Hostile
Feltotem who have been kidnapping our allies. Survivalist Bahn is saved who spent his younger
years living off the land in Pandaria, relying on the native flora and fauna to survive. His firsthand experience with building from
limited resources will surely give him some ideas on how to upgrade our order hall. After that we send our champions out to talk
with our scouts in the field and gather information on who needs our help. Their report points us towards a village in
Val’sharah that’s being attacked by undead hounds. This is the perfect opportunity for the Unseen
Path to make good on our promise to help those in need so we fly out to Bradensbrook and
talk with Hudson Crawford. Their village is swarming with beasts risen
from the dead, they attack night and day and the villagers are doing their best to keep
them at bay, but it’s getting to be more than the townsfolk can handle. We’re here to lend a hand so we take care
of the risen hounds while also trapping Captain Tevaris who’s been sneaking around in the
shadows. He won’t be able to sneak out of our trap
and with him gone, the children will be able to sleep better at night knowing that those
assassins aren’t lurking just outside their door. Snowfeather has come again with an important
message, our scouts have returned with reports from all over Azeroth. It seems that things are much worse than they
initially seemed and with so many in need of our help, it may be time to call in some
of our scouts in the field. One of them is Hilaire, despite abandoning
her clan long ago to join our order, she still feels a need to watch over them. Her dedication to protect those who would
shun her is admirable, but we need her here so we seek out the Beastmaster Hilaire in
Storheim to let her know that it’s time to come home. Her posthas been a quiet one over the years,
without much to act yet she’s not willing to come with us since her beast Cora has been
captured by a group of mages from the Kirin Tor. They claim that she’s responsible for the
death of one of their home, but Hilaire refuses to believe that. Cora is a loyal and obedient companion who
would never attack without her command. The true enemy behind the attack is a demon
who she’s been tracking, but it up quite a fight before getting away. Her injuries prevent her from giving chase
so it’s up to us to follow the boold trail into Felscale Cavern, find the Felhound Zoarg
and bring its head to Archmage Landon to prove that Cora is innocent. The felhound is quite unique as it has an
extra set of razor-sharp teeth, not surprising considering it’s a minion of Hakkar the
Houndmaster so Landon apologizes for the mix up and sets Cora free. “If you are leading the order in its efforts
to help those in need, then I offer myself to aid in any way I can.” “Come on Cora, it is time to head home.” She has seen the clans abandon their traditions
in favor of following god-king skovald, a king who chose to side with the Legion. The people she sought to protect, allied with
her enemy. She will not let others find a similar fate. To do the most good, we need the best hunters
at our side and Rexxar has a reputation of being one of the greatest hunters of his time. The Mok’nathal, a child from union between
orcs and ogres, join the Horde way back when but was disgusted about all the things that
had happened, all the betrayals from within and decided to retreat into Azeroth’s wilds
and wander the world in solitude. Fate had other plans in mind as during Warcraft
3 he met up with Thrall and his new horde, even became their champion and helped out
with the founding of Durotar and taking care of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore. Thrall even offered him a home in Durotar,
but Rexxar belongs in the wilds. He will always be a part of the Horde though
and will be there when they need him. We find him camping at Cliff’s Edge in Highmountain
and Rexxar respects our order yet also find it a bit dull. The life of a hunter should never be dull,
living in the wild you never know what will next, but you survive on skill and instinct. We show the mok’nathal that we’re not
dull, that we can easily survive a night with him partying in the wilds by collecting some
raw meat from the spinetusk piglets, chopping some wood from the dying trees, making our
own camp fire and cooking the meat just right to survive the long night. We have his attention, not many hunters have
what it takes to survive a night in these unforgiving mountains and he will stand beside
us, sending the message that we can endure, even in the face of enemy as great as the
Burning Legion. “You have a natural instinct for survival,
one that will only be strengthened in troubled times like these.” We let Emmarel know that we’ve succeeded
in bolstering our ranks, but as we do, Sentry Pierce runs in with some dire news. Sentry Pierce: “Emmarel! Commander! Have you seen it?” “Look to the sky! It’s happening, above the lodge!” “Calm down, Pierce. What are you talking about?” “The emergency signal flares. They’ve being fired above the lodge! Look for yourself!” “It can’t be…Those flares haven’t
been used in hundreds of years.” Long ago, a few selected leaders were given
special flares that were only to be used in times of great need. Upon seeing the flare, the leader of the Unseen
Path is supposed to head to the southern watchtower to meet with whomever lit it to find out what
is going on. “Let’s make our way to the watch tower.” “Archmage, we saw your flares. Please let us know how we can help.” “Thank you for letting me be a guest in
your hall. I wish we were meeting under better circumstances.” So it’s Khadgar who had the flares so I
imagine that those were passed down from leader to leader of the kirin tor? The archmage fears that the Legion is planning
to invade Dalaran too which he has send out a few of his members to spy on demon strongholds
to uncover any plots involving the city. In the meantime, Dalaran could use the protection
from the Unseen Path. “The Unseen Path will help however we can.” “You have my thanks.” It’s our champions that get the honor of
defending dalaran, discreetly, while also taking care of infernals that have crashed
upon the shores of Suramar. Taking out an imp mother that’s breeding
at bradensbrook and protecting the infantry that’s holding of a legion invasion on the
eastern coast of Stormheim. Our skyhorn allies also need some assistance
as their ongoing war with the invading harpies has left them low on supplies. We bring either Big Gamy RIbs, Highmountain
Salmon or Silkweave bandages to Meliah Grayfeather to make sure that our allies can keep up the
fight. While that’s going on, we also have recruiter
Sampson an extraordinary tracker whose made his way to the Lodge and will allow us to
recruit band of trackers. The unseen path is quite busy all over the
broken isles and could use some extra firepower. After completing his questline in highmountain,
we’re able to recruit the famed Hemet Nesingwary, the finest hunter in all of azeroth to our
cause. With him comes Addie FIzzlebog, a newly trained
gnome hunters who believes that there’s more to hunting that just taking down big
game. Stick with us kid, and we’ll be able to
teach you exactly what it means to be a hunter. “I don’t think Hemet himself could have
taught me better. I’m happy to hunt with you anytime!” The mages sent out by Khadgar to investage
the Legion’s camps have failed to report back and now he needs our help in tracking
them down. We’ll need to find ourselves a reliable
hound capable of following a scent and if it’s a hound that we need, then only one
name springs to mind. Old Baron, Huntsman Blake’s old companion
has to be called back into the service of the world. “You hear that boy? They traveled all this way just to see you.” Baron is quite old, some even told Blake to
put him down, but he can’t bear the thought of losing his loyal friend. Maybe if we let him wander through the fields
and dig up some old bones, perhaps it’ll be enough to awaken his senses. We take the old pup with us as he snifs out
sometimes a pair of ancients bones, sometimes some withering bones that don’t like to
be disturbed, being back in action fills the dog with energy. You might reminder Huntsman Blake if you’ve
ever made a worgen since he was there in gilneas to teach you how to play while also making
an appearance in pandaria during the Operation:shielwall questline where he offered daily hunting quests
to take down some of the mightier beasts in the area. “You’ve made a friend of Baron, and in
that, you’ve also made a friend of me.” The hound is ready to get to work and Khadgar
has already made his way to SUramar where the missing mages were last seen. There isn’t much evidence, other than a
torn piece of cloth which looks to be from one of our tabards. The scrap may be small, but it should be heavy
with the essence of magic. We can only hope that Baron can catch the
scent and track down the mages.   Until we meet…Let’s see how well that
nose of yours works.” Baron snifs the cloth. “Attaboy! Now let’s go find those mages!” We follow Baron for a bit, taking care of
any threats that might distract him until we find our missing mages. “Up ahead, I see the mages! They’re surrounded by the Houndmaster’s
minions.” “Quickly, we must slaughter these beasts
before they do more harm!” Cinematic: “You will not interfere with
their feeding!” “My hounds are hungry, and your mages make
quite the meal.” “Soon they will be strong enough to draw
the magic out of every mage in Dalaran!” “You won’t get away with this, Hakkar!’ “Come, my pets. You will have plenty to feed on soon enough.” “My minions look forward to making a meal
out of you, Archmage. Until we meet again.” Bye Hakkar. Houndmaster Hakkar has made his appearance
and isn’t he beautiful? That standard model really does him justice. We already knew that Hakkar had returned to
Azeroth as he showed up during the assault on the Broken Shore, but back then I hope
that it was just a placeholder model and he would be upgraded later on down the line. Guess that’s not the case and it’s a bit
disappointing since he was quite a bad ass during the War of the Ancients trilogy. Xavius and the Highborne and had made contact
with Sargeras who send them Hakkar to guide them, to help them with strengthening the
portal to let Sargeras pass. He wore body armor of molten steel and his
huge, gauntleted hand he wielded a whip that flashed lightning whenever used. His chest and shoulders, so much wider than
the rest of his torso, dwarfed those of even the mightiest warrior. Wherever the armor did not hide his form,
pure flame radiated from his scaled, fleshless, and unearthly body. Set deep in the broad shoulders, the flaming
visage peered down at the night elves. That it most resembled a brooding skull with
huge, curled horns did nothing to dissuade the Highborne that here was a heavenly messenger
send to aid them in their dream of a perfect paradise. ‘Know that I am the servant of your god…’
he hissed, the flames that were his eyes flashing hot whenever he spoke.” Come to help you open the way for his host
and his most glorious self!’ One of the beasts howled, but a snap of the
whip sent lightning crackling over the creature, instantly silencing it. “I am the Houndmaster…’ the massive,
skeletal knight continued, fiery gaze fixing most upon the kneeling counselor. “I am Hakkar….” The Houndmaster had control over his felhounds
and during this war, a resistance was formed. Tyrande whisperwind was nearly killed by Hakkar,
but Malfurion would not stand for that. Malfurion’s gaze twisted up to the heavens. The cloud cover offered him his best hope,
and the Houndmaster, ironically, had aided in that choice. The wind assisted him first, stirring the
clouds to motion. They disliked being so disturbed and in their
anger quickly grew black. Although it went against his nature, Malfurion
fed their rage, then played on their vanity. There was one here who commanded lightning
of his own and flaunted it. Hakkar took his stillness for surrender. Eyes blazing, the Houndmaster pulled his arm
back. ‘One more ssstroke, I think! One more ssstroke…”The clouds rumbled,
shook. Lightning shot down, not one but two bolts
that hit the huge demon dead on. Hakkar let out a roar of pain that made every
bone in

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