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The Sulawesi Tarictic Hornbill’s Flight for Survival

The Sulawesi Tarictic Hornbill’s Flight for Survival

(xylophone notes) – [Narrator] This is Sylvester, a three-year-old Sulawesi
Tarictic Hornbill. Endemic to Sulawesi, Indonesia, its once plentiful population
is now rapidly declining. Sylvester is on the smaller side, at about a foot and a half. Hornbills in general are characterized by their long, curved bills. This specific species makes its home in the tropical lowlands,
swamps and forests of Sulawesi and nearby islands where it feeds mainly on fruit, with the occasional small animal. (plucked strings music) But, destruction of these areas has caused a massive drop in population. That, along with being hunted
for food and the pet trade, has left this once common
bird harder to spot. This is the Sulawesi Tarictic Hornbill. (xylophone music slows to a stop) (chime note)

9 thoughts on “The Sulawesi Tarictic Hornbill’s Flight for Survival”

  1. cool! a bird i never heard of! it's pretty! πŸ˜€ i assume, as it's been hunted for pets, im sure it will be rebreeded more!.. i hope..

  2. I and my friends just bought land in the middle of North Sumatera island… We still have huge trees for these beautiful birds.. very loud and span of the wings while flapping are cool to be heard.. we're not gonna do deforestation there… glad to participate… =)

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