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The Top 5 Best Kershaw Knives Available at

The Top 5 Best Kershaw Knives Available at

Hey everyone, I’m David. And I’m Clayton.
And today, we’re gonna be taking a look at the top five Kershaw knives that you
can get it in For many years Kershaw has established a
reputation for offering high quality affordable knives, both USA-made and
imports, and one of the things we like about them is that there’s a lot of
variety in the designs. They have big folders, slim folders, and everything in
between. So David, what’s the first knife we’re taking a look at? So the first
thing to make our list of our top 5 favorite Kershaws is the Leek. This
knife was designed by Ken Onion and it features a SpeedSafe assisted opening
that he actually invented. And what we really like about this knife is it’s
nice and slim, the SpeedSafe makes it fire out really nicely and over the
years there have been many different variants of this knife, but our favorite
has still probably the stainless steel frame with the Sandvik 14C28 blade.
It’s nice and slim as I said, carries well in your pocket, and that stainless
steel was originally developed for Kershaw. Now you can get it with a few
different companies, but it takes a wickedly fine edge and that Wharncliffe
blade just makes it great for your everyday tasks. I’m actually carrying a Leek right now. Clayton is actually
carrying a Leek right now, as well. It’s definitely a popular option over here at
KnifeCenter. All right, what do we got next, David? So the next thing is one I’m
really excited about. Kershaw kind of set the automatic world on fire when it came
out with their Launch Series of knives. And this is the Launch 1. The great
thing about these knives is they’re US-made automatics for under $100 – for
this Launch One. And we’ve never – we’ve never seen anyone else come close to
this level of quality for that kind of a price. And even better than that, there’s
no gimmicks at all with this blade. You’ve got CPM-154 blade steel, which is
a phenomenal performer, and a nice high flat grind. I don’t know if you can see
that on camera, but this is actually a switchblade that will make a great EDC. You got different anodized colors, as well. This one’s the black, you can also
get it blue, red, and purple, I think. And the BlackWash finish on the frame
really holds up over time. It’s just a great EDC option. And one of the other nice
things about the Launch Series is that if you don’t like this
particular shape or style, there are – there up to seven now, I think? So yeah,
there’s quite a few options. This just happens to be my favorite, which is why I
picked it for the list. All right! So, moving right along – what is our next knife, David?
So, the next knife comes from Kershaw’s collaboration with Emerson Knife Company,
and this is the CQC Series. And this model is the 7K, which in 2014 won the
BLADE Show ‘Best Buy Knife of the Year’ award. And this one features a tanto
blade, which is great for kind of your tactical uses and something that Emerson
is certainly known for, that tactical application. And what’s really exciting
about these is you get that Emerson flair, including that Wave-Shaped opener
that allows you to open it as you take it out of your pocket, you get it at
a great price point. These are really affordable, really solid steel, great fit
and finish, Emerson style. One of the things I like about the CQC Series is
that the G10 is not as aggressive as what you see on an actual Emerson. I’m
sure you’ve put one in your pocket before. That’s a great point. And basically, it shredded your jeans. So
this is a lot easier to draw quickly with the Emerson Wave feature and
personally I just like the feel of it in the hand better. Uh hmm. So, I’m noticing
something of a tactical theme with those last two knives, what’s our next one? So
this guy is the Kershaw Cryo II, and the cool thing about this is it kind of
straddles the line between the tactical in the EDC. I’m sure everyone out there
is familiar with the Cryo, this is essentially the bigger brother to that.
That’s the Cryo II. It’s about 20% larger, but it’s essentially just a scaled up
version of that knife. All the same features you know and love. You got a
nice frame lock with a nice stabilizing disc there – very usable blade shape,
easy to sharpen steel. And what’s really cool about this is it’s a Rick Hinderer
design, which usually cost big bucks to get into so this is a real affordable
way to get yourself a nice Hinderer. And it’s still nice and slim, still carries
very easily into the pocket thanks to that deep carry clip there. Kind of shares
some traits with the the Leek we showed earlier and how easy it is to carry. Very
cool knife. And it’s so – like, despite being very portable, it’s got a good heft
to it, you know? It feels pretty formidable in the hand. It’s nice and
large in that sense, so ergonomically speaking I think where people have larger hands, this is a dynamite option. All right! So David, what is our final knife?
So, our final knife on our list of top 5 best Kershaw knives (or at least our top
favorites) is another Ken Onion design like the Leek earlier, and it’s the
Kershaw Blur. Like a couple of other knives we featured earlier this also has
that SpeedSafe assisted opening. In this case we get an aluminium frame with a
liner lock and some non-slip insert. And this is another easy to carry, yet still
hard-working knife made in the USA. There’s a great handle to blade length
ratio on this knife. For the package you’re carrying in your pocket, you get a
lot of usable edge especially on the drop point models. You get this slight
recurve which actually adds to your available edge – slightly, but it’s
definitely there! USA-made, like I said. Features that 14C28 steel that we love
and it’s just a really classy option. We’re really big fans – or at least, I am
anyway – of this nice olive drab green anodized handle. Very cool! Now one of the
things I like about the Blur – and I’ve talked about this before – with a lot of thumb
studs you can kind of have a hard time trying to figure out if you’re supposed
to push up or out, you know? And with this it made it very easy because there’s
this taper to the thumb studs so you know exactly how you’re supposed to push
on it. It rockets out, you know? There’s there’s no question. Show them that there –
you get that real nice angle, makes actuating that blade super easy. So, those
are our top 5 Kershaws. If you want to get your hands on any of these knives,
you can click the link in the description below and find all of them
there. You can also leave a comment to let us know what you think of our picks
and tell us what your top 5 Kershaw would be. Make sure to like and subscribe
to keep up with all our knife-related content. In the meantime, don’t forget to
visit the original and best online catalog of cutlery at,
and check back often to see what deals were running on the best knives and
tools on the web.

98 thoughts on “The Top 5 Best Kershaw Knives Available at”

  1. I really enjoyed the video,i enjoyed your approach talking about each knife's uses.i recently picked up on sale a kershaw scallion which is a fantastic small knife…keep up the good work..too bad i can not order from you as i live in brooklyn

  2. Been rocking the Knockout M390 for the last week. My other favorite is the Dividend M390. Waiting for the copper natrix and the Bareknuckle, hope they drop soon.

  3. The BLUR????? wow. clearly u havent had the trash liner lock fail. i loved it until that. went back to kershaw and still same issues. terrible flaw that is well documented. its a shame bc it is a great design

  4. Framelock leek is the best for me. I have 2 framelocks and 1 with a linerlock. I have tried the blur and find myself not liking the assist on that, but also don't like assists without flippers. It's hard to feel the action of an assist using the thumbstuds which you usually put enough force into to open manually anyway. Great video!

  5. The Barge! And the Copper Natrix I pre ordered. When's it coming in!? I can't wait!!! Although I do get an auto email every so often tells me to wait which I like… Good job!

  6. I have a Leek in D2/Sandvik, Cryo II, Oso Sweet, Thistle, and (my favorite Kershaw) a Link in S35VN. Thinking of getting the California Launch.

  7. Own a few Kershaw. Honestly I carry a $20 Kershaw burst most often. It’s pretty awesome. Of these wasn’t a fan of the Emerson Kershaws I bought. But the cryo 2 is hard to beat. A little heavy but it’s really nice

  8. I have a Cryo and love it. Carries well, easy opening, easy to sharpen. I don't like the weight, though. Imagine a world where the Cryo doesn't weigh so much. Maybe Micarta or Fiber Reinforced scales instead of the all metal design. My wish is it was closer in weight to a Spyderco Delica.

  9. Auto knives suck the spring that opens the knives wears out fast making ur knife useless until you send it back to kershaw to get fixed

  10. On the atomic knives, they are great, but! They need safety buttons on them. I had a Benchmade spike auto, years ago. And it hit my lighter and came open in my pocket. Bad thing! So I only buy automatic knives that have a safety.

  11. It's hard for me to decide between The Scallion & The Leek…if The Scallion wasn't so small then I would pick it over The Leek.

  12. I thought we were naming our favorite, but everyone is naming their collection…ok:
    Leek, Scallion, Amplitude3.25, Showtime, Shuffle, Starter, Freefall, Oso Sweet, & Barge

  13. Most of my knives are Kershaw and I have two of the Launch 1s and one of the Launch 2s. They are by far the best autos for the money.

  14. I work 2 blocks away from Kershaw and every year they have a warehouse sale the first weekend of December, every knive is about 50% off. I absolutely love the quality and customer service. With that said my favorites are the Scallion, Launch 2 and 3. My wife carries the Chive every day and wont leave home without it. Be cautious when buying Kershaw online, if the blade has 4X's on it they do not have the lifetime warranty. Cheers

  15. They need to fix the clip screws on their knives… I strip every single one when trying to put the pocket clip in the tip up configuration. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  16. In my humble opinion, if Sandvik 14C28N was "originally developed for Kershaw" then why doesn't Kershaw embrace it and make it special in the way Buck makes its 420HC special? Kershaw should dump 8Cr13MoV and just use 14C28N as their starting steel.

    Kershaw has some of the best knife designs around but yet they leave a bad taste in the mouth using cheap 8Cr13MoV steel. I don't mean to sound like a steel snob but the pricing on some of those 8Cr13MoV knives is unjustifiable. I'm sure there would be much more satisfied customers with a 14C28N blade that is just as easy to sharpen as 8Cr13MoV but with better performance.

    I've been on the edge (no pun intended) of buying the Kershaw Atmos but, I don't want to pay $30 for 8Cr13MoV steel when I could buy a different low-budget option with a better performing steel. Sorry folks but I like every day carry, not every day sharpen. With that being said, it is why 14C28N and especially Buck's 420HC steel are my low-budget steels of choice.

    Sorry for going slightly off topic, and my top 5 Kershaw picks would be: Skyline, Blur, Link, Atmos (my most favorite Kershaw design at the moment), and Showtime.

  17. I've got the Link in Bohler M390 – by far my favorite Kershaw. The Cryo in D2 – great little knife that sees more pocket time than any of my Kershaws. And the CQCLX – which isn't a horrible knife, but is really too large; the Emerson wave will deploy the blade, but the blade will often catch on the inside of the pocket.

  18. the best for me is the Volt ll. its small and fits in my pocket without any fuss stays sharp good blade design and when its on sale the best buy ever

  19. I have the leek. I like it but with that speedsafe I am afraid the flipper button will get bumped and it will open in my pocket. If I use the lock, that defeats the purpose of the speedsafe. So that thing sits in my drawer.

  20. The blade on the "leek" makes me want to cringe. Weak lines and an overall useless blade style if youre woking with meat. No one cares about "speed safe" give me a proper manual actuator and get it right.

  21. I love the blade design on the shuffle 2 but hate the thin handles. Doesn't seem to match up to the beefy blade. Wish they would beef up the handle in the next version and it may make the list next time.

  22. I'm an amature knife maker and fan of many designers. I'm also a heavy knife user. The Blur is my go- to carry again and again ….there are some others that may be better is specific areas but none yet have proven to be a better all around blade…

  23. I like my blackwash Blur. I had a Leek but I gave it to a female Officer friend because it to me felt way too thin in my hand and would roll in my paws so it was a safety concern for my beefy hands. I also didn't like the too pointy tip. Always worried it would break easy.

  24. I have 5 or 6 kershaws. I like em, but the assisted-open breaks easily. Js. I have a scallion and a black knife of the yr winner i 4got the name of. Both broke. I just bought another, though…

  25. Skyline, an oldie but goodie. Very lightweight for the blade size, good ergos, good steel, USA made. The manual flipper will deploy as fast as any assisted with a bit of break-in and lubrication. Recently ordered a Fraxion as well.

  26. I really like my Leek BUT
    My Natrix will not flip it is basically a slip joint
    I like flipping my knives when bored and I waited several months for the copper handle to be restocked and am so disappointed with the performance of this knife.
    I have more Kershaw knives in my collection than any other brand
    and was beginning to think Kershaw was going to be my go to brand.
    I still like the knife I just would really be happy if it would flip

  27. After purchasing the M390 Dividend a couple months ago, I sold my Leek. The Leek is, personally, inferior to the Dividend (especially in the M390 option). If I were to do a Top 5: Dividend (M390), Knockout, Link, Blur, Camber (tho, I admit it's similar to the Dividend…bias be damned!)

  28. Links, Leeks, Launch 3s, and Scallions…
    And am trying to put my hands on more to choose a 5th but I keep getting different versions of the first 4! Serrated or plain blades, blade and frame colors, custom clips, lanyards… I clearly have enough going on with just these! Great video! 🙈🙊🙉

    🇺🇸 ⚔ Love Kershaw! ⚔🇺🇸

  29. Best pocket knife ever made Ken onion "Shallot"… why the hell did they discontinue such a awesome knife?
    Bring back the Shallot a touch bigger with a 4-inch blade dammit.. for the night is dark and full of terrors.

  30. Every answer began with "so, …" I've noticed this a lot with panelists on news broadcasts as well. What's with this new trend?

  31. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS…..TIP…..To Clean Any Knife Blade So It Looks New. Sounds Weird but Use Maybelline Eye/Lip Makeup Remover {It Must Be This Brand} Shake Well and Rub with a Clean Cloth. It Also Dissolves Adhesives Left By Tape On A Blade Or Damn Labels That Don’t Come Completely Off Products. This One Your Kids Will Love You For. Put A Few Drops on Your Kid’s Band Aid, Rub Lightly and It Will Lift Right Off. This Is Not A Joke.

  32. "Everything that glitters ain't gold." And though the #1 on their list: The Kershaw BLUR (is in my opinion, one of the best knives the company has to offer..) was praised alot, but you've guys failed to mention the one very important CON; one so important, it might just be a deal breaker to what I assume would be the majority of casual shoppers. That being the OUTRAGEOUS retail price. On the official website the "Olive colored BLUR model pocket knife" is 119.99$!!! That's just offensive… Fortunately; on Amazon/Ebay ot can be found going for rough 55-60+, but still. Feel this bit of info needed to be added.

  33. I like them all , except 1 I do not like the recurve blade they are hard to get sharp on a stone, unless you use crock sticks, which still wont hit the full edge, hell you cannot even sharpen that on his little belt sharpener, I do not like that design of blade, I like a blade that is flat and straight near the choil, where the edge end's near the handle, just my two cents!

  34. Dividend beats the Leek by a long shot! Dividend, Link, anything in M390, and the Cinder are my favorite Kershaw knives. The Cinder is REALLY handy as a utility tool.

  35. Dang… it's tough to pick a top 5 but I think that the Knockout should have been on this list with out question!

  36. Great video guys. My pick is the blur all day 👍.

    Who produced the music that y'all play at the end 🎵🎶♩♩🎶🎵👍😉⁉.

  37. Dudes. The content is good but David's smile feels so forced. Don't try to smile, maybe? The interaction between you two feels kind of forced too. Maybe you need to relax (do more videos)?
    This was meant as constructive criticism only!

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