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The Truth About Impractical Jokers

The Truth About Impractical Jokers

From a low-budget show on TruTV to a globe-circling
phenomenon, Impractical Jokers is this century’s little comedy show that could. Compulsively watchable and impossible to watch
at the same time, the good-natured cringe comedy stars lifelong pals Joe Gatto, James
“Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, and Sal Vulcano, who grew up performing comedy together in
Staten Island, New York. Together, the four produce and act out some
of the best grown male buffoonery you can find on television today. “I run a project where I bring pictures of
girls in bikinis to prisoners in exchange for woodworkings.” From their original intentions for the show
to the most angry mark they ever pranked, here’s the facts you didn’t know about Impractical
Jokers. “Let the ceremony begin!” Jokers: The Next Generation You know what Impractical Jokers doesn’t have? A really prim and proper narrator. But in their original pitch, they wanted one,
and had the perfect guy in mind. “When we first created the show, we wanted
the narrator to be Patrick Stewart, and we wanted him to hate us.” “Ha.” As fans are aware, it didn’t work out but
it was a pretty inspired idea. In the Jokers’ minds, Stewart would spend
the episodes hating the show, openly disparaging the Jokers as they went about their pranks. “He would introduce every challenge and he’d
be like these d—- are at it again”. To Stewart’s credit, he’s already had more
than enough of a guy named Q. Murr’s cringeworthy debut On paper, James “Murr” Murray is the most
professionally put-together of the Impractical Jokers, with his position as a seasoned producer
and an ample amount of showbiz savvy. Of course, even talented people have to work
up to their biggest successes and what comes before the success can be really rough. Murr got a harsh reminder of his indie film
roots with a challenge involving his disastrous first feature film, Damned!, which he wrote,
produced, and directed in 1998. As part of a punishment in the episode “Damned
If You Do,” Murr was forced to watch a packed screening of his first movie, suffering through
an embarrassing Q&A session in front of the audience after it wrapped up. “Possibly the budget was very tight.” The budget was about $25,000 to $30,000.” Following the misadventures of a modern-day
teenage Jesus, Murr’s expensive debut is embarrassing. The most incredible thing about the movie
is that it cost $30,000 to make. From the look of the finished product, it’s
like only fifty dollars ended up onscreen. “Orson Welles was in his 20s when he made
Citizen Kane, what’s your excuse?” After the episode, TruTV uploaded the entire
52-minute movie to its website for free streaming, kicked off with a new intro from Murr. So if you want to see the story of the Bible,
but with a lot more butt rock on the soundtrack, you, and only you, should definitely check
it out. Shut down at the ball game Much of Impractical Jokers’ tension lies in
peoples’ reactions to the pranks, and waiting to see whether they’re going to play along
or throw a punch. “Who threw the chicken at me? I want the guy right now.” “Ah I’ll be on the lookout.” Turns out, seeing someone absolutely lose
it on the Jokers is actually extremely uncomfortable. According to Joe, the angriest person the
production ever encountered took place at Citi Field. The prank, a punishment for Joe, involved
stealing baseballs autographed by Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard from the funniest possible
victims little kids. The sight of Joe casually robbing young baseball
fans of their souvenirs is one of those atrocious ideas that the series is so good at but things
went off the rails when one mark went full mama bear on him. “You cannot do that! Give me the ball! That’s wrong! This one?” According to Joe and executive producer Pete
McPartland, the mother was so furious that the whole production was derailed. “No, Never, ever, in a million years has anyone
been that upset at anyone on Impractical Jokers.” That is… until this happened. “Do you think this is funny? Do you think this is f—— funny? No, see what it is …come here!” Even after the situation was explained, the
anonymous, giant gentleman waited outside for Murr to appear so he could finish the
job, and wouldn’t allow his face to be on television. Sexist or racist? Cringe comedy is baked into Impractical Jokers’
DNA, but it can still make the show torture to watch. The Jokers never look worse than the times
they’re forced to personally antagonize people based on their gender or race. “The Michelle Obama thing… she got there
because she ah ah ah… slept with a man.” In one “Ask the Jokers” aftershow, Joe was
asked by a viewer whether it’s more difficult to pretend to be sexist or racist. “I’m trying to think of the right answer here,
because either way feels like a trap.” After a couple minutes of thinking about it,
Joe came to the conclusion, “It’s probably harder to pretend to be sexist.” It’s not too surprising of an answer. These jokers are Italian boys from Staten
Island, after all. Of course they defend the honor of their mothers
and sisters first. “Hello?” “Hey Ma, what are you doing?” “I’m at work.” “I hate you you bitch!” Background focus One accusation that’s dogged Impractical Jokers
over the years is the same one that gets lobbed at every reality show: “This is fake.” For the most part, these accusations are off-base
but sometimes viewers can raise real questions, especially when they spot the same extras
participating in completely different episodes. Fortunately, you don’t have to be too skeptical
about the show. Q addressed the issue head-on in 2018, saying, “We don’t use actors. We use the people who go to focus groups a
lot and sometimes the same person shows up. But they never realize they are on the show
for some reason.” “Can I tell you where I think I know you from?” “Yeah.” “But not right now. Because where you think you know me from is
happening.” “Oh” The last resort Impractical Jokers’ sole mission is to be
weird in public and get the funniest footage possible. Once the production gets that footage, they’ll
go to just about any length to make sure they can use it. In order to show interactions in their unobscured
glory, the production has to get signed releases from every mark they want to use onscreen
which can be pretty tricky after they’ve spent five straight minutes making someone angry
on purpose. Asked on Reddit if the production ever hands
out money to people that they’re pranking, Sal said, “Usually people are pretty cool when they
find out it’s a show. The few who get mad we try to convince otherwise,
or they get blurred, or cut from the show. On rare occasion[s] if the person was gold,
we try and throw them a few bucks to coerce them.” Our advice? Keep that info in the back of your mind, just
in case the Jokers ever happen to pull a prank on you. No matter how you really feel about it, your
best move is to get mad, stay mad and get paid. “ah.” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Sal Volcano I have news…YOU AREN'T FUNNY! And your just a big wuss, afraid of everything, who's scared of baby kittens? YOU. And then all I hear is your drowning laughter over the other guys, they all have a nitch, you don't…

  2. It is real— my dads freind was in city hall in my home town Yonkers for that episode. Along with one of my freinds in another episode

  3. A lot of the punishments have people who have been on the show before. That's the only part I think it's fake. The challenges or at least most are real.

  4. I dont care if its fake real or whatever your trying to explain in this vedio i love this show it always makes me laugh always alwayssss i love this show and i can watch this show for like forever 😍😍😍 love you impractical jokers.

  5. There was no truth to be told in this video. It should have been called 10 things you didnt know about impractical jokers or however many facts were stated not "the truth about impractical jokers"

  6. When people see the title of this video, they think that Q might be a bank robber or Murr a drug dealer, but can you really imagine Q robbing a bank trying to be serious without Joe coming in and screaming, " Laaaarrryyyy"

  7. Of course its harder to be sexist. Race is very specific but gender is literally either or, it's one or another. Its brutal lol

  8. You can tell that this guy does not actually watch the show considering he pronounced Gatto wrong and he said that the “Damned” punishment was a “challenge”

  9. Shame on you Looper for trying to insinuate Joey and the boys are racist. Makes for good copy, right? Wrong. Makes you look like a-holes. The Jokers have many black friends with some being featured on the show sometimes. From the first episode I knew the show was the real deal. That's why it's so successful and will continue to be. Not like Operation Repo and some other fakes.

  10. Some of those guys deserve it the show is stupid never try it to a blind person because you never know they just mite do something.

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