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The Try Guys Try Pregnancy Bellies • Motherhood: Part 1

The Try Guys Try Pregnancy Bellies • Motherhood: Part 1

– Voila, it’s a boy wearing a baby belly, inside of which is a boy,
actually it’s hot water. Motherhood! Who doesn’t want to have a baby? – He hates looking at me. I prefer dogs over babies. – I think the hardest
part about being a mom, is loving the thing that’s ruining your life unconditionally. (baby crying) – And for us as four guys,
there’s no way for us to truly understand what it’s like. Ow! Oh! Ah! But we’re gonna try. – This isn’t how much
babies really way, is it? How heavy is this? – How much weight should we
put into our pregnancy bellies? – About 25-30 lbs, but remember
that’s at the end, at term. – What are these, are
these the baby’s balls? – Probably more likely to simulate a baby just pushing into your organs. This already hurts. – Every time, a woman
talks about a baby kicking, it’s like a magical
thing, but does it hurt? – Oh!
(laughing) – [Pregnant woman] It feels
like a punch or a kick, and you get a few jolts
every now and then. – It feels like I’m a marine
suiting up for battle. – I can’t keep my hands off my body. – Oh, ow! – Already, I’m feeling a
strain on my lower back. – Strong back, strong baby. – I’m already tired. – I’m out of breath from
wearing it and talking. – It’s warm. – Oh Lord, this heat! – The warm sack is just heating up my entire body temperature. – The baby’s heavier,
it’s pressing on things. – You have cellulite,
stretchmarks and you’re big. – It’s harder to move around. – It’s hard to sleep. – Varicose veins and you get hemorrhoids. – What are some of the positives? – The baby. – How much pizza do I get to eat? – Even though this is very uncomfortable, I think baby’s are a beautiful thing. – It’s nice to know that your
body wants to destroy you. – I can’t imagine doing anything in this. Like all I wanna do is just sit down. – [Pregnant woman] It’s a big shift. Your center of gravity has changed. So you suddenly have all
this mass in the front. – Pregnant woman sleep on their sides? I’m going to roll on this side. Nope! – [Keith] Oh, this is awful! – Those little balls are
digging into my ribs. – Not my balls, the balls in the bag. Not my bag, the bag on my stomach. – Let’s see if I can get out of bed. – How do they do it? – Isn’t the point of lying
down, supposed to be to relax? – I don’t know how a
mom-to-be gets any rest. That was the most painful
thing I’ve done today. – Getting dressed is a lot harder. Definitely before I came here, I probably put on like
four different dresses, and I was like, “Nope, doesn’t fit.” – I keep getting trapped
in everything I put on. – I underestimated how big this belly was. My boobs look amazing though! – I feel like the worst thing would be having to buy another wardrobe, because all of your
clothes wouldn’t fit you. – Does it make my butt look good? – What am I doing wrong? Why are you laughing at me? – Simply 15 minutes, at eight or nine months
pregnant has been a disaster – [Eugene] My mom, she was
pregnant with three kids, and every time, she still wore high heels. – I couldn’t see my feet
or my crotch that well, so adjusting my pants was kinda difficult. – I understand now, that
being a pregnant lady’s super hard, can we stop? – No we’re not. But you can see my balls in this. – I think it’s nice to empathize with a pregnant woman, but it really is a complete physiologic change. Not only just how you feel physically, ’cause it hurts, but mentally. – [Eugene] I have to go! – [Ned] Number one or number two? You should go in that side. – You know I’m just going to hold it. – [Pregnant woman] As
I entered from my first to my second trimester, there was this deep demon like hunger inside of me. – I’m going to McDonald’s. [Zach]- How come? – (beep). This is why. Two orders of Chicken McNuggets. – You only need 300 calories extra a day. – (beep) it, I want 20 pieces. – Careful with weight gain. We really encourage exercise. – It’s 91 degrees outside
and I’m miserable. Nailed it. – Once I’m down here, I can’t get back up. – A stronger core will
help support the uterus, and will help with back pain. – [Zach] Go back, go back, go back. – No! It hurts.
– [Zach] Then go back. – Yoga, crunches. – [Zach] I’m in severe pain.
– Inhale. – Balance. Graceful. – What’s that feel like? – It’s bouncing all over the place. – Pregnant Yoga! I’m
not having a good time. – Just to have to make
that big adjustment, it’s not my life anymore, it’s our life. – I can’t imagine having to deal with this for over nine months. – I think I understood this
maternal protectiveness, because I am dealing with so much (beep). – if anybody tries to (beep)
with me, how (beep) dare you. – Yeah, but this is just the beginning. – We haven’t even had the baby yet. – [Pregnant Woman] It only lasts for a certain amount of time. It really is a beautiful
thing, and it’s gonna make you appreciate your body so much more. – I’ve had like such a hard day, (beep) try and (beep) with me. If you try and (beep) with my baby, I will get out of the car, and I will punch you in the nuts. – [Ned] Third trimester what? Bam! It’s a baby in your belly,
you getting pregnant! Miracle of life bitch!

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  1. Guys says that girls have so many emotions well if you did what those guys did you probably would understand a bit more with the things we have to deal with

  2. Is there any tool that simulates the pain of the father who learns that the child he is raising for years is not from him?

  3. No matter how hard you try to be like a pregnant woman, you can't feel how hard it is for a woman.Although it's hard but at the same time it's magical….

  4. Yea tell us teenage girls ONCE more that we dont have iz that hard or that beeing prego is everything we sould be working up to

  5. 1:36
    A guy: Uhh… what are some if the positives?
    The doctor: The Baby
    These Guys: :I
    An different guy: How much pizza do I get to eat


  6. But they don't need go pee over and over, they don't through up every day, they don't have health issues, so they still don't know how hard it is. Big, sensitive boobs, crying on commercials on tv 😂 they just feel belly. It's not everthing

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