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The Ultimate SURVIVAL TOOL – This thing is a BEAST!

The Ultimate SURVIVAL TOOL – This thing is a BEAST!

there’s ever a zombie apocalypse I want this [Music] okay people let’s take a look at some of the specs of this bad boy first up it has a length of 50 point 8 centimeters it weighs just 2.1 six pounds the pack down link is only 38 centimeters and for those wondering it’s made a 420 high carbon steel the heat treatment is HRC 52 52 and the handle is aerospace grade aluminium awesome now we’ve looked at the technical specifications let’s check out some of the features first up is the carry case which is fitted with D rings to attach a shoulder strap or you can use the velcro straps to attach it to your belt be careful though you don’t want it putting your trousers down or do you the shovel head is dead easy to adjust simply pull on the spring release catch and Bob’s your uncle set the shovel head to the required angle you can set it at 90 degrees to use it as a hoe or continue rotating it to use it as a shovel the head also has a protective case up which is secured by two velcro straps now here’s the cool part people remember that handle you just removed well it’s got a couple of awesome features that just might help you in a survival situation first up there is a loop of seven strand paracord on the back of the handle this can either be used as a hand loop or you could use the cordage in a survival situation and now for the fun part remove the plastic blade protector at the other end of the handle to reveal yourself a wicked blade a mini saw and the best part a bottle opener so which of these is the most important I hear you ask well the bottle opener of course because when that zombie apocalypse comes you’re going to want to pop open that cold bottle of beer and wait for it all to blow over but Mike what about the blade is it sharp well let’s do the hair test don’t try this at home kitties des hommes that’s one hairy Hobbit yep sharp all right now I could use that hairy tinder to start a fire but I’m not going to do that here’s another cool feature unscrew the cap on the back of the handle and you have yourself a fire spiel but wait unscrew the fire steel and you got yourself a whistle if they’re anything this shovel doesn’t have so everything has its place and it all fits together nicely oh yeah I forgot to mention on the shovel blade itself there are also measuring increments and I believe these orange centimetres this is serious about shovels five joy also have extendable handle sections to give the shovel a length of up to 86 centimeters which is around about 34 inches boom the aluminium handle has foam sections on it for a comfortable ergonomic grip great for those long days when you need to dig yourself a bomb shelter that’s all very well knowing the specs and talking at all but let’s put it to the test okay first up is the knife blade here I am making some feather sticks the blade coach well and it produces the thin curls of wood that I need to get a fire going so what about the fire steel you can use the blade edge on a knife to strike sparks from it but in the long run this is going to damage your blade near the base of the blade is an area that has a nice 90-degree spine this is perfect for striking sparks from the fire steel and it protects your knife blows place said fire steel against the curls and strike down voila man have fire you can also use the blade edge on a piece of silver birch bark which has natural oils that are flammable create a dust pile and strike those fiery sparks into your tinder man meet fire come on Mike we want to see the saw blade although small it cuts with relative ease on small steps however on larger logs the Blakely’s gets tough on occasions but it can form a task that I needed Whipple’s fits well and creates wooden stakes in a matter of seconds now you can sleep well knowing that the vampires can’t get you use that high-carbon Shovelhead to bash states into the ground with ease upon further inspection you will find that one side of the shovel head is sharp this is because it can be used as an axe that’s right this shovel is also an axe or as I like to call it ash axe upon testing I felt it cut medium sized logs well enough for me to have a long-term fire and cook some food on be wary of the blade edge kicking out to the side when chopping wood with it though alright Mike alright so we understand this shovel is just about everything but is the big question we’ve all been waiting for can it dig a hole yes fear not my fellow YouTube friends I can safely say that this shovel digs like there is no tomorrow in fact I reckon if I carried on digging for another half an hour I estimate that I would be soft way to Australia g’day mate well let me tell you this guys if there’s any zombies out there I’ve got it covered on a serious note this is a very very good shovel and I’d like to thank five joy for sponsoring the video and supplying me with this pretty cool tool I’m impressed with the build quality if you guys are interested in finding out a little bit more about this shovel I’ll pop a few links in the video description for you if like me you enjoy building bushcraft camps and forts out in the woods and you need tools you need good quality tools this is certainly something to consider you may have noticed on here my bushcraft camp done a whole series on building this camp and cooking loads of things different fish and everything here so please check that out and my bushcraft playlist if you want to know how to just enjoy yourselves out in woods thank you so much for watching I appreciate it and I’ll see you soon in another video on ta outdoors let’s go kill some zombies [Music] [Music] and now Long Beach [Music] Oh [Music]

100 thoughts on “The Ultimate SURVIVAL TOOL – This thing is a BEAST!”

  1. I'd love to know how it holds up to about 6 months of use. In my experience the more movable parts / assembly the faster it breaks down.

  2. This shovel is much better than a review I saw of a very similar one it was gold coloured had a torch aswell but once you started chopping it bent and broke this one on here looks the biz might go an play with this myself

  3. might want to watch out with sponsored videos and you tube because of all the shit that happened last year. ( might want to declare this the video is sponsored by saying it at the start)

  4. i don't know man : / i kinda want that but i'm always really sceptical about sponsored videos, anyone got any experience with this shovel?

  5. But wait! You can have two more of these absolutely free if you buy in the next 15 minutes! 😀 Like your videos, btw, especially the intros.

  6. I love this Ale i and 3 Friends are going to survive 1week in the Woods at italy toscana because i live in italy north in Südtirol i Hope you can give me some tipps

  7. Hi Ta outdoors! I have been watching your videos for a little more than two months. I love them. Thank you so much for your videos. I probably watched them all a million times! Make more!

  8. flame thrower i would go for in apocalypse .Lose your shovel you`ve lost the lot pile of crap that is carry tools on belt.

  9. Hey all check out the youtube channel "The bruschcraft channel" i subscribed to it, apparently there is gonna be a vid soon…………….(wink)

  10. When I was lookin for a general purpose bushcraftin tool…
    I ran across that very shovel and thought seriously about gettin it.
    Only reason I didnt was that I already had the tools included in the handle as part of my EDC.
    I decided to go with the bear grylls survival hatchet instead.
    I believe that price was also a factor.

  11. Try get your hands on one of the.newest high tech chinese shovel, with torchlight and a folding long knife. Hmm, but i doubt its up for sale…

  12. Hey Mike have you experimented with a PVC water supply pipe bow? and paracord for the string. perfect for quiet small game hunting, or in defense of zombies or repelling Viking raiders.

  13. Thanks for the review. The V-shaped indentation at the tip of the saw/knife attachment is intended as the striker for the ferro rod.

  14. That has got to be THE BEST review I have ever heard, especially the humor! Loved it. But, I'll keep my U.S. Army genuine Etool anyday.

  15. Go to an army surplus store and buy an army folding shovel. Much better tool.
    Most of those tech specifications are bull$hit, they mean nothing.

  16. thanks but I'll stick to my Ames 1967 shovel if was good enough for the military …it's good enough for me ..n it works great

  17. Ha ha…good presentation…a shovel that kills Zombies and does everything else!…I think you enjoyed the making of this vid Mike…cheers…

  18. oh, when they gonna start making real stuff? yes, with this shover you will dig a SMALL hole in the ground, but if you planning to dig a lot then use a REAL SHOVEL.

  19. usually dislike sponsored content but this was hilarious Mike, loved your comments and the product actually looked decent!

  20. Zombie killing shovel… Seriously… Know your market… But…this shovel is bad ass.
    I've tested this shovel for over a year. Camping, (summer and winter) fire starting, hiking, concrete work, (breaking 100% compacted sand and road crush) this is one tuff sob of a shovel. Double up on the extension kits for more storage space, more leverage. Doubles as a short spear shaft you can mount the knife on or a spear tip. Don't bother using it as an axe. Once you break ground in a rocky area it's useless unless you have a stone or file and time.

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